Here Is Why We Are Characterized By Different Behaviours

In this world, character traits has a lot of influences on our behaviours and relationships.

Character traits

The mystery behind why we all came to this planet called “earth” is differently interpreted according to various types of religions, traditions and other beliefs. It could be personal or group of people sharing the same ideologies of being born on this earth.

However, the moment one is born he or she is automatically rendered a nationality, religion,race, name,family and this person will spend the rest of his life defending it.None of us made any choice to live here on earth but here we are living life together despite our differences. Have you ever thought of why you came into existence?. I believe there are good reasons  for us  here.I am a Christian and my belief is to  glorify the Lord in everything I do,since I am immortal my lifespan is barely up to a century.Many people have come and gone,some were very dear to us,some were friends and some were just known to us as acquaintances,we will never see them on earth again.

As we begin to grow from infancy to adulthood we become surrounded by many responsibilities starting from home,families,societies schools, work places and such likes.The most interesting part of growing from infancy is what our parents teach us because they are the immediate people we come into contact with before any other people or  class.

As this popular saying “charity begins at home“.Kids  are fast learners and  so whatever you teach them  becomes part of their lives.Some of us actually had strict parental control and whatever they taught us has become part and parcel of us.Very essential disciplines like good manners,decency, etiquettes and other interpersonal approaches are relevant in our daily life activities.

When one is properly brought up ,he demonstrates that for everyone to acknowledge  his behaviour.It would interest you to know some educated people lack good manners or etiquettes despite their degrees or qualifications.In a world of seven million people with different backgrounds it worths to treat everyone equally with the same respect given to people attaining high positions.

People use their tongues to bless and curse as well, so why not be cautious when treating a fellow human biegn.Some of the many people we see around us have different spirits,some could be witches and wizards,some could be mermaids,some could be gods disguised in human form.You migth look physically strong but what about your spirituality?,have you weighed your spiritual life to know you can fight against,demons,witches, principalities and rulers of darkness?.

These creatures can destroy your work,marriage and every opportunity or blessings in your life.In the case of those who don’t believe in spiritually, that is your choice but it doesn’t mean spirits aren’t real.Africa for instance is known to have a lot of witchcraft and spiritualists. Whether you like it or not our spiritual make up has great influence in our daily lifes.

No one owns this world,now,today nor tomorrow, you could be gone.The beauty of life is to smile along with your fellow human.Tomorrow is never promised so we Christians believe it is just by the “grace” of God that we wake up alive each day.There is a saying that ” what goes around comes around”, so I expect people to treat me the way I treat my neighbour.The bible has made it clear that you reap what you sow and that is factual. You can never run away from doing evil.Buddhists have a similar teachings popularly known as “karma”.

The beauty of life depends on how we see things individually, some wouldn’t be impressed by anything good you do,hey! you shouldn’t worry about that because the problem isn’t you,the problem is the person not seeing anything good you do.Probably that person is lacking the sense of humanity. Who knows?, it could be that the one refusing to appreciate your endeavours is suffering from depression or a mental disorder. Scientists have made us know that madness or mental problems varies from mild to a higher level and so it is not everyone we see around who is mentally fit, the main difference is that he is not roaming in the street. In view of that doctors  recommend regular mental check ups for all of us.

In furtherance,everyone has a character trait that defines the common behaviours in particular groups of families.People are characterised by what they learn from their immediate  families, we live life according to  what we learn from  the house, in addition to that of our environments,schools,work places and other institutions.People do change often when exposed to different environments and we either learn new things that are good or bad for our lifes.Human behaviour is not subjected to experiment so the “John” you know today might be a different “John” tomorrow about behavioural patterns. Yes,it is true people normally change when they meet different people and it does happen in marriages or relationships.

It finally breeds infidelity and other odd behaviours toward the other spouse or lover.It is also said that you can never change the behaviour of anyone, in this case the only option is to live  life according to the taste or preference of your spouse and he or she would also be in good terms with you  to live life beautifully together.The reason people do not change is what I talked about earlier;the immediate  environment (home/family) has shaped the behaviour of that person in question that his or her behavioural patterns can never be altered.

From my observations, I believe certain people have their behavioural patterns through hereditary or character traits, it is in their genes and you can’t change that unless maybe the person restricts himself to behave in a certain many ways and with that I think it is logical but it will certainly take a lot of conscious efforts. Some of us have entered into relationships whereby the one we claimed we love always portrayed strange behaviours but every effort made to mould this very person becomes futile. Just like one particular situation that happened to me few years ago.She was quick-tempered, materialistic, cheater and destructive woman and all the years spent trying to mould her proved futile.The lofty aim of having a  beautiful life together turned into smoke.So the question is who felt broken-hearted?. Not me anyway because I understood she wasn’t the right one .

Now you see,any woman who exhibits incorrigible behaviours in marriage and relationship disgraces herself and to a lager extend her family(parents) because the  parents have always been  the immediate environment to train up every child.Just like what the bible says;”train up a child and when he grows he will never leave from  it“. We all have stories to share and so you can share yours in the comment box at the end of this article.

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful life on earth but encountering or having relationships with the wrong people  kills this dream outright. Apart from relationships,I would like to talk a little more on work places.

Some of us find ourselves working in big institutions that have hundreds of people. These people are from different backgrounds,religions,races etc. with different character traits altogether and their daily movements, administrations, talks and other decisions affects us.A good manager with good behavioral patterns put smiles on the faces of  a lot of workers,not all workers because in life there is always, backbiters, enemies of progress, and people who always show resentments no matter how good things look.

On the other hand when an uncultured manager handles a company or institution, almost every one frowns and at the same time certain class of people would be found smiling.Now you see how amazing life is?.So it is always good to find your rhythm or preference; I mean discover yourself by knowing the kind of people who worth your friendship,help or coöperation. Surely, you can’t please everyone who gets close to you.Again no one can make you happy or help you live a beautiful life but you yourself.If you keep on waiting for someone before you step up you might wait throughout the rest of your natural life on earth. You hold the key to your happiness and  so you can decide whom to open up the door to enter and who also  deserves your shut.

Responsibilities are inevitable, so you have to embrace them without any complain but it is good for us all to behave in  responsive ways in our houses,work places,institutions and wherever we find ourselves.And again,you should never forget you would  be held accountable for your actions and inactions. Decision  making has its  own consequences and repercussions.

My advice is; always think twice before making crucial decisions because one simple decision could ruin your whole life.Assuming you feel the urge of stealing something at your exposure that you really need but there is no money in your  pocket.Here you have two choices and each has its reward.

People have been nuisance to their communities since they were born,some too because of peer pressure they involve themselves in  crime and all sorts of illegal activities.To err is human but to deliberately decide to choose evil against good is inhuman. The prisons we see today is full of criminals and other offenders, some are also innocent. Situations plunged them into such harsh conditions that has made their rights restricted.There is noting like beautiful life in prison.

As I further this side of life,it could be considered pleasant if we  compare that to death. Certain decisions of people ended in their deaths.There is always hope no matter how worse your situation is,the only hopeless situation is when you are dead.It is therefore good to learn lessons from past mistakes by making amends. I have one friend  who is a prisoner in the Washington Correctional Centre. He is serving a four-year service and it really griefs me for just allowing his imprisonment for the second time.His name is Kenny Washington.

I understand that place is very lonely and odd.He is looking for friends who can write him occasionally via the post or jpay and so if any one want to communicate with him let me know as I will give you his postal address.For the meantime here is his prison number, 736427 and you can use that to find him on jpay. Maybe you can inspire him or just put a smile on his face.

Our behaviour always have influence on us whether you believe or not,what is beautiful than having peaceful  mind,good marriage and family.I don’t want to include money because happiness is not measured by money.Without money people can still be happy.When you get water to drink every day,eat every day, get a place to sleep every day and even have other  utilities in your house you are far better than millions of people in this world who even find it hard to get common water to drink. If you can’t appreciate that then I’m sorry for you.

Death strips us naked from every thing we have so why fight for wealth or use your pen to steal money from your workplace.As you  involve yourself in bribery and corruption or any questionable act you must face the consequences. I take responsibilities for my actions and inactions because I believe I deserve it,should I break any law and I’m imprisoned,that would be fair enough.Someone would asked why I have talked too much and wondering what I am actually driving at.I am sharing my thoughts and making it known to all my readers that “charity begins at home” and parent are solely responsible for shaping  or grooming their children to give meaningfully to our various societies when they grow.

As we choose  law-abiding approach and become  responsive people, then we could surely live in a world full of beautiful life.The devil is always working hard to bring separations,confusions,fights,hatred and destructions into our lives. But with prayers and faith in God every obstacle or stumbling stone would be broken. They never-never want our happiness because he(the devil)is full of lies and with his craftiness he plunges people into difficult situations.

Those who try to earn quick money through the devil’s manipulations doesn’t  work well for them.I like to cite examples from Africa because I am an African and that is where I was born. Many young guys in Africa lust for quick success and so they go in  for blood money from spiritualists.Some are having  huge monies in their wardrobes now and then but there is noting like “happy life” or “beautiful life” for them because they have to make periodic  sacrifices for the money giving-god.The god can shorten their lives  the moment they fail to fulfill the atonement they are to do. This is not the kind of beautiful life I am talking about.

Character formation is very necessary for every parent to give it to their children.I am privileged to have a noble character that defines me anywhere I go.Assuming everyone on this earth is well-trained up to obey simple societal rules,norms and acquire good interpersonal approach, the rate of conflicts,hatred and abuse in our societies would surely cut. I dislikes people who are recalcitrant and egocentric.

I welcome your comments, feedbacks and contributions.You can share this article to encourage someone.

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