Millionaire’s Lesson: How To Focus On Your Personal Growth

You need to understand your self very well in all perspectives. The more you strategize and utilize your total life on earth; the more you climb to the top.

Personal growth that leads to success

Taking a look at personal growth this new year and how to derive the best out of it. Someone like you would ask why must we be concerned about the lifestyles of millionaires today?. Well, it is obvious they have practical lessons for all of us. Forget about the myths and face the real issues.

This article would help you understand the importance of personal growth and why millionaires put much emphasis on it.

I believe by now you already know you are unique in so many ways. Consider your talent, desire, capabilities, dreams, cognition, beliefs, ideologies and a lot more. You can be the best of anything you really wants.

In this article, I would like to remind you that you are special. Yes! you are. But how can you harness that uniqueness into an uninterrupted journey that leads to success and happiness?. There are one or two things I never want you to be ignorant about…

Personal growth encompasses your spirituality, physical life, time, energy and anything that has a direct or indirect influence on your life.

It is about the most essential things that can help you focus on your self-development. You have to grow wise, strong and independent.

If you ever make the mistake of leaving your wellbeing in a trance then you devalue your self to the people around you. But the moment you make your self an asset, you become the source of happiness, success, hope, and contentment.

I supposed you have already read my article that explains why you must invest in your self first before anything else. This is not so different from ensuring proper personal growth in all the facets of life. It is all about you and the kind of impact you leave behind.

Lesson From Millionaires And How They Focus On Personal Growth

The most important thing you should be mindful of is “time”. It is a non-renewable resource. Those who make good use of it enjoy its fruits. As I talk about ensuring proper personal growth, we certainly need mentors/experienced people to learn from. They have proved to us how important it is to normalize personal growth strategies as part of our daily lives.

A Lesson From Research

There is this woman called Sarah Stanley Fallaw,  the director of research for the
Affluent Market Institute  and Co-author of the book entitled “The Next Millionaire Next Door.” She conducted research on 600 millionaires and found out that they concentrate more on their personal growth activities than the average person living in American.

This survey was entirely about the living lifestyle of 600 millionaires in America. This gives us substantial facts about how millionaires spend their time and energy. However, this survey seems to be inadequate when we consider the whole lifestyle of people living in all the five continents. There must be some discrepancies.

In Respect To Those Millionaires, What Can We Learn From Them About Personal Growth?

Researcher Sarah Stanley Fallaw said:

“Focusing on goals is related to building wealth, regardless of age and income,” she wrote. “The decisions we make, particularly related to the allocation of our time, energy, and money, impact our ability to become financially independent.”

Some valuable lessons cropped up. Utilize your:

1. Time
2. Energy
3. Resources

In short, spend more time working hard than sleeping or doing unimportant things. It does not change the fact that “time is money” and so must be managed with all diligence.

Now you see, the major resource is still
“Time.” Utilizing it can determine the level of your success tomorrow.

How To Ensure Proper Personal Growth

1. Time

I have already talked about how essential time management is. You cannot run away from the tickling of the clock. Every second, minute and an hour count.

2. Consciousness/ Resourcefulness

The other factor you must bear in mind is about being conscious. You must be fully aware of what is happening around you. Be alert all the time. Audit your life each day. Did you utilize your limited resources?. Did you make silly decisions? Or you wasted your energy on unimportant things.? Be careful of how you even use your cognitive resource. Stanley highlighted this in this research as well.

Each minute or day counts. Even each second must be valued. If you make an effort to be efficient you will surely taste success. No matter how long it will take. Work hard, leave no stone unturned at the end you would feel proud of your hard work and time consciousness. Efficiency will result in a great legacy of success.

3. Avoid Unnecessary things

If you really want to taste success just like billionaires such as Bill Gates Elon Musk, Warren Buffet then is very selective in your daily activities and choices. Sarah Stanley made it known that those millionaires try their best to avoid things that distract them from achieving their goals smoothly.

Just look around. What are the things that momentarily distract you from pursuing your goals or accomplishing any given task? It could be an addiction to Facebook. Yes!, social media has become a major obstruction to most of us. This doesn’t have any room in the lives of a real successful gentleman.

Distractions may be seen as a small break in a marathon. That small break can make you a loser. The more you allow things like social media and nagging people distract you from maintaining proper personal growth; the more you fail or backslide.

Face reality and forget about the internet which is full of taking people and mind control programmes. Draw personal boundaries to deter other crafty people and technology that may steal your precious time and lofty dreams.

From the researcher, Sarah Stanley it is perfectly fine to enjoy your favorite hobby whiles you work hard in achieving success. These Billionaires have hobbies and so add a little fun to their lifestyles.

4. Knowledge Through Reading

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that most of the world billionaires such as Bill Gates, Mark Cuban Mark Zuckerberg claim reading is one of the secrets behind their success. It is part and parcel of them. There is a saying that “Knowlege is power.”

Be smart and intelligent as you yearn to take your personal growth to the next level.

The Bottom-line

Someone has done it using the same 2hrs a day. Don’t complain too much. Just do something because there are wealthy men today who started from zero to heroes. Your personal growth must be your first priority. It should cover your health, job, spirituality, success and happens.

With this, you would be a light in the life of people around you. You would be strong enough to help others and make this world a beautiful place

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