8 Reasons Why Music Is Good For You

Music has a lot of benefits in our lives so it worth for everyone to know and make it a hobby

Understand why music is good in life

Understanding The Nature Of Music

Who doesn’t like music?.I guess almost everyone reading this article likes music. If you are a music nerd then stay cool and read this piece of information revealing why music is good  you.

There are quite a number of birds that can sing beautiful songs.These songs are so pleasant to our ears.Music is is something natural and beautiful.

In the first place,there are many types of music  and all these music are food to the brain.Whether jazz,hip-hop,reggae,country, R&B,Soul,Blues or whatever, so far as it sounds good into your ears it is music.Your music preference is what actually drives you crazy.You could ignore the world by putting on your headset with your favourite tunes.

For a very long time,I have heard that even snakes like music and they prefer getting closer to music; that’s quite strange anyway. What about birds?. oh yes!,they can compose beautiful songs.Anyone living close to places where tress could be found are likely to hear the beautiful songs of birds.There is nothing beautiful than waking up by the beautiful songs of birds in the morning.

Why Music Is Good/Importance Of Music

Music is good for you
Music is good for you

Now let’s find out some of the reasons why music is good for you.Music in general has a lot of health benefits starting from reduction of stress and anxiety,reduction of pains,improvement in immune system’s functionality by boosting blood flow,increasing memories and so forth.

I would prefer to explain in details how music is capable of boosting memories first.

1.Music Boost Memories:
Assuming you find your self listening to a particular music that you used to hear several years ago.The moment the music hits you,then almost every memory in your past resurfaces. It could be a romantic moment you had with your ex,an event that happened,something interesting that happened to you,your friends,family or school mates etc.The reminiscence could be so strong that you would miss those moments and prefer the music never ends.

2.Music Helps People Learn And Absorb Info Faster:
Music can also help you learn and recall information you came across.When you learn with very soft music, it keeps the brain alert and entertain it to absorb everything you are reading with full concentration.One secret to good memories is listening to a long time-favourite song.

3.Boost Immune System:
It revitalize the immune system by boosting the blood flow in your body.Circulation of blood increases to help your immune system function well by fighting diseases effectively.

4.Stress Reduction:
When you listen to music you can find out that it is capable of reducing stress in the sense that anytime you find yourself listening to music, the healing power of that music helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol in you body. If you haven’t experienced that yet,you can give it a try.After a hard day work, play your favourite music,relax and you will feel the healing power of music driving away your stress.

5.Therapeutic Benefit:
Music therapy is scientifically known to cut pain in cancer patients better than the regular treatments.
Music helps patients before and after surgery by reducing anxieties. It is also good for people suffering from insomnia.

6.Music Is Good For Relaxation:
Some friends of mine would always put the music on when they are about to sleep and as the music plays they will simply doze off.In the afternoon many people prefer soft music like jazz,blues and soul at places like cafeterias, hotels,pubs, and honestly you can take a nap right there and wake up afresh within some few minutes.

7.Good For Exercise
Music is also known to enhance smooth execution of exercise.Runners who train by listening to soft or motivational music are known to do better because the music distract the mind from sending fatigue signal to your body,thereby reducing the tiredness to help you move extra miles ahead.So if you ever see an athlete training with his earpiece on,that is his secret.You can also try to enjoy this amazing benefit of music.

8.Music Gives Inspiration:
Moreover, music has the potency of putting a grieving person into a positive mood.Anyone who is sad can listen to  inspirational music to feel motivated. Music has words,and when those words are touchy, anyone who is sad for any kind of reason would feel some sense of happiness by taking the person’s attention off the sorrows. In funeral ceremonies for example, there are a number life motivational music played to  console the bereaved family and sympathizers.

The Bottom Line

Finally, the above reasons are very practical and you can try almost all of them and know why music is good for you.Sometimes we could find ourselves listening to music we do not understand.This shouldn’t be a problem so far as the music has pleasant beats to the ears and the mind it is music.

I believe understanding of music is not really important because we don’t even understand the songs of birds,yet we say they sing beautiful songs.On the other hand, if the music has profanities then it becomes questionable.

I wouldn’t recommend such music to anyone, although that particular music would be someone’s favourite. Yes!, that is taste of  preference, everyone has a choice.By the way you can tell me your favourite type of music in the comment box.Don’t forget to share this message.

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