This Year Will Be The Year of Good Memories.

In life,remembering the past tells us a lot about how far we have reached.If you feed on good memories, you will become the happiest person in life.

Good memories
An old photograph alone can give thousands of good memories that will make you wish: “You can turn back the hands of time.”

Good memories can put a smile on your face that nobody will understand.Life is amazing and beautiful with good memories.We all have past lives, and many events or occasions are unforgettable. When you experience good memories, you become happy and inspired in life.You forget about your pains at a moment.

It would be helpful for anyone to sit down and use his/her brain power to remember the past.Know about the journey so far. Memories worth repeating. Life is a journey that starts from the day we are born.We go through a lot of changes. These changes varies from, physical, emotional and psychological.

Many of you can’t remember anything from your infancy. Unless your parent tell you.We sometimes hardly reminiscence our childhood days.

Our brains can store huge information or memories. Experts say the brian can store 2.5 petabyte of information which is about one million gigabytes. So just imagine that.Theoretically, the human brain can store over four billion books.

Scientists have made us understand that the brain is bias in memories. It will remember bad occurrences easier than good memories. It sound’s true to me anyway.

Talking about memories, it should certainly start from our childhood. How many of us have memories of our childhood days?. When you started as a toddler, started Kindergarten, Primary….

Things That Brings About Good Memories

1.Photographs:Seeing old pictures of your childhood days will make you remember your past.It is not pictures of your childhood days only. It might be any event or occasion in your life.

Many people usually enjoy good memories of their past relationships when they see photographs of their loved ones. Photos speak louder than words.

Even if the relationship has broken down, you will still have good memories about it.This is true,because the time that photo was taken was the moment your relationship was looking blissful.

Old photos about any moment of your life, event,incident etc. can give you good memories. No wonder,some people use old photos to deal with emotional breakdown. Looking at certain old and lovely photos can give you good memories to forget about your current discomforts.

2.Music:Music works magically like photographs. Do you remember any music that gives you good memories in the past?.I would be happy if you can share that in the comment box.

Music in general is medicine, it heals like magic. But when it points to good memories in the past, it takes you to heaven and back to earth.

The message and the rhythm alone does magic by making you have good memories of the past. If you have a music of a kind you can play it anytime you feel down. It will give you good memories and inspiration as well.

3.Old Friends:We sometimes leave our immediate environment to stay far away. It may happen that our friends travel far away making us, making us lose contact.

Should if you meet that old friend, you will have good memories of yourselves. In fact, all the funny moments you have enjoyed before will come into memories. These friends might be old school mates,old coworkers, old neighbors etc.

4.Gifts: We all love gifts, but most gifts we share doesn’t last long.Because many of the gifts we share are consumable goods.But gifts that are not consumable might exist long to give good memories to the people in question.

In this case,to make someone remember you or and event; Don’t send him/her consumable gifts. Send gifts that can last for years.Even centuries. Simple gifts like birthday cards, books,necklace or any other cards will last long.

Recommended Vitamins Good For Memory

As God made the brain with enough space for storage; He also created food items enriched with certain vitamins to help boost memory.

Now, to make the whole talk on good memories complete, let us consider some vitamins good for memory.

We hardly eat them because we don’t know the essential nutrients it gives to our brains.

Some of the vitamins good for memory include Vitamin C,B and K.You can get them from Avocados.Other for items like egg yolk,leafy vegetables etc help maintain, and improve brain function.For an in-dept list or help see your Doctor.

To finalize everything, our brains can remember things at ago.Something has to surface to bring about good memories.


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