6 Encouraging Words You Should Use In Your Daily Life 

Encouraging words feed our mind and soul so make use of them everyday.

Use encouraging words daily in your life
Use encouraging words daily in your life

When you wake up from bed in the morning what do you say to yourself?. Are they positive words or negative words?.The tongue is a weapon and so everyone must use it wisely.You are all yourself,you don’t form part of any one else.Even if you are a married man or woman you wake up separately.

It is advisable that you say encouraging words to your self daily and surely everything will be successful with you.In this article I will share with you some of the encouraging words you should use daily.Try it and it will help you.

1.”I Am Blessed”:
Do you even have any idea  what blessings mean?.When people like me talk about blessings,it is not always about material things,but the very life within you making you a living being.You slept last night like a  dead person,but thank God you have woke up early looking good like morning dew.

Many people didn’t get this kind of favor from God.It is estimated that 151,600 people die daily.If you are not part of these thousands of people, why don’t you say encouraging words to your self?.I tell you the fact, God has blessed you.God has blessed you  not because you are important than those who have died,but because God has bestowed his grace on you, so be grateful.The very moment you wake up to a beautiful day, say these encouraging words, ” I Am Blessed“.Yes, indeed you God has blessed you, because when you slept in the night you were like a dead man.Anything could have happened to you.

Imagine sleeping and a poisonous creäture finds itself into your room and unto your bed…..you were like a dead man so you wouldn’t be able to drive it away or kill it.If that poisonous creäture want to harm you it would. Some people would sleep with their mouth opened,any insect can find it way there. Don’t think as for you,you don’t open your mouth whiles asleep so you will not say any encouraging words to your self by proclaiming that “I Am Blessed”.If that is your thought then you have gotten it wrong. What about your nose?,can’t any incest enter there ?.

In the spiritual realm, many forces have surrounded us, some are destructive and so can harm us whiles asleep.But thank God you and I always wake up each morning without any harm.This is why you should say encouraging words such as “I Am Blessed” everyday you wake up from bed.

As you encourage yourself that you are blessed, don’t  forget to thank God for taking care of you throughout the  night and granting you a beautiful day that many didn’t get.Whiles asleep any misfortune can happen, so be grateful and bold enough to declare your blessings.

2.”I will make it”:
This is a very  good positive vibe to rekindle your ability to undertake any work or task ahead of you for the day.Such encouraging words are  there to psych your mind up that whatever it takes to have a beautiful day, you will sail through.Even if you are to cross hundreds of rivers or climb thousands of mountains,so far as the mind affirms that you will make it, then surely you will make it.Do not forget to use this very encouraging words to start you day.

When you use these encouraging words, you have to take them serious and  let it be a reminder in your mind that you have said to your self to make it for the day.This will help you to ward away any lackadaisical attitudes that you might show at work,school or anywhere you will find your self. Preprogram your mind to make it possible for finishing any task that would come your way.If you fail to let that saying “I will make it” ginger you,you might be unproductive for the day.

3.”It Is Possible”:
Here the mind pushes you to work just like the encouraging words  “I will make it”.In the morning say to your self  “it is possible”, and you can keep on repeating it to yourself during the day, should if you might forget.The bible says with God all things are possible. It is possible  to succeed in life only if you say these encouraging words to yourself. It has positive energy for your brain and muscles.

Maybe you have a multi task schedule at the work place,or your own schedule is busy that you become frustrated and  tired of all the workload.That job is earning you money and so if you misuse the time period by giving up then you lose a lot of income because you didn’t embeds that on your heart and in your mind that “it is possible”.

You can kill two birds at the same time with one stone so go ahead and use encouraging works to spice your daily activities. Work hard by making the things people think it is impossible become possible. If you are a Christian, you can back that with prayers and God will do miracles in your life by making it possible for you  to live a happy life according to the encouraging words that has come from your own mouth.

4.”I Am A conqueror”:
Living life is like being at the battle field,you have to make yourself a courageous person to fight hard against any challenges that might come your way.But before you step out of your house in the morning, say these encouraging words, “I am a conqueror”.

The moment you say this, every fear that has hidden itself in you will fly away.You have to tackle every work or obstacle that will come on your way  with perseverance and surely you will conquer,never fear.The devil has always been our adversary and with the mindset of a warrior in the morning,surely you will be a conquerer. Defeat your fears,defeat your enemies and any challenge that will show up on your way.

5.”I will be the head not the tail”:
This encouraging words has it that you choose the good omen over the bad omen.You will be the first person chosen  among many when you apply for a job,admission or for any kind of help.If you say these encouraging words,you will succeed in your family,country and wherever you find yourself.

Those words has to ignite  the ability to work hard to enjoy promotion at work or be the epitome of something beneficial.If there is a competition in anything,you would feel assured and happy  as the number one  because you have made use of encouraging words.Maybe your enemies have conspired against you.

When you  wake up in the morning say that “I will be the head not the tail“,then surely you will be ahead of your competitors.Even if your friends, family members,co-workers or anyone tries to bring you down to the bottom to be the tail it shall not happen,because you have prophesied into your life in the morning by using the encouraging words “I will be the head not the tail”.

6.”No weapon  formed against me shall prosper”:
Here you have already condemned  any obstruction that will come your way for the day.Encouraging words  like this prepares your mind,soul and body to battle against all enemies, both in the physical and the spiritual world.

The devil and your enemies would always conspire against you by making use of destructive ways to bring you down but when you encourage yourself with these words God will be your redeemer and be with you spiritually to fight against any weapon your enemies will bring on you.

I end by letting you know words are powerful,don’t misuse it, say something positive into your life every morning before you go out to your daily activities. The power of words can have greater impact on you and people than physical action.That is why someone can use derogatory words on a friend and make him cry,although he has not assaulted him physically.

Our souls feed on words,so encouraging words like the ones I have listed above would be good for you.The bible is a perfect book to get more encouraging words from. There are more encouraging words such as “I am a winner”,”I am fearless”,”I am perfectly made”,”today will be good” etc.Thank you for spending time with me.Stay blessed.

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