Self Motivation Skills Everyone Must Know About

Self Motivation skills are very important in everyone’s life because through that you can move mountains that you never thought you could.

Self motivation skills
learning about Self Motivation can light up your spirit to accomplish your lofty goals.

So far as you are an inhabitant on this planet, you will face challenges and some would be beyond your strength, but whatever the case is you have to learn about “Self Motivation skills” to get over your challenges so if nobody shows up to cheer you up, you can do that your self. If you stay there waiting for someone to come and cheer you up in life, you might be waiting for all the rest of your natural life on earth.

But luckily if you find someone like me to cheer you up then be grateful and know that until the bones are fully rotten you will never succumb to your life challenges. Fill your mind with these powerful self motivation quotes and stay positive all the time.

There are a number of motivational speakers, career coaches, psychologists, inspirational books etc available to help you accomplish your lofty goals. But you need to be ready to climb the mountain.

What Do You Think About Self Motivation Skills?

Most at times when we hear of Self Motivation, our minds are quickly set on bodybuilding. But that is not the only thing that needs individualistic motivation. Do you want to lose weight by burning fat, put on weight, refrain from an addiction, achieve a particular goal…? There are many more and I will share a number of them with you in this article.

As for bodybuilder your motto is already “No Pain No Gain” so would you want me to endure the pain for you to gain?. Hell no! go get it. And don’t forget to be committed to your workout.

For more skills, see your gym instructor and surely he would be able to help you learn about how to motivate yourself for greater output.

One simple Self Motivation skills you can adopt is to have a positive mindset over negativity always, and that will shut down any degrading obstacle in your life.

The mind is the greatest weapon that controls your body, every signal to the body comes from the brain with the help of the Central Nervous System so if you have a positive mindset you will always rise above your problems and stay afloat. So far as the brain envisions the fact that you can do it then truly you can. Yes!, you can.

“The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it as long as you really believe a hundred percent” – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This very quote is one of my favorite motivational quotes in the world. When I was young, the quote motivated me to buy my first mobile phone.

A phone that I could never have been able to buy. I was in dire need of phone but since I was young and wasn’t working I had to save the little monies given to me by my parents.

Being a student I depended on my Mum’s food and pocket monies. I made a table on a sheet of paper, and I decided to save an amount of money each day.

Anytime I save, I write down the date and the amount on that sheet. After this effort, I was able to buy my first phone within four months.

I bought my first phone at the cost of almost $50.Just take a look at the quote again and feel the inspiring message it sends to the brain. Yes, you can!.

I highlighted this idea in my post about how to save money for future success. If you find it hard to save money wisely this article would help you develop a positive attitude towards savings.

Self motivation skills quote

You might see financial problems, health problems, emotional problems, marriage problems, academic problems, work problems, etc. in your life but all these are there to test your strength and willingness to achieve.

Growing Your Ambition Like A Seedling

If you grow a stronger ambition for your goals as if your life depends on it (like the air you breath), then you would make it big. Just add any self motivation skills you know and be committed. When you shut down your mind, all these problems begin to worsen.

Inspiration to believe that you can do it

Self Motivation skills like having a positive mindset is the first approach everyone must take but make sure you have a realistic target which should, by all means, be feasible. In this case, don’t be too extreme for fantasies to take over your life.

Please be real and if you fail once, twice or more you shouldn’t give up. I like the saying “Nothing Is Impossible” but I rather love this one “With God Nothing Is Impossible“.

Lack Of Self Motivation In The Brain

Whiles, you struggle to accomplish something in life, you might become skeptical or uninspired. This is a kind of inconsistency that happens in your mind.

You might wonder why some people are so good at maintaining a higher level of will power to complete their goals.

How does it happen?. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself then it means you are lacking that self-motivation within the parts of your brain called the insula and the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC).

So before you begin thinking about any means of motivating yourself; begin reengineering your mindset. Feed it with positive vibes all the time.

But how can you even make that happen?. You have to stimulate the insula and the ACC.

This could be done through practices such as mindfulness, innercising, and self-reflection. This would help you develop the emotional desire to complete any task or goal before you.

Training up your mind in such a way would send out transmitters with neurochemical messages to keep you alert on any task or goal you have in mind.

But please don’t forget to keep a journal of your goals. With that, you can track any progress you make. This would help boost your confidence to keep on working harder.

Sometimes it would take super-natural intervention(a miracle) to see yourself sailing through your problems so add prayers to spice up your Self Motivation skills, then you will see improvement in every aspect of your life. It might seem long but you just make sure you are positive always and you will reach your goals.

The Power Of Your Tongue

Now, the Self Motivation Skills I would like to draw your attention to is about the power of the tongue. The tongue could bless and curse at the same time so watch what you say to your self.

Oh as for these exams I will fail”, “I can’t make it in life”, “I will be the most terrible person…”, “I wouldn’t be accepted”……

When proclamations like this come from your mouth it means you have already succumbed to failure, you have cursed yourself to fail.

The tongue holds power in our daily lives. There is an African proverb that says “Man dies but his tongue never gets rotten“. How do you even understand this proverb?.

Proverbially, the tongue is the only part of humans that never dies and this simply means your words would still be in people’s memories even when you die.

If what you said was positive or negative it would still be remembered when you are gone. A clear example is about musicians, they produce songs that would last for centuries meanwhile they wouldn’t normally live up to a century.

So if you are talking let every word coming out of your mouth be positive to kill every evil that wants your failure. Strike your enemies into shame by using that power of the tongue in a positive way.

There are demons and evil forces moving around us so when you live on this earth by making use of Self Motivation skills you drive them away but if you utter anything negative about your own self, these evil spirits can pick it up and use it against you.

An example is someone who is about to travel and says,  “what if I get an accident?”.That “what if I get accident?” is a conditional clause and the devil can take the negative part of it and make it possible.

Instead of doubting yourself and saying evil against your own self, say positive things and it shall come true.

Don’t give the devil and your enemies any chance to use your own words against you. Find Self Motivation skills like this to live a successful life.

The Presence Of Positive Minded People

Another skill I would like to share with you is to associate yourself with positive-minded people like me.

I always let people know that I am an optimist and nothing bogs me down. Friends could have a lot of influence on your life. If you move with sissies and pessimists, you become one of them.

These friends wouldn’t say anything positive to you but rather scare you with the most possible thing, the simplest thing would be exaggerated to scare the hell out of you.

Maybe you want to travel abroad to study and your friends come to you saying “Hey, that place you are going is full of bullies, don’t go”.Is this advice that a good friend should give a fellow?.

Things you need for your self motivation skills


In a situation like this if you don’t make use of Self Motivation skills your pessimist friends would ruin your future.

Why would you opt-out to study abroad because of “bullies”?.Just forget about them, go forward and they wouldn’t harm you. Yes!, I said they wouldn’t.

Who knows, maybe they will beat almost everyone but you alone, they wouldn’t harm you because we have differences and people normally react to situations when they meet different people.

Maybe you will look intimidating or awesome to them so these so-called bullies wouldn’t dare touch you. How they treated someone wouldn’t be the same way you would be treated.

To say more about this kind of Self Motivation skills you have to acknowledge that you are responsible for your choices but not your pessimist friends. Honestly, I hate pessimism.

Self Discovery

Moreover, everyone must know about his/her strengths and weaknesses so that no one lies to you that you are somebody you are not.

This kind of skill is about self-definition. Your personal growth will gain momentum if you get to understand yourself better.

Assuming someone comes in and says “you are too ugly”.Omg!, I have never heard derogatory words that sounds crazy than this before. And anytime I hear it I become annoyed.

How on earth could someone looks directly into a fellow’s eyes and say “you are damn ugly?”. And why would you even ever tell yourself; “I am ugly?” Well, here the person has defined whom you are in a heartbreaking way but I want us to face the truth here, let’s be real.

Assuming indeed you are not beautiful, but ask yourself  “Am I the ugliest person in this world?”. Of course not. You are beautiful than someone and so you don’t have to buy that.

And in life no matter how beautiful, ugly, brilliant, handsome, unique you are, still, people will find negative things to say about you. You simply don’t have to pay attention to them.

Define your self and move ahead in life. No one is perfect. When you find your weaknesses try to work on it positively and you will find yourself happy.

Never expect your self to please everyone, no matter how good you are, no matter how generous you are, no matter how beautiful you can sing, no matter how efficient you are at work, etc.

You can’t still please everyone, you only have to make sure Self Motivation skills is guiding you which will surely drive you safely to your dreamland.

Fear Is Not Real

Other important skills to motivate you in your daily lives are to avoid the fear of falling in life. When you become afraid in life, you would hardly be successful because fear steals your lofty aims and opportunities.

Fear is an illusion so you don’t have to let it intimidate you. The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you are seeking for so be a man enough to psych yourself up for any task ahead of you. You can make it.

I believe you have enjoyed reading this article, don’t forget to click share to help motivate someone too.

Be positive always and never forget to smile at your challenges. Making use of self-motivation skills would make you stay positive in every challenging situation that would crop up in your life.

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