Here Is Why It Is Not Good To Make A Promise

Expectations hurt so much when things get twisted. No one can guarantee you what will happen tommorow so don’t be too sure of the next second. People change every minute. Can we actually live life without making a promise to anyone?.

knowing why you should never make a promise

Don’t be surprised if anyone advises you “never make a promise.” Oh, you just started thinking about your promise ring… In one way or the other everyone has made a promise before but in this article, I would like to share with you why I think it is not good to make a promise no matter the reason.

Before you even think about arguing, find time to read this insightful article about why tomorrow is not promised.

Firstly, a situation arises in our lives and these situations could be pleasant or unpleasant. I remember reading a proverb that says “never make a promise when you are happy”. The explanation goes like; when you are happy you lose focus of reality or what is happening around you, out of joy you can do anything silly and it is similar to someone who is drunk.

Almost everything he sees or says is full of illusion. Someone who promises out of situational happiness is likely to fail to fulfill his promise. He might promise today and finds it difficult to honor that promise because the following day had been a different moody moment, maybe a bad situation would crop up in his life and it could be marital problems, a bad day at work, depression, or any kind of bad news.

Each day has a story for us and since tomorrow is not assured it is advisable to get away with promises but rather hope for the best with prayers. It is therefore advisable to use the statement “God willing” than making a promise straight away. Failure to fulfill a promise could be harmful to the person you failed to impress as you had thought earlier.

Digesting Why You Should Never Make A promise

In my view, I believe avoiding promises no matter your mood would be a great thing in life.
Let us consider the fact that sometimes we even fail to fulfill promises made to ourselves.

I do hate promises although in all my life I have tried my best to fulfill every kind of promise I make to people close to me or far away and that hadn’t been easy. It takes courage to honor your own words, especially in the most unpleasant situation. It should always come out of love.

After realizing the tendencies of failing a promise and its effects of failure is very huge and serious I decided to get away with promises.  Promising anyone anything isn’t a good idea. I’m simply afraid of that word “Promise.” Look mankind is a fallible creature and can have a change of mind so easily. Don’t put yourself in compulsion.

Taking A Practical Example For A Better Understanding

Assuming you have a workload to get it done as soon as possible and so you told yourself to get it done by tomorrow morning. Fatigue could set in, and in this case, you would have to stop and rest or you could be interrupted by something far more important than what you have promised to do.

Remember you cannot manipulate time to your own advantage so the following morning will come and you would still be working in what you thought you could finish earlier before.

Again you could promise your self to support someone financially and at the end deducting that amount you promised from your capital could become a tug of war. You could also fail your own promises in many ways and so why then would you promise a third person whiles sometimes you do fail yourself?. It is a dangerous thing to make someone reckon on your help and pay him with disappointment. It could be unintentional but the damage would be hard to handle.

Some people also find themselves making a promise with blood and that is one of the most serious promises anyone can make. Here the promise becomes a covenant that ties both of you spiritually and physically. It is popularly known as “blood covenant“, and anyone who does that is ;

1. Exposed to direct Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD s).

2. Making an everlasting spiritual tie with the one you made a blood promise with, and usually, this kind of promise would take a lot of spiritual cleansing methods to break it completely.

In the event when the relationship that ushered you into blood promise breaks it becomes a burden on both couples. “A broken promise” which will never make the spiritual ties break.

It is as strong as sexual energies that intertwine two or more spirits together. It is, therefore, a risky step to take because no one can tell what tomorrow brings and human beings are unpredictable and so fully trusting in a human being is a dangerous thing. Sexual energy is a powerful element that could be transformed into something productive that would bring success and happiness into your life.

I don’t advise that it would be good to fully trust in people. The consequences of broken promises made in relationships could be madness or even death. Oh yes!, many of the broken-hearted women end up being mad from a supposed kind of love, and the dangerous one as I always say is making a promise with blood.

However, some people are also discreet enough to honor promises but since they are humans, imperfection is part of their lives and so it is not all promises that they can honor. It would be good then for such people to make possible promises but not biting what they can’t chew.

I believe as time unfolds, anything for you would surely be on your side and you shouldn’t make a mistake by promising. I wouldn’t ever reckon on any promise made to me but to live my normal life each day without expecting anything from anyone. This is one of the secrets that makes me happy.

William Shakespeare said:

I always feel happy.”You know why?”. Because I don’t expect anything from anyone!. Expectations always hurts….

If You Don’t Want To Break Down Emotionally, Never Be A fan Of Promises

Indeed expectation hurts and so why would you give someone all your trust and expect him to hold you always from falling. Please understand the simple reasons why you should not trust anyone. This person could make a promise with blood that he would never let you fall apart, but a time would come this same person would feel tired and leave you to fall.

So, now there is a problem we all need to try finding a lasting solution to. Believe or not, it is not a good idea to make a promise or reckon on a promise made to you.

It is just by mere words so I don’t draw my attention to that. In this case, when someone honors or dishonors a promise it wouldn’t have any great impact on my life although it would sound tremendous for someone fulfilling a huge promise made to you.

Action speaks louder than words. In the course of the promise, it is advisable to live your normal life without that expectation so should if that thing fails to materialize then it wouldn’t have great impact on you that could send you to the hospital bed or the psychiatric hospital.

Enjoy life each day as nature bestows on you and know that everything happens for a reason so you have to embrace it. It is natural but to embrace a promise with all your heart is unnatural and dreadful.

You can’t be too sure of what will happen to you in the next few minutes. You can’t be certain to yourself 100% because time changes, event changes, people changes so never expect a 100% fulfillment of any promise made to you.

When you take your mind off that thing you wouldn’t feel hurt when the it materializes or not, although you would be the happiest person on earth the moment that promise becomes a reality it is not something guaranteed for you. Never make a promise and you would always find yourself at the safer side.

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