Being Vigilant In 2018:All That Glitters Is Not Gold

For many people,being vigilant is a must.This is the best way to stay safe from fake things,people and places.

being vigilant
If people say,”Shine your eyes” it means you should never lose guard of your life or anything that relates to your life.Being vigilant makes you a watchman over your life.

The world has developed to an extend where people fight for impressive things.Being vigilant always can help you a great deal.What do I mean by being vigilant?.The world today is full of fake things,people,ideas and many more.Greed has filled the hearts of many people.The modernised deception is on the internet. Cyber crime has become prevalent.If you are not vigilant,you will fall prey to them.

This very statement, “not all that glitters is gold” has a lot of good lessons to teach us.We normally hear it,but have you taken into consideration the outstanding lessons it teaches?.The statement above is a proverb believed to have come from Shakespeare;One of the greatest writers ever known. It first appeared in his play Merchant of Venice, which was first published in 1596.

There are many things that appear worthy, beautiful and appealing to us;But literally, they are full  of rotten bones.Deception has advanced to a higher level.The greed and dull people always fall victim.

It is true that not all that glitters is gold, because our world today is filled with greedy people.Being vigilant will make you one step ahead of deception.The phenomenon of beautiful things that are deceptive make people learn good lessons.

The statement actually makes use of  “Not all“.This means there are other things that glitters  which are precious like gold.Being vigilant can help you stay in tune to your real needs.

A typical example is;A girl who looks beautiful but with a very bad character. She blinks and shines like diamond but her character is as dark as soot.

Going in for such woman would be a very big mistake. This is why the saying “not all that glitters is gold” conscientise us to watch out.

In Addition,there are many products in the market today that are beautiful but non-durable. You wouldn’t be happy to spend money on things that wouldn’t last. Always, you should go in for quality over quantity.

Being Vigilant By Using The Brain Power

Let your brain power function to help you stay away from deceiving things. Don’t under utilise your brain power. Be as smart as you could be.Being vigilant is also about thinking twice before you make a decision. It is also about looking before you leap.

In all,it takes wisdom to be on top of the game.Liars are crafty, don’t let them deceive you. Go in for the real things or people who are genuinely beautiful outside and inside.Don’t be too quick to accept appealing things.If the person or that thing SHINES OUTSIDE make sure there is inner beauty as well.

There are many ways you can search out to know how to deal with deceiving things or people.Don’t sit there without being vigilant else one day,you will say “Had I known”.But Had I known is always at last.

People learn how to make fake things, deceive and destroy innocent people. Each day,they learn new tricks to put people down. This is why being vigilant can save you from fake people, things, places etc.

To finalize everything, learn about the 4 reasons why you should not trust anyone. Put precaution on everything you do.It could be your relationships with people,business,faith etc.People easily believe in lies than truth. If you get to understand why being  vigilant can make people live a happy and long life;You will never fall prey to deceptive people or things that look attractive outside but very awkward inside.

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