These 8 Bad Habits Examples Are Gradually Killing People — Don’t Be A Victim

These 8 Bad Habits Examples Are Gradually Killing People — Don’t Be A Victim

Knowing and avoiding these bad habits examples will make you more productive in life. Sacrificing your time for anything negative would prevent you from achieving success of any kind.

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We all fall short in one way or the order about certain things that drain our energies. Finding yourself in a habit that threatens your health, happiness, finance, relationships, and success is very dangerous. It doesn’t just happen overnight; and as a matter of fact, becomes so hard to break. There are a number of common bad habits examples you must never entertain in your life.

And here I will take you through some of these common behavioral sins that have a long-term effect on you. Please don’t be the victim anymore after reading this post. You see, there are many out there looking for ways to overcome addiction with God’s help and other medical means.

According to the Social Journal of European Psychology; it takes 66 days for someone to fall into a cycle of a bad habit. Maybe you don’t know what you have been addicted to is eventually having a serious negative effect on your life.

Children don’t find it so hard to break free from questionable behaviors; unlike adults who have to exercise a lot of discipline over a period of time.

By talking about counterproductive habits, we refer to the neurochemical responsible for bonding. For instance, dopamine intensifies the urge to continually consume what you have developed a great interest in.

This post would remind you to be aware of the common bad habits examples people get trapped into. You can break free if you really want to be efficient in almost everything you plan to achieve in life. You see — bad habits do steal some of our precious time which happens to be a non-renewable resource. And you need to reclaim it!.

The Truth About Bad Habit Formation

That unproductive thing you do every day has become part and parcel of you. Any habit you get addicted to forms part of your brain network; which also affects your character. Think about someone who is addicted to:

1. Gossiping
2. Smoking
3. Lying
4. Television
5. Nail-biting
6. Pornography

Obviously, these are some of the commonest examples of bad habits. It is better to figure out your triggers of any bad habit and deal with them before it is too late.

What happens when you fall into any of these? They become wired into your subconscious mind and so become so hard to break. Meanwhile, they are always stealing your precious time and making you less productive.

Don’t be like the guy who started pilfering at home when he was a kid. Nobody disciplined him to stop. He grew up and become a murderer, criminal, and outcast.

That bad habit ended him in prison. He was pronounced guilty and executed through lethal injection. That was how the reward for failing to put a stop to a treacherous habit he started from his childhood paid off.

From this scenario, I am drawing your attention to the fact that; habits could evolve into something more serious.

Literally, experts say you can’t break from a bad habit. Instead, you can substitute that with something beneficial. Well, I believe you can break it!. Expert believe in substitution.

For example; those who are addicted to smoking can substitute that with chewing gum when the urge to smoke is aroused. It would take a whole lot of self-discipline…

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” — Warren Buffett

Common Bad Habits Examples That Destroy Lives

Bad habits could affect your health, relationships, spirituality, future plans, work, etc. It is therefore imperative to substitute any bad habits you have developed with a good ones.

Now, let me give you a number of bad habits examples you must stop now; or try not to fall into them.

1. Negative Self Talk:

Many people could hardly say anything better about themselves. It’s good to talk to yourself while you are alone out there. But it should be something positive and encouraging. That cognitive biases going on inside your head must come to an end. Just look at the brighter side and smile to yourself.

Getting addicted to the habit of negative self-talk is like throwing a grand party and inviting the Devil and his agents to fill your table.

The Devil himself is the father of lies and all that he could whisper into your ears is: “you are not good enough”, “you can never be successful”, “you are ugly”, “nobody likes you”, ” you have no future”, etc. You see, all these negative self-talks get programmed into your subconscious mind. It, therefore, becomes part of you.

You already believe in yourself that you are useless. Uh oh, such pity. Why would you underestimate your self?. Look, this world is hosting 7 billion people. And more than 95% don’t know you. Unless maybe you are some kind of an international celebrity.

Nobody cares about what you are doing. Everyone looks busy trying hard to make a good living. Stop insulting yourself and speak positivity into your life. God made you to be the head, not the tail.

So go out there with a strong positive mindset; that you deserve the best. After all, you are not here on this planet to please everyone. Embrace who you are and strive to achieve your goals and anything that makes you happy.

2. Nail Biting:

You may think, it is only kids who are fond of biting their nails. No!, I know a number of adults who are addicted to nail-biting. Why would anyone even do that? Often when the victim is confronted with stressful situations he/she would have to bite the nails.

Allowing this bad practice to be your stress reliever jeopardizes your health. You may expose your life to health problems. Gems from your fingernails could easily enter your body and give you more wasteful time to fight against diseases and sickness. A precious time that you can use to work, think, create, or do important things that will make you more productive in life.

Oh no, coronavirus has become more treacherous than any disease. Just be careful.

3. Comparison:

Are you like the guy who can’t live a day without wishing to be someone else?. This is one of the destructive bad habits examples. You can never become whoever you wish it’s you. Find your own way and enjoy your uniqueness. Appreciate your unique outlook and abilities.

No amount of time you spend can make you someone you are not. Don’t stress yourself trying to mirror the lives of others. You have your own life live it, mind your own business, and learn how to be different from the crowd.

We have been gifted with different outlooks and talents. Why would you compare yourself with someone?. The result is feeling inadequate, useless, or stupid. People you wish were you may not be real after all. Break this habit of wanting to be someone.

4. Television

The richest men living in our world today have a reasonable amount of time for watching television. They know how dangerous it is to be caught in the grips of enticing TV programs. Why would you spend several hours on Netflix while you have something more important to do?.

These billionaires we hear about really know how to avoid obstructions. I mean they are good at delaying gratification. They focus on personal growth. Bill Gates did that for about 4 years and came out with his Microsoft thing.

You must be a time-conscious person. Too much television is for lazy guys. Unless you are the type that can sleep the whole day and still make a lot of money.

You see, sitting on the sofa every day watching TV screens makes you happy and comfortable. You can’t be successful while you get stuck in your comfort zone. Go out there and explore ways of touching beyond the sky. And be proud of achieving your lofty goals.

Television steals a greater number of the time you need to reason, plan, solve problems, work hard, and do all the necessary things that will make you happy and successful. It mainly entertains you, nothing else.

We are not here on this planet to entertain ‘entertainment. ‘ There are more valuable things to crave for and so don’t sacrifice those hours on Tv series or movies.

I don’t mean don’t watch television. Limit the time spent watching your favorite programs.

5. Slouching:

While I keep on reminding you guys of bad habits examples; I can never forget talking about improper sitting posture. We all do sit down to execute different tasks during the day. But if you have developed the habit of slouching; then you have already started digging your grave. The poor sitting position is one of the 5 commonest things that shorten life span.

When you sit down to work or do whatever you want to do by slouching; your head put about 4.5 kilograms of weight on your body. Again you exert unnecessary weight on your spinal cord. Think of the kind of effect you would encounter doing this for years.

6. Abusing your body:

This is a broad point that covers all the unproductive things you do to your body. Deaths from alcohol related issues are always on the rise. Think about something like:

♦. Alcoholism
♦. Smoking
♦. Pornography
♦. Drugs

And other things that threaten your health. Why would you entertain such kind of bad habits for long? It’s a pity many people harbor hatred and bitterness within themselves when they hear the truth.

Bad habit of alcoholism

For instance; on the pack of cigarettes – there is a caution that states that cigarette smoking is harmful to your health. You would have no one to blame for taking your life through that dreadful risk.

7. Overthinking:

Yes!, life is not always going to be sunshine. The rain will fall, the wind too will blow. But you still have to maintain a positive attitude. Overthinking is a killer habit that would end your life sooner than you could think about.

Experts say most of the things we worry about don’t even happen or matter in real. It is therefore, useless to worry about anything. The Bible has even cautioned us about worrying.

My friend, don’t think too much about the situation you are finding yourself within now. Don’t worry about the future too. Just be yourself.

Believe that, good things will come to you. Work hard to make a living. Set your mind off any past experiences that steals your joy. Focus on the good side of everything that happens to you.

If you can’t heal your emotional and psychological problems, then you would have to consult and experts. He will help bring your wandered mind back home.

Have you heard about Murphy’s law?. It states that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” That is very true. And as a matter of fact, you can’t cry over spilt milk. Let go and let God deal with it.

If the past and the present have been dark days, it doesn’t mean the future too would be dark. Believe you would surely see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Seriously overthinking is one of the commonest bad habits examples killing thousands of people. It ‘evolves’ into depression and things turn to soar.

8. Indiscriminate Sex:

This is the biggest pit many people will fall into. Ooch!!!.. “You just fell into this pit.” This is your conscience speaking. Anyways, there is no cause for alarm. You must detest from this negative habit ASAP.

Having sex with multiple partners isn’t fun at all. You may suffer from retrogression without knowing the exact reason why you can’t see any progress in life.

Maybe you would find it difficult to agree to what I’m saying until you get to know the dangers associated with soul ties while you get addicted to having sex with multiple partners.

Soul ties aren’t something your condom or any contraceptive can protect you from. You would always be surrounded by negative energies that will put you into many kinds of problems.

Other Noticeable Examples Of Bad Habits

The list of bad habits examples is innumerable. Here are 10 other examples you must be mindful of.

1. Poor savings
2. Unnecessary Excuses
3. Living to impress others
4. Failing to say “No” to things you dislike
5. Staying in a toxic relationship
6. Cutting corners to finish tasks early
7. Eating all year round without a single exercise
8. Buying things you don’t really need
9. Procrastination
10. Expectations
11. Making a crucial decision without advice from experts
12. Making decisions while you are angry
13. Sharing your innermost secret with almost anyone.
14. Trusting people easily
15. Poor eating lifestyle

Tips For Breaking Any Bad Habits

1. Identify your triggers: Find out what really puts you in the mood of pursing that awful addiction. Find it and don’t give it any more attention.

Bad habits examples and the effect

The moment you set your eyes on it, take a different direction. Don’t stare at the wine in the glass if you want to Stop alcoholism. In fact, don’t even get close.

2. Substitute your addition with something positive:

You feel like smoking? Get yourself some chewing gum. Read books that will add value to your life instead of flipping TV channels. Experts say a good book has the ability to change you for the best version of you.

3. Make up your mind:

Make a strong decision to quit any habit impeding your life. When you develop the will power, you can turn things around.

4. See a professional like a psychologist to help you get rid of any habit you can’t break free from.

5. Self-Discipline:

To break any bad habits you must know how to discipline yourself according to your prime target. And that target is to end any addiction that doesn’t add value to your life.

I hope these bad habits examples have been helpful to you. If you find your self guilty of any of them; then it is time to transform the time and energy you spend on that habit on something productive and praiseworthy.

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