Here Is Why It Is Not Good To Tell Lies

The issue of telling lies has been debatable for years. You ought to find out some of the interesting truths about telling lies. Life is beautiful and it is not good to trap yourself with dishonesty. Watch out for its consequences.

Not telling liesHello beautiful people, once again we are to learn something interesting and this time it is about “telling lies.” Does everyone tell lies? and is it good for Christians in anyway? In this article, I will let us consider some of the pros and cons of telling lies with further explanations.

What Is Lies?

First, let’s understand what lies is?.
Lies can be defined as an intentionally false statement of deceiving. Is it good to tell lies? Read this article as I take you through some of the life challenges that make us move around with lying tongues.

Understanding The Nature Of Lies And Why It Is Not Good To Tell Lies

In the Bible, Satan is the father of lies so in this case, all liars are children of Satan. Wow!, how satirical it sounds. I don’t think there is a single person on earth who hasn’t told lies before, even your pastor is not an exception, neither me.

I have almost accused everyone of telling lies before, but please if you are an exception drop your comment in the comment box at the end of this article.

Compelling situations arise in our lives and we tell lies to cover things up. But the secret is everyone’s lies told would be under the limelight someday. There are two risks involved in telling lies:

1. To be caught, feel disgraced in life.

2. Either you surpass being caught and disgraced in life but move around with guilty conscience, and that could haunt you for a very long time.

Examples And Why It Is Not Good To Tell Lies

Now let us consider some basic examples of telling lies. Someone could falsify a certificate to get a job at the cost of those who meet all the qualifications.

Yes, that lies would make you enjoy your new job but remember the risk you have taken, its consequences, and repercussions. What “if” you get exposed someday?.

How would you feel?. Now, I wouldn’t like anyone who finds himself in a situation like this to complain when caught because falsification of documents is like making a deal with the devil, you agreed to the terms and conditions. It is even against the laws of many countries.

The negative result of this could end you in prison and the positive side is; you would enjoy doing the kind of job you don’t qualify for. For me to cite an example I would prefer using one relevant example that happened in my own country, Ghana.

Falsification Of Documents

The IT boss of  SSNIT(Social Security And National Insurance Trust) in the person of Dr. Caleb Afaglo used a falsified first-degree certificate to get his job. He ended up being dismissed.

Why it is not good to tell lies

He may have to return all the salaries paid to him by the Trust Board. Such a shameful act. Such fake people often appear noble and respectful but we should never trust them a bit.

Don’t be a fool to envy their luxurious life. Because earning money or wealth through dishonest means incur curses on you.

The Power Of The Pen

Others too are brilliant enough to tell lies through the power of their pens especially those working in financial institutions. They can just add zeros to certain about of monies to inflate it to their advantage.

How Does It Feel Like?

Telling lies is like borrowing from someone and that thing you borrowed would be in your possession but it is never yours. You have to pay back later on. Yes! that is how the devil works. Learn more about the truth about lies so that you never regret being a victim.

He will never give you anything for free, he being the father of lies would corrupt your mind with crafty ideas for making successful lies to gain whatever you want but as you enjoy — remember there is payback time.

But some people would argue that it is not all lies that are harmful and so they call it “white lies.” Such a wonderful name to justify being dishonest?. My dear, is it good to tell white lies?

The Exceptional Case Of Employing Lies

Well, let me share my thoughts with you, indeed every lie is a lie but as a proud Christian like me if I find myself in a situation where telling lies would let someone escape an instant death I will do so simply because God values life more than anything.

Practical Reasons Why It Is Not Good To Tell Lie

Let’s consider a critical situation like this; an angry man who has chased his wife with a machete forces the wife to come to your house to find solace.

The wife then asks you to protect her. Then all of a sudden the husband appears from nowhere with his branded cutlass asking aggressively for her wife. Hmm…

Looking at a scenario like this if you tell the truth; a precious life would be lost brutally. So this situation would call for the so-called “white lies.”

And honestly, I will tell lies to the husband that I haven’t seen her wife. Would there be any heartless homo sapiens to expose that pathetic woman?. But if you could sacrifice your life for that pathetic woman to make her safe it would be a heroic moment for honoring you.

There is honor in dying as a martyr in such a situation. Because the Bible says there is no love greater than laying down your life for your friend.

“No one has greater love than this – that one lays down his life for his friends” (John 15:13).

Oh great! You died for your neighbor and God will reward you for that. This is the greatest kind of love anyone can show in life.

On the other hand, there is a challenging situation that takes spiritual strength from above to avoid telling lies. I am directing this one to all Christians especially.

Jesus Christ told Peter that “before the cock crows you will deny me three times.” Peter said to Jesus, “I will never deny you“, he even swore but what happened when the Roman soldiers arrested Jesus?.

Peter denied knowing Jesus three times as Jesus had said. Peter told lies that he knew nothing about Jesus. God is not a man that he should lie so anything he has said or foretold should happen as it is. We, therefore, ought to follow the steps of Jesus Christ.

How funny it is. After telling lies he remembered what Jesus had said so he felt guilty, wept, and confessed through prayers(Matthew 26:34 and Matthew 26:69 – 75).

Adding to this, for every Christian our foundation is Jesus Christ so to deny him is one of the greatest sins on earth. Jesus said if you deny him on earth he will also deny you in heaven.

In this case, I don’t recommend telling lies by denying Jesus, if it happens that telling lies about Jesus would prevent you from being killed or tortured then you would be making a big mistake as a believer.

You can’t have any valid excuse for denying Christ Jesus because of being afraid of persecution or whatever.

Almost all the disciples of Jesus died by telling the truth about Jesus. Yes, they chose to die for the sake of Jesus. This is what every believer must do.

At least I know somewhere in Iraq and other Arabian countries, Christians are choosing death for the sake of Jesus. They know how terrible it is to deny Jesus by telling lies. We should remember all those in that situation in prayers. Amen.

Notable Ways By Which Some People Tell Lies

Telling lies could be in many forms and another one is an impersonation. And for all my life the most common ones I know happens between twin sisters. Differentiating between identical twins is hard like separating fine salt from sugar.

1. Lies Out Of Jealousy

When jealousy arises one can steal the other one’s husband, job, or any kind of property without being exposed in the short run… Greed also plunges people into situations that make them find themselves telling lies to have access to something they could never acquire in their life.

Many often, being dishonest in relationships or marriages become a norm in certain people’s lives. And this has raised several debates; “men and women who tell the most lies?.”

This very question is hard for me to judge personally because I know both sides are capable and good at telling lies. It sounds funny anyway.

I learned that to outsmart a liar just ask him/her some pressing questions and as the person, answers stare at him or her directly with all seriousness and there you will notice clichés and stammering from the answer given. This is a psychological trick many uses to expose liars.

This could show that this very person is untruthful. If he or she flows with the answer then probably this very person is not telling lies but the truth.

Honestly, lying about something is very sweet but the sweetness doesn’t last long just as I said earlier, it is like borrowing and you must payback.

Dishonest in relationships

To accuse someone of adultery or fornication you would need to prove it with undeniable evidence. Some people are good at defending lies by swearing or putting their hands in the fire unless you catch them red-handed. Such false accusations and their false witnesses are already cursed!.

2. Lies Out Of Complicated Situations

Another interesting thing I have found about telling lies is that lies have never been logical that is why it is easy to investigate and find the truth about a supposed crime or an unusual event that happened between or within a group of people.

An investigation between two people of a crime by asking them the same questions separately would bring out the truth. Assuming a woman accused me of raping her by reporting me to the police.

For the police to find out the truth the woman in question could be asked about how I have positioned my home equipment or appliances and the colors of those items. I hope you get what I mean?.

Say, when you enter my room you will see that I have positioned my bed in the left corner but the woman answers that my bed is on the right side to a question about my bed’s location.

She would then be found a liar and this is one legitimate thing about the illogical aspects of telling lies. When it is blue, you say red, when it is two you say three. You are exposed bam!.

Finally, considering the pros and the cons of telling lies, we could see that sometimes it is necessary, except when it is to save a life.

One lie can save a life and one lie can make destroy a life. If you ask me; “is it good to tell lies?” My answer would be “No” but if your answer is to save a life —then I will recommend you tell lies because there is nothing precious than life.

Apart from that, I don’t see any good reason to prove the so-called “white lies“. Millions of dollars cannot buy one life and in the Bible, Jesus demonstrated how important it is to choose to save a life over breaking sabbath laws which in the days of Moses was punishable by instant justice by stoning the culprit to death.

Choose wisely but don’t be fan of lies because it is very harmful in the long run. Share your contributions, comments, and feedback with me below.

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