Know The Reasons Why It Is Good To Smile

Have you smiled today? This basic facial expression has many benefits for everyone.

Why it is good to smile
A beautiful smile

This is the second time I am writing about  “why it is good to smile” since I started blogging and this time around I would like to go into details for everyone to know how precious that little and simple thing “smile” is. Let me ask again; have you smiled today?.

Scientists have said it takes 17 muscles to smile and 42 muscles to frown. Although these figures have been debatable; whatever the case is, it takes fewer muscles to put up a simple and beautiful smile compared to a frown which takes much more.

There are different types of smiles that range from mild(grin) to an intensive one(laughter). Here in this article, I will discuss with you why it is good to smile and why you must make it a habit.

Why It Is Good To Smile Often

The most beautiful smile comes from people with dimples just like the one in the photograph above. If you have dimples too, thumps up for you. Kindly smile back as an appreciation for my little compliment.

Smile quote from Mother Teresa

“Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”– Mother Teresa

You can read more beautiful quotes about smile to enjoy a happy day. Smile has the magical ability to start conversations with friends and even with strangers. Seeing someone smile back to you becomes a platform for conversations that could become serious and end in intimacy.

Some people simply got their marriage partners through smile exchange. A smile? therefore gives you the go-ahead to say ?? “Hi”, followed by whatever you have in mind but please don’t be ridiculous to talk about unimportant things that would turn the smile into a frown and ruin everything.

Girls are mostly known for their abilities to smile easily and for that kind of charming smiles they put on.

Naturally, girls are often shy to start conversations especially when they admire a particular guy, a secret admirer is what I’m talking about so if you are a smart guy you would understand that gesture of the girl putting on “smile.” Her body language will speak the rest of the speechless language. And you must be smart enough to understand

When you see anything like that go ahead, talk to her. You can compliment or flatter her first and she will blow your mind with a super intense smile?.

I don’t think any woman would get annoyed by responding to her smile with the conversation. They would love to hear your compliments, touches of humor and chit chats.

A smile doesn’t cost a dime but it is one of the most beautiful things about humans, even animals too. The messages a smile sends to people is like a light bulb that glows in the dark. It is simply beautiful.

People get attracted to it and it shows how friendly and humane you are. This is one of the many reasons why it is good to smile often.

Stop Frowning For No Good Reason

On the other hand, people who frown always are like light bulbs that have lost their filament, it doesn’t light up and never shines. When they smile it is like a light bulb shining under the Sun. And in darkness, they can’t light up to drive it away. You will never see the beauty of it because they have frowned all their lives.

No matter how beautiful you are if you do not smile, your beauty becomes shrouded and people wouldn’t like to get close to you.

Frowns drive people away, especially if you are a trader and you hardly welcomes your customers with smiles, it is likely that you will lose most of your costumers because a smile is like an invisible language that sends information to people about you. Who wouldn’t like to talk to people who always smile? It is good to smile always.

Another important reason why it is good to smile is the benefits of being loved by almost everyone to the extent that your smiles alone can help you get employment when you go for any crucial interview. Keep on smiling and opportunities would come your way.

Refusing to smile can also get you into trouble somewhere in your life journey because it already doesn’t send a good message about you to people around you.

People would be speaking at your back “Ah this guy hardly smiles, he will be very wicked. ” Your inability to smile had already sold you out as a bad person so should if there is an armed robbery, theft, hooliganism, or any form of crime that surrounds you, you could be a suspect culprit maybe you are innocent too.

This is because you always give people the wrong impression about yourself. You hardly wear a smile or appear friendly for people to approach you.

That is one major result of refusing to laugh. The reason is about the kind of information your facial expression (frown) sends to the public. If you are like that please start learning how to smile and enjoy all the benefits it offers.

Smile mostly goes along with greetings which together start friendly conversations between strangers. In the event where someone forgets or refuses to greet, he or she can cover that up with a beautiful smile which shows how friendly they are, although this very person refused to greet.

Why do people smile?

Many people smile for various reasons. Someone can smile for simply being happy about something and that thing could be a good idea that surfaced in his or her mind. Actually, there are reasons for every smile, even fake smiles have reasons too. Fake people wear beautiful smiles to cover their evil plans.

Others too smile for simply seeing something beautiful or attractive, and that thing could be a beautiful mind-blowing house, a beautiful girl, a handsome guy, a beautiful flower, a fascinating event, and such likes. Here you could see it begins with something interesting or beautiful and so it always sends positive messages to people around.

Why smile is good for you

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day. “– H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Someone could just wake up in the morning and smile, there is no way that smile would mean something unpleasant.

In fact, there are many more good reasons why it is good to smile. And did you know smile kills pains?. When you are facing life challenges, try to smile very often, and at least it would help you to suppress your sorrows.

Smiles have the power to cover emotional pains and make it invisible for people to see, but if you don’t smile at your pains, your facial expression would be sad and your pains might be aggravated.

Smiling to your pains is like crying in the rains, nobody will see that because you are sending out a positive message that would awe your enemies to wonder the kind of person you are.

You will find that life is still worthwhile if you smile” – Charlie Chaplin.

I really like this man, he was always found smiling in his movies, with his masterpiece comedy you will smile and break into uncontrollable laughter and right there if you have any pains it would vanish.

It is advisable for everyone to learn about how to smile and I believe this article has made you happy. Return the favor with a smile.

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