The Beautiful Life Of Birds And How They Teach Us Good Lessons In Life

Did you know the life of birds teach us a whole lot of life lessons?.Birds are lovable creatures with many awesome abilities. They are add more meaning to nature and make it look beautiful for mankind.

Life of birds
There is nothing beautiful than learning lessons from the life of birds

It is more like every creature God created has something to teach mankind. This is simply amazing. Birds are amazing creatures just like ants. They give us a lot of lessons in life, but most of us haven’t paid attention to that. It is time we do so.

Nature is simply beautiful. When we talk about the beautiful things in nature we can’t exclude them.

However, as interesting and important they are, we can’t compare birds with a human. We far outweigh them in terms of value. Jesus Christ cited birds as an example of how God values mankind above all creatures on earth.

” See the birds of the sky, that they do not sow, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns, and your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of much more value than they?”(Matthew 6:26).

Anyone who has stayed in a forest area or a place where trees and birds are common would know exactly what I’m talking about. The Life of birds in the singing group complements nature in a grand style.

Some birds that are well-known globally in terms of singing includes:

Nightingale – This bird produces impressive whistles,trills and gurgles. Some even call it “songster.”
♦. Mockingbird
♦. Veery
♦. Malabar Whistling Thrush
♦. The Asian Koel

Some Lessons From Birds

1. The life of birds teaches us to be grateful in life.
Since I was a kid I have admired birds and how they live happily. There is nothing beautiful than, waking up to the beautiful morning sun; And hearing the melodies of birds.

2. These birds above and many others are good at producing different sounds of music. Some could sing for several hours whiles they jump from one branch of a tree to the other. Singing starts from dawn and even sing in the night. Everything shows clearly that; they are happy for a beautiful morning and so they are grateful to God.

3. Favored by God: If God has been so kind to birds in a marvelous way; Why not human beings learn from the favor birds enjoy from God?. Just like what the bible says; They don’t sow nor reap yet they never sleep on an empty stomach.

4. Talking of the life of birds, I cannot forget about the eagle. The eagle is strong and wise enough to live an amazing life.

The eagle will surely teach you a lesson not to be lazy if you can do more than enough. Aim high and work hard towards it. We are the images of God and multi-cellular organisms with immense abilities.

The eagle knows how to deal with life challenges. For example, during heavy rains, it flies beyond the clouds to avoid the rains.

Anyone who has a good vision or target in the future is like an eagle. Work hard with all your might and surely you will meet your target. You can read about my post on the 3 life lessons from the eagle to live a successful life.

Challenges will come, but a little inspiration from yourself and people will psych you up for success.

However, there is a lot of information about the abilities of an eagle that are not true. These are heresy without any proof. Examples are; the eagle debeaking itself or shedding its feathers. So we mustn’t take that literally.

I know some birds teach us lessons about true love. There are these particular birds I’m finding it difficult to know their name. These birds are brownish in color. They look like sparrows but a little lager.

You will usually see them move in pairs; male and female. They move together, do everything together. I believe they portray how beautiful true love is. Just as we know, finding a GOOD future partner is precious like gold.

In this world, the life of birds shows the magnificent and glorious nature of God. As the bible said; God has manifested himself in nature. And nature is full of love and beautiful things.

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