Understanding How People Are Surviving In Life in This Crazy World

This world is not a good place for the weak or lazy. Surviving in life requires more than your physical strength. Your success would be feasible if you have that zeal to endure the pains attached to it. A little inspiration can do the magic.

Surviving in life requires your full strength
“It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.” — Robert H. Schuller

Sometimes surviving in life is like crossing the Saharan Desert with your backpack with no food or water. Yet you are expected to be hopeful. You know why? Because you still have the most precious gift called the “breath of life.”

We often get trapped in paradox when issues about surviving in life come into mind. Are you living through the most appreciated way which is deemed legit or the other way round?. The ball always remains in your court. You decide how to make it unless you have been confined somewhere like the prison. Your right is restricted and so you can’t fully be your self.

People may argue that surviving is all about hitting your target and staying alive. Even if it takes to break the rules or soak your hands with sin. This is obviously not true.

Well, let’s figure out how we humans are expected to live a happy and successful life through all the challenges you could ever think about.

Whiles, I don’t believe in the so-called survival of the fittest theory; I intend to tell you about how crazy life could be(This theory is against what God has declared in the Bible). It takes strong people who are resilient to failure to survive the arrows life may throw at them.

Things To Bear In Mind Whiles Contemplating How To Survive In Life

Nature is simply amazing. How mankind should live to have access to his basic needs and other wants differ from animals. We are therefore expected to be innovative, rational, and morally upright.

There are rules, laws, systems, beliefs, etc. governing our day to day activities. And you know such kind of regulations appalls many people. In view of that, someone who is a free spirit would be proud to liberate himself from both internal and external manipulations

The simple fact that you and I have a functioning brain means there should be more reasoning and actions to derive the best out of life.

Sadly you can’t enjoy what you haven’t earned and look clean. Before you find food to eat, clothes to wear and a place to sleep you have to work for it.

Maybe you are down to zero. You still don’t have any valid excuse to covet. Go ahead and ask for help. After all, asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak. Hey!, do you need a ladder to climb higher… Borrow one.

Sometimes we become interdependent on each other and that is perfectly fine. It’s part of our human nature.

Surviving In Life Never Goes With Destruction

Whiles wild animals like lions, crocodiles, hyenas, tigers, etc. kill their prey to survive; we humans could also hunt animals both in the air, seas, and on land for their meat or monetary value. However, this can’t be a general survival venture for a lot of people. We are not meant to destroy a fellow and survive.

It’s very unfortunate, for someone to make a living; he may decide to destroy a fellow friend or brother. Surviving in life through illegitimate means brings into effect the law of cause and effect. It’s an abominable act. There would surely be consequences and repercussions.

Surviving in life through unethical means doesn’t make you who you claim to be or how people see you. Because there is a skeleton in the cupboard. And I’m afraid; I can’t stand to see the awful punishment that would come as a result.

This simply means not every successful man is a hard-working person. This world is being controlled by liars, radical sinners, Satanists, murderers, etc.

The Power Of Money

Without any controversy, money is a powerful tool that controls people and a lot of things. There is none who doesn’t need money.

However, we have placed too much importance on money making it look like an idol everyone has to worship. It should be noted that issues pertaining to the power of money should be carefully handled. Like fire; a good servant but a bad master.

As you plan to survive in life; money would be needed. But what if you have none or very little?. This is where surviving in life becomes the agenda of the day.

You need it to buy almost everything. You can’t literally start a business with zero money unless you start by borrowing; which seems to be a brilliant idea.

You can’t go to school( college especially) without any money. Your breakfast would come after you have spent some money. Not forgetting fees, taxes, and other bills. You still need to survive…

No wonder, the wisest and the richest man to live on earth said: “money is the answer to all things“. Controversial right?. Yeah, but it is relatively true.

Looking into a situation like this we would draw the conclusion that life is hard. And prove it with thousands of reasons.

“It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.”
—Robert H. Schuller

Your Mission Is Possible

The idea to move forward despite any obstruction that may come your way takes you one step ahead. Even if things are happening too slow; it will eventually take you to your destination.

Take a minute and read my article entitled the best life inspiration from the tortoise. It explains the glorious secret of happiness behind patience.

If you decide to make it big in life despite your challenge and the pang of pains you go through every single day; then you are half done with the deal.

You need the will power to survive in life

Yes! You tell yourself every day that you will pass through fire and still live. Right there you have employed the power of affirmation. The rest is to take action. There is power in the tongue and so you can speak things into existence.

Tomorrow is not promised but we are always hopeful that it will be a beautiful moment and a new opportunity to push our dreams through. Before you even think of surviving in life through all the difficult moments; there are important strategies you must employ.

Before I tell you about it, let me bring it into your memory; As individual people, we aim at being happy. And there are at least basic things that shouldn’t be far from us to make our lives incomplete. This breeds feelings of frustration, unworthiness, hopelessness, fear, etc.

It is really true that almost everyone wants to:

1. Enjoy good health
2. Get a better place to stay
3. Get a good marriage
4. Maximize profit in a business venture
5. Lay hands on high pay jobs
6. Have appreciable fun
7. Enjoy peace of mind
8. Earned enough money

Now let me tell you about some of the simplest ways to survive in life. It is all about making your goals feasible. And before that happens; you must endure the pains. This is what we call survival.

Surviving In Life Through The Most Simplest Strategies

1. Identify Your Most Important Needs

When there is a famine, the need for edibles become higher than anything else. So if you know you are about to go extinct because of prolonged hunger; then your most important need for survival is food and water, not money or anything else.

In addition to this point; you would notice the relevance of mapping your priorities to every single step you take.

2. Conceive An Idea

Think about what you can do best to alleviate yourself from anything plunging you into stagnation. You must set realistic goals and work assiduously toward it.

3. Take Action

When the stream is sweeping you away, you must be strong enough to fight your way through. Don’t be like a dead fish that swims with the stream. Before you get results of your dreams you need to turn them into action.

4. Ask For Help When Necessary

We all need a helping hand at a point in time. Go ahead and ask someone for help. Don’t be shy. You can’t be full of yourself without needing anyone’s assistance. A piece of advice or something like financial support can help you.

5. Never Give Up

Perseverance will help you achieve those lofty goals you have set. When things get tougher; giving up isn’t the best option. Remember this saying: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

6. Pray

The last but most important thing you should do is to pray always. With God all things are possible. Asking him to strengthen you through any moment of the trail would elevate you to see the sunlight that has been shrouded by your challenges. You may be interested in reading my article about Bible verses for strength.

how people are Surviving in life calls for wisdom, money, and strength. They are always available. Find them!.

I hope this piece of article has been helpful to you. There is no need to quit. Keep moving forward. This is how to win your battles.

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