Marquel Sello Shares God’s Words and His Message to Everyone in Current Times

Marquel Sello Shares God’s Message
(July 19, 2020) – The situation of the world today calls for renewed thinking about the very purpose of existence. The Covid pandemic has transformed the old world into something new, where every action or movement presupposes risk. It has also changed the way people related to the world, themselves and others. Thinker, intellectual, and a messenger of God’s words, Marquell Sello, has come out with a timely video on all things we must know and keep in mind.

Marquel Sello has released a video message in which he reminds people of earth on why they are all here, how they came to be here, God’s words and the purpose of creation and our place in it. These are the thoughts everyone must reflect on before continuing with their lives.

“I am speaking on the knowledge before God created heaven and earth. You are all made in God’s image, even myself. You can just look at each other and see you all have the same features, just different colors and cultural habits. We are all God’s Children,” says Marquel Sello.

Watch Marquel Sello explain the purpose of existence and the place everyone occupies in it:

Sello also spoke about pre-existence. That’s a very mysterious time zone to get into, without even time being around. For Sello, the “I” existed in pre-existence, before time and space. This “I” does not have a beginning as it was “self-created”. Sello admits that no one knows how God came into existence. The “I” that existed was life, it created life. And upon competing with God, the “I” humbled itself and went to the end of the line.

God has subsequently revealed itself as an image, going invisible thereafter. The “I” continues to rule all of creation. It has been fashioned in its current form by God Himself as the highly favored. It is spoken about in all religions, and has many names. Everything else revolves around it.

Sello says that the planet earth has been created for all of us as part of the creation. We are all God’s children and hence should live out our lives accordingly. This story has never been heard before, because this is the first time that “I” has existed on earth.


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