Why You Are Being So Stupid Worrying About The Future | Stop It Now

Why You Are Being So Stupid Worrying About The Future | Stop It Now

Stop worrying about the future with a new mindset before it is too late. Don’t keep on being stupid to yourself. You need the inspiration to know how to break free.

How To Stop Worrying About The Future

Over the past few years, I noticed most of the people I communicate with can’t simply overcome their worries. Could this be a normal thing in life?. Yes of course. But living in a cycle of worries is abnormal. It has to be dealt with in the best way to help you enjoy a successful life. So let me help you know how to stop worrying about the future before it is too late.

In the first place, I want you to understand the simple fact that you become a stupid person if you keep on worrying about things going on in your life or things you believe might destroy your life in the future. That baseless thought has to end.

As you find yourself reading this post about how to stop worrying about the future; you must take proactive measures to silence all the negative thoughts messing up with your head before I teach you how to say to yourself “I’m being stupid.”

You Are What You Think

Hey buddy, what’s going on in your mind right now that is making you anxious about the future?. Anxieties? Huh, we are all thinking about the future but being positive or negative is an individual concern. It’s a choice!.

What makes you so worried about what might happen to your future? Is it about your job?, Business? marriage? finances? health? etc.

There is no need to stress yourself over them. Do the best you can do today and all your future endeavors will be successful. Bear in mind that, believing alone takes you one step ahead of success.

The most beautiful thing to put a big smile on your face is; there is still a breath of life in you. And where there is life, there is hope!.

Why You Are Being Stupid For Worrying About The Future

God who knows the future and has better plans for His Children has made it clear why it is useless to worry about tomorrow. He has said; let tomorrow worry about itself!. Uh ok, contemplate this question from the Bible:

“And which of you by worrying can add even one hour to his life?” (Matthew 6:27).

You may not find this convincing enough so let me add this to it: Scientists from the National Science Foundation have found out that the average human processes 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. And out of all these thoughts; 80% are negative. Then out of these thoughts, 95% keep on recurring.

This authenticates the fact that cognitive biases have a serious effect on anyone who fails to maintain a positive attitude. The future is right in front of you. Stay calm and do the best you can do today and believe(positivity) that everything will be fine.

I believe, in order to make people stop worrying about the future and anything happening in their lives; they must discipline their thoughts in a very strict manner. That is why I prefer to damn those negative thoughts making you look like a stupid person.

This should be a wake-up call to your inner strength. You are not a baby and I am not here to comfort you with lullaby.

I want you to understand why you have been so stupid worrying about unnecessary things. There was another study in 2005: Leahy, Study of Cornell University found out that 85% of the things we think about never happen in life.

Now the question is what about the remaining 15% that happened in real? It appeared that the actual demon putting fear and worry in people could be effectively dealt with. There was 79% potency of overcoming those worrisome problems.

The flip side also indicated that; the victims learn valuable lessons from that experience. That is why there is a saying that everything happens for a reason. Never get worried about your future. Stay positive and believe that you can make it. So in all, a greater part of the worries you allow into your life has no good reasons.

Why You Must Disregard Fear

Often times I tell my readers that fear is not real. It is something illusional that resides in the mind. But it has the power to paralyze your life and your future plans. Where there is fear, there is no faith and where there is faith there is no fear. These two things never agree. So why not choose faith and kick out fear from your life?.

When you are afraid to fall, you wouldn’t take any step. And this will make your life become ‘standstill.’ Not that alone, you will sink deep and deep until you take your last breath.

If you conquer your fears, it will help you to stop worrying about the future. Because you are left with unwavering faith.

Common Things People Worry About

1. Age

You complain about growing old but your plans aren’t succeeding. Oh yeah, I know you are very old like an Egyptian relic. But sorry, I wouldn’t buy your frivolous excuse. You are old so what?. Limitation resides in the mind. Although there are other important factors to consider… You can still make an impact.

My friend, it is not too late to start again even if you failed at School, in your business, relationships, etc. Clear out that limitation from your mind and find a way to make great achievements in life.
Worries in your mind

Time and tide wait for no man, so don’t sit there thinking too much about your lofty goals. Take the right actions and eventually, you would see the sunlight.

2. Marriage

This is part of our transition in life and it’s just a choice. Like Sir Isaac Newton who chose to live a lonely life unto death. You need not feed your mind with negative thoughts if you really want to get married. At whatever age, you can still find a potential partner.

The problem would be about reproductive health. This is because women have a limited fertility rate. However, that problem isn’t bigger than God!. Let tomorrow worry about itself.

3. Money And Wealth

I can’t imagine dealing with that obnoxious feeling when your expectations to make money for a living haven’t worked out yet. We all do plan and work hard to earn money; But most often — financial constraints make us worry about what to eat, wear, and how to pay bills, settle down with our future plans, etc. Worries don’t bring any change. You still need to put in positive action.

4. Death

No one living today is immortal. Death itself has a whole lot of valuable lessons for us. If you are in a critical health condition, you must have faith and say to yourself that you will live. The medical doctor is there, God the miracle worker is always available. It is all about staying positive, no matter the situation. Stop worrying about what may go wrong in the future and focus on the positive side.

How To Stop Worrying About The Future

The basic thing you must do is re-engineer your mindset. This is where all the problems lie. So can’t you think positively and maintain it even through difficult times?.

How to stop worrying about the future quote
“If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present”
—Roy T. Bennett

Well, let me help you out to know how to stop worrying about the future. But before I go any further, accept this:

♦. Problems will surely come your way.

♦. You might be the cause of your own problems or someone might be the cause.

♦. Whatever happens, has a reason — cling to the positive side.

Now, these things below will help you put stop to your worries.

1. God first

Whether you believe or not, I will proudly elevate God and his mighty works first. Because some of our troubles need the intervention of God.
Trust your future into God's hand

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God”
—Corrie ten Boom

So go down on your knees and pray. Tell God to blow out anything that is plunging you into troubles and making you look stupid by worrying about them day and night.

2. Re-engineer Your Mind

Here is where you must focus on to bring in positive thoughts. The qualitative of your thoughts will surely reflect a quality life.

What we feed our brains have a direct influence on our lives. There is a saying that goes like this “garbage in garbage out.” So if you dwell on negative thoughts, then you are going to drag yourself through the mud for long; until you come into your sense to clean up your mind.

3. Oxygenate Your Brain

The simplest way you can oxygenate your brain is through exercise. You see, the human brain needs to be refreshed with enough oxygen to stay healthy and flow with fresh thoughts.

Do simple exercises like jogging, stretches, cycling, etc, to boost the brain’s processing power. This will also help to release any stress stealing your happiness. By knowing how to stop worrying through regular exercise, you also put your body in a good health. So you end up enjoying a healthy brain functioning and a healthy body.

4. Listen To Music

As music has a lot of therapeutic benefits to humans, you must go in for your favorite songs. Listen to music anytime you start worrying about the future. This will shift your mind from the worries to something soothing and positive. For best results, listen to inspirational songs.

5. Believe In Yourself

Have the confidence that, the future will be bright for you. Like I said earlier; what you believe in will have an influence on your life. Stay positive — do the best that you can to see your future plans materialize.

6. Self-discipline

Just like how I started to be very hard on you so that you stop allowing yourself to be like any stupid guy; you must embrace how useless it is to keep on processing negative thoughts day after day without any benefits.

Put yourself on the right road and cruise with a positive mentality. Say a big ‘No’ to any negative thoughts that challenge your lofty goals.

7. Contentment

If you are grateful for the little you have, you will always be at peace with yourself. If not; then nothing can satisfy your quest for a fulfilled life. It begins by accepting who you are and what you have before you can take the next step.

Contentment puts your wandering mind at peace and satisfies your soul. And whenever there is peace in your heart; worries have no place to stay.

Finally, much of the work to be done to stop worrying about the future must be done on the ‘brain.’ That is the powerhouse holding your thoughts and processes them into action.

If you live life like an optimistic person, you will have a positive influence on your own future. You are already destined for success. Never allow worries to sabotage your success and happiness.

Thanks for reading. I welcome your comments and feedback.

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