Do Not Stop Praying – Get Your Prayers Answered.

A Christian living prayerless life is like an empty barrel that makes noise anywhere at any time.

Do not stop praying
Do not stop praying

What Is A Prayer To A Christian?

Prayer is the greatest way of getting close to God and it is very necessary for every Christian’s life. Do not stop praying. Is there something you really need in life?. Don’t worry, just pray to God.

If you lack ideas to maintain a regular prayer schedule, I recommend reading and acquainting yourself with some daily prayers. It must be a customary practice for you just like Daniel. You can’t give any frivolous excuses. Go down on your knees and keep on knocking!

Trust In God

Tell him exactly what you want, have faith and surely he will answer you. This article would help you to understand the reasons why you should not stop praying, no matter how long it will take do not stop praying. Even if God says “No”, trust him and in a short time you will know why God said “No”. By the way, remember that “No” is an answer too.

Many people who are Christians give up easily when they pray and their answer seems not to come, meanwhile, Jesus said:

Ask and you shall receive Bible verse

“Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you” (Luke 11:19).

And then again Jesus said, “If ye ask anything in my name, I will do it” (John 14:14). So why are your prayers not answered?. Let us first consider an interesting story Jesus told in Luke 11.

The Story Of The Man Who Never Stopped Knocking

After Jesus taught his disciples how to pray(The Lord’s Prayer) he began by narrating a story about a man who had just gone to bed and his friend came knocking at the door in the middle of the night asking for three cakes to serve a guest from a journey.

The man told his friend to go away because he had shut his door and his Children were sleeping. So he told his friend, it would be impossible for him to get up and get him what he needs.

Jesus then said though he will not give it to his friend but if the friend keeps on asking he will get up and give him as many as he wants. In verse 9, Jesus said, “And I say to you make a request, and they would be answered…”

The whole illustration here is about prayers and anyone who does not stop praying, will surely get his request answered. My dear, never stop praying. Persistence in prayer is the key to answering your request. Pray about all your needs; health, relationships, life, marriage, family, finance, etc.

Why God Has Not Answered Your Prayers

Here I will recommend you read my full article on the reasons why God has not answered your prayers. Another important aspect of some of the reasons why your prayer has not been answered might be the fact your faith is very low.

When you doubt your own prayers, how would you get an answer from God?. Anytime you pray to God about your problems have faith that you have received them already.

A lady praying for protection

Faith is the greatest backbone of any prayer offered to God.

” For this reason, I say to you, whatever you make a request for in prayer have faith that it has been given to you and you will have it”.(Mark 11:24).

So Christians should note that prayers without faith are one major reason your requests are not answered. Faith in God can move mountains.

The Exception Answer To Prayer Recorded In The Bible

However, there is one exception in the bible when the Roman soldiers imprisoned Peter, the Church made strong prayers to God to save Peter from being executed. When God made his Angel release Peter, he went to the house of Mary where they had met to pray.

Peter knocked on the door several times but the disciples doubted that it was him, at first they thought it was an angel instead.

In this very event, although they prayed to God to release  Peter from prison but when he came home knocking at the door doubt filled their hearts except for Rhoda who heard Peter’s voice and rejoiced.

“And hearing the voice of Peter, with joy she went running without opening the door to say that Peter was outside.” (Mark 12:14).

Now let’s look at why prayers are not answered. Does God answer all prayers?. The answer here is simply “No”.Jesus said those who believe in him are those whose prayers would be answered.

Does God Answer? Do Not Stop Praying

You do not believe in Jesus Christ then why would you expect him to answer your prayer. Upon coming to shed his precious blood on earth because of our sins and you still don’t believe in him, then don’t expect him to answer your prayers.

The prayer of an unbeliever to God is a prayer of repentance. The unbeliever should repent of his sins, invite Jesus into his life by accepting him as his savior. If we do not confess our sins in our hearts God will not answer our prayers either (Psalms 66:18).

We should not hide inequities in our hearts, else God will not answer our prayers. And also if we ask for the wrong things God will not answer. (James 4:3).

Every Christian must know what is necessary and what is unnecessary in life, an example is someone praying to God to enable him to enjoy the pleasures of life, it is unnecessary.

Never stop praying

If you seriously want your request answered then walk close to God with a good heart. When we follow all his directions about prayer then surely our prayers would be answered.

The last thing I would like to talk about is why Prayers Are Hindered. Every Christian must know that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but rulers of darkness, principalities, spiritual wickedness in high places. The spiritual warfare is real.

You can find this in Ephesians 6:12 and verse 13 onwards tell us why and how we should put on the full amour of God and in this way you would be able to withstand all these demonic spirits that fight against us. They can prevent your prayers from being answered if your prayers are too weak or inconsistent.

How The Devil Stops Prayers

A clear example is what happened to Daniel in the old testament. When he prayed to God, his answer got delayed for 21 days by the high Spirit being the Prince of the Kingdom of Persia, it took Angel Michael’s help before Daniel received an answer to his prayer(Daniel 10:13).

The battle is the Lord’s so give all your problems to him in faith and he will answer all your requests.

Pray always to break every barrier or evil spirit blocking your blessings in Jesus’s Name, Amen. Why does God answer prayers?. He answers our prayers so that his name becomes glorified(John 14:13). You have the grace to talk to God about all your problems without any hindrance.

Do Not Stop Praying – Get Your Prayers Answered

How relieving would it be seeing your prayer answered right in your eyes?.

Some tips for everyone who is making a request to be answered. Get yourself a notebook, list all your prayers and the date requested, leave a column indicating when you need the answers, and then leave another column to write the date your prayer becomes answered.

This is often known as prayer journaling. You keep a record of the conversation you have with God through prayers. You can also record the type of dreams or the answers you receive from God. This will strengthen your faith and make you dreadful for the great things the Lord had done for you.

Be dedicated to all your requests in prayers and surely God will manifest himself for you and everyone around you to see. After receiving answers to your prayer don’t forget to thank him. There is this acronym I like P.U.S.H which means;

P  –  Pray

U  –  Until

S   –  Something

H  –  Happen

Push till the door opens. Even, if the devil gets close to you, whispers into your ears “it is impossible” do not stop praying, challenge yourself by knocking at the door day and night and it shall be opened unto you. Do not stop praying. Amen.

If you find this article helpful share it with your friends. Feel free to comment or give me feedback. God bless you.

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