7  Tips To Help You Discover How To Know Your True Friends

Have a way of exposing your fake friends from your true friends Friendship is very common and so it happens anytime,anywhere, any day.Some friends are from childhood, some were strangers and some were resident neighbours. No one can truly live  without friends because they form part of our lives.Here in this article I would like … Read more

4 Major Life Transitions That Affects You

Life transitions begins right from birth to death which affect everyone living on earth today Life is full of mysteries and events affecting every living thing. Sometimes it leaves behind sweet memories in our lives, sometimes too a very unpleasant one. Life transitions occur naturally and so we must learn how to embrace each of … Read more

Is Falling In love Normal? – Find Out All The Interesting Facts

A guy and a lady falling in love

Love is one of the commonest words we use in this world but people seem to misunderstand its true meaning. There are different types of love, agape is the most powerful kind of love anyone can show but here in this article, I would like to talk much about romantic love. Romantic love has taken … Read more

Know The Reasons Why It Is Good To Smile

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8 Reasons Why Music Is Good For You

Music has a lot of benefits in our lives so it worth for everyone to know and make it a hobby Understanding The Nature Of Music Who doesn’t like music?.I guess almost everyone reading this article likes music. If you are a music nerd then stay cool and read this piece of information revealing why music is … Read more

Why Marriage Divorce?

Marriage divorce Bible verse

Marriage divorce is a guest that finds itself in marriages uninvited. The associated pains are usually unbearable. It’s been a global problem that needs a special attention. God first instituted marriage in the garden of Eden and since then marriage has been a natural institution that follows certain rites and is governed by simple rules. God has no interest … Read more

Here Is Why It Is Not Good To Tell Lies

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Here Is Why It Is Not Good To Make A Promise

Expectations hurt so much when things get twisted. No one can guarantee you what will happen tommorow so don’t be too sure of the next second. People change every minute. Can we actually live life without making a promise to anyone?. Don’t be surprised if anyone advises you “never make a promise.” Oh, you just … Read more

Understanding The Sweetest Or The Happiest Thing In The World

Taking Time To Know The Sweetest thing in the world Or The happiest thing in life. This is what almost everyone is searching for. They have even concluded in their minds that sex is the sweetest thing on earth. Could this be true?. Read this article to find. Have you ever thought of finding the … Read more