Scary Reasons Why You Should Not Commit Suicide

My dear,you should not commit suicide.Committing suicide in life would let you face the bitter consequences and repercussions.The big radar has caught you.Read to know why.

You shouldn't commit suicide
You should not commit suicide, your life is precious than gold and jewelries

Situations will arise in our lives,but everyone must know the most proper way to deal with it without getting your hands soaked with dirt.No one is free from life challenges so if you think your situation is an exception so you will commit suicide, then you are being a big liar.This very post will help everyone who is thinking of committing suicide to back OFF!.Here, I will highlight and explain why you should not commit suicide. This article is about how to avoid temptations of  committing suicide because of bitter situations such as  unwanted pregnancies,abortions,financial constraints,marital problems and a lot more. Just stay in touch to find out whiles I suggest possible solutions of getting your mind off suicide.What is precious than life?. There is nothing comparable to life in this world so why will you end it so cheaply. The value of life is more than all the jewelries, gold and riches in this world combined. The reason why I am saying this is that, money and wealth cannot buy a single soul. If you know your value you wouldn’t even think of suicide.Have you been thinking about committing suicide?. If “Yes”,then you are at the right place. Before that, let me remind you to stay cool before you do anything crazy to your dear life.Keep on reading and thank me later.

What is suicide?.I will define suicide in this way;Suicide is the conscious effort of taking down one’s life to end emotional pains or miseries.We all hear people commit suicides now and then but do we even bother to think about putting ourselves in their shoes and try to figure out if we could withstand the situation that forced the victim to commit suicide?. What even inspired me to talk about suicide?, or what is the inspiration behind my decision to talk about suicide with my readers and people all around the world?.It grieves me to keep on hearing people kill themselves, or ever think of committing suicides. Some of the incidence happen right close to me,others too happen far away but whatever the case is,hopefully this article will help some people to have  positive thoughts over committing suicides. WHO has estimated that about 800,000 people commit suicide in a year in this world.So mathematically about 1 person kills himself or herself every 40 seconds.Can you imagine that?. It means whiles you are reading this post someone has just committed suicide and someone else is about to do the same thing.

Have you ever felt like committing suicide in life?; I have, when I was young and I remember it as the most  stupidest thought I have ever allowed to come into my mind.There is a devil that whispers into people’s ears “why don’t you commit suicide and end you pains, miseries, failures and shame”,”commit suicide, get away with your crime or mistakes”….Today,I tell you the devil is a liar, he is the father of lies and has always been.I will share my little experience with you now.Like I said,it all happened when I was young(16 years).Mummy traveled, leaving me alone in the house. The pocket-money she gave me got finished and I started feeling hungry.I was expecting her arrival on that very day my money got finished but there was no sign of her.The next day in the morning, no sign of her,in the afternoon, no sign of her.I was feeling worthless and disappointed in life. Whiles l lie down on my back,feeling hungry, gazing  at the ceiling; the devil whispered into my ears “nobody cares about you, why don’t you commit suicide and end your hunger?”.The devil really incited me to take my life at a younger age. It then became complicated as I contemplated on how possible that idea is;how to get a rope,how to do it, were to do it, blalabla.I couldn’t get reasonable answers to the questions my inner-self was asking me so I opted out.This very thought of suicide hasn’t even come into my mind again and I know it would never come. Mummy finally arrived in the evening,food got ready and I eat like never before.

However,my temptation is a very simple one compared to that of thousands of people who kill themselves every year.I am assuring everyone reading this post and has made up his/her mind to commit suicide to kill that thought instantly before I scare you with something disastrous than the situation you think is the worse thing in your life.Let us consider some of the situations that pushes people to commit suicides.To the best of my knowledge, greater percentage of people who think of suicides or commit suicides are the cause of their own miseries. A clear example is a girl who has faced the following situations bellow;

 1. Engaged in premarital sex, getting pregnant or contracting (STD)Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

 2. Your immorality has resulted in pregnancy,to avoid shame and early motherhood she abort the baby.

 3. Years later she gets married and unable to conceive.

4.Medical reports indicates that,the abortion done years ago has been the cause.

 5. Intense frustrations and dejection sets in.

6.The mind becomes loose due to over thinking and the father of lies (Satan) visits you everyday and night with his crafty words “why don’t you commit suicide and end all your pains once and for all?”,”you are now barren,no man will ever marry you” ,”don’t you feel ashamed as a woman?”,”kill your self now”.These kinds of thoughts will circulate  your mind every second, every minute and every hour. The pressure for you to commit suicide also widens because the devil will propose new and encouraging ideas for you to kill your self.

Now, that little mistake you made(premarital sex/abortion) has made you feel worthless to a domestic animal. You cannot think clearly, you have sleepless night, suicide is calling your name and always it is audible to you everyday and night. My dear, this article is to inspire you on how to get rid of all those devilish thoughts so don’t think I am reminding you of your pains.No, not at all.But before I offer any advice or solution to your suicidal thoughts, I first have to confront your incongruous and unwise decisions.After you have fully accepted your foolishness in the past then you can turn things on the other way round and feel happy.I am a Christian and I am proud of that. So if you are a Christian and you find yourself reading this post and you know it coincides with your problem, follow these steps first:

 1. Accept your foolishness/sin

 2. Confess to God and I assure you that God with his unfailing love will forgive you.No matter the degree of your sins,if you confess your sins and accept him as your saviour he will forgive you.

3. Make a strong will to live a righteous life from now on.

I will further this scenario by letting everyone know that after repenting from your sins, God will surely forgive you but there are no conditions attached to that. What do I even mean by this when God has said when he forgives he doesn’t remember your sins again?. Yes off course, that is true but pay attention to the conditions I am about to talk about.God has forgiven your sins doesn’t mean your bareness has gone.God doesn’t work that way and you can’t fool him.He is a man of his words and he never change. He said you reap what you sow and you know perfectly that God will not let sin get away unpunished. He will not spare you the rod.And after sowing premarital sex and abortion what you reaped was the barreness.And I tell you the truth, though you can have salvation but your barrenness could be forever. I know this sounds controversial but let us face the truth with boldness. Don’t tell me Sarah was 90 years and she was able to give birth miraculously.If this is your thought as a Christian, then let me ask you; “did Sarah commit abortion?.Abortion is a murder case and it shouldn’t be taken so lightly. I am emphasising on this one for all the girls doing unnecessary abortions to  deter from it.If my Mum had aborted me would I be here to give inspiration to people or preach about God?.I will soon share a testimony of how God saved me from child-birth,I nearly died. So my dear women, be very careful on the abortions you have done or about to do.You can’t fool God.Repent now!.

I will continue by reminding you that life is precious than anything so don’t take it from anyone and don’t take it from yourself too.If you think you belong to the abortion class and you want to commit suicide and end your pains then you are a BIG liar. Earlier in this writings, I said I will scare you with something disastrous than the situation you think it is unbearable.Here is it;

 1. You have provoked God by engaging in premarital sex and abortion. This sin has made God distanced himself from you.

 2. You want to provoke God again by committing suicide.

Do you think you will really find peace when you kill yourself?. My dear, don’t deceive yourself. If you dare commit suicide, God will lash you bitterly for dying in your sins without repentance and change of lifestyle. Where is your salvation?

Be steadfast in the Lord when your problems overwhelms you,pray,confess and trust in him and he will unload your burdens and if you are barren because of abortion, don’t give up.Keep praying and trust his timing but don’t push God to the wall for instant miracle to unlock your barrenness.If God permits, you can conceive a baby.Amen.

I have talked a lot about suicide resulting  from abortions for long because they both involve ending two precious lives. Now the next thing I will talk about, I will like to combine almost all the challenges that plunges people into suicides. You can think about financial constraints, marital problems, emotional and physical pains which includes, betrayals/broken hearts, death anxieties and all the life challenges you could ever think of.Life is a journey and this journey will not always be smooth, someone like me always smiles to his challenges. 

Today, I am telling you that whatever your problem is; do not let it consume you to commit suicide. Be a man enough and know that life is precious than gold and riches.Don’t allow the devil to take over you, though temptations will come but value your life above everything.

Some people could even commit suicides in their offices, as for their homes it is uncountable.Do you think your miseries will really end when you commit suicide?.You lie bad.I am not here to flatter you to take the offense of sin as something small. God will tell you,you are a fool and punish you with unbearable pains far greater than what you are going through now.

The Applicable Solutions
1.Don’t let your emotions control you. The mind is the limit so let it  send positive vibes to all parts of your body so that no part of your body causes you to sin.If you think your hand had become picky that you want to hold a gun,rope,poison, acid or any suicidal material,it would be better to chop off your fingers or arms and live as an amputee than taking your precious life.Though I don’t really recommend that but when you do that and live for several years you will realise that you would have been a BIG FOOL if you ever took your own life when the temptation was strong. With this you have thought yourself a good lesson in life.At least when you become an amputee you will find a lot of people who are also amputees enjoying life; playing football,running, swimming etc. in Olympics competitions.

 2. Be prayerful and read your bible,if you know nothing about prayers, find a credible man of God to pray for you and ward away the devil’s temptations.

 3. Find life  counsellors to take you through  successive methods that will help you rise above all your problems.

 4. Read inspirational books, watch inspirational programs or read blogs like African Paradise World  to get inspirations that will help you make positive decisions in life to conquer your fears and problems.

 5. Don’t isolate yourself when  suicide begin to haunts you.Call your friends to visit you or visit them to feel each other’s presence but not just through phone calls, texts or social media.

 6. Don’t ever hide the problems threatening you to commit suicide within yourself,  be opened and share with those close to you and in doing  so the load of your temptation to commit suicide will reduce, your friends too will share good ideas with you, encourage you and let you feel worthy than ending your life.Some friends are more than a family.There is an African proverb that says “You only get cure to your sickness when you trade it”.

7.Make yourself busy with something that can distract you from committing suicide, and here I will recommend music for you because music is a special kind of medicine that can cure depression and many kinds of  emotional disorders.For best results listen to your favourite music. Other things like playing games or watching movies can distract you from ending your precious life.

 8. when the thoughts of committing suicide comes into your life.Let your conscience ask you serious questions that what will happen?; the result of the suicide.Know that you will never rest in peace if you ever take your life.God hates that, the government also hates that; that is why when you make an attempt to commit suicide and it fails, the government have the right to arrest you. Don’t ever commit suicide and regret for  being a living soul on earth. Your life matters. God loves you,your family loves you,your friends love you, your coworkers love you and finally, I love you.Don’t commit suicide and let all these people who love you cry. Be steadfast with positive thoughts and you will always be happy in life.

Now, it is time to draw the curtains down, I hope you have found much inspirations and lessons from  this article. I would be happy to read your comments, contributions and feedbacks and if you have had any experience of suicide, you can share it.We are all learning something good to make the world a better place.

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