8 Ways Of Living The Life Of A Free Spirit And It’s Hidden Enmity

Have you ever thought of living life as a free spirit? Maybe their amazing lifestyle will attract your attention. How does it feel to live without any form of containment? Your own intuition becomes your compass

A free spirit woman

Who is a free spirit? It’s someone who is not controlled by internal and external forces or manipulations. Such kinds of people often enjoy an advantageous lifestyle of being able to explore more to their own satisfaction. You create more time and space for your happiness, success, goals, relationships without anyone’s discretion or influence.

There is much beauty in enjoying a wind of freedom throughout your life. Well, I have a couple of things to share with you about anyone who happens to be a free spirit.

It sounds pretty cool to be as such. Some people have it as an inherent character. On the other side, you can choose to be a free spirit.

Many are reading about some of these spiritual quotes about life. These quotes give a wider and dynamic view of how we make use of the inner energy within us.

My concern is; being a free-spirited person may prevent you from acknowledging the existence of God. A Christian could hardly be a free spirit. This level of spirituality has its own conformity.

Religion is full of sycophants that have nothing to do with a person as such. But God has his commandments for mankind to obey. And He has said do not rely on your own understanding.

So you actually can’t be a Christian and call yourself a free spirit. The problem here is; you end up Overly trusting yourself.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding. Acknowledge him in all your ways, and he will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

We have the freedom to make a whole lot of choices but it seems free spirits enjoy much more of their unrestrained lifestyles. Their choices, feelings, and lifestyles look entirely different.

enjoying unrestrained freedom

There are these guys also known as free thinkers who believe in logical reasoning but fail to recognize the involvement of God in nature and mankind’s daily activities.

You may be one of them or you may be interested to be one. This world is full of different people with different beliefs and spiritual practices.

It is your choice to be controlled by dogma, search for the truth, or listen to your own intuition just like a free spirit. You may be religious or non-religious because the gift of “free will” is available for everyone.

I haven’t gotten many details about how the lifestyle of a free spirit resonates with Biblical principles. Because when you overly trust your intuition, you may be misleading yourself.

The Desire For Personal Freedom

Look at how beautiful it is for a flower to come out of its bud. Its sense a great relief or liberation into a new environment. That shackles have fallen off so that flowers can enjoy the sunlight, feel the air, and enjoy the rains.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion” — Albert Camus

We may choose to enjoy unrestrained freedom but we can never be free from natural laws. Choosing to be a free spirit or inherently being one is beautiful. But you must take a lot of caution because such a lifestyle may dissociate you from God and people such as friends or family.

A free spirit enjoying the sunshine

Although you have your own special personal interest that keep you going. You may find it hard to take advice from a third person while your gut keeps on saying “no.”

We all desire to be free from the drama people bring to our doorsteps. In view of that laying down your own interests, rules, and other things that define you and make you set you free from external harm which may be emotional or psychological.

You see when you get too attached to people they may ruin your whole life. A free spirit is exempted from negative energies from people because they have enough internal peace and are capable of freeing themselves from negative energies from external sources.

Things A Free Spirit Enjoys

Remember that a free spirit always desires freedom. Because that feeling has been programmed in their subconscious mind. Let him out and he will be fine because he knows how to control both internal and external energies.

A free spirited person

1. Internal Freedom

Any free spirit has the power to control his internal energy. His intuition guides him into what makes his soul happy. There is enough peace within such kind of person. There is a saying that inspires people to follow their hearts. Because it is believed that the heart brings forth the true feeling of a person which is true and reliable.

2. External Freedom

Being a free spirit makes you enjoy life, and master any external game that will help you live a dominant, fruitful, and triumphant life. You are just like a bubble, you float anywhere.

To be such kind of person, minding your own business should be one of your hallmarks. Obviously, free spirits don’t want to be entangled with laws, beliefs, regulations that restrict their freedom of reasoning, movement, or making their own decisions.

3. Decision Making /Goal setting

A free spirit always believes in his internal voice. So decisions are made by what his intuition tells him. He is free to go here or there, provided the feeling to do so is available. It’s more like they have the adrenaline to chase their dreams by setting their own goals and believing in them.

4. Perfect In Socializing

You are opened to making new friends at no cost. Being a free spirit doesn’t mean you can’t associate with friends. Anyone at all can be your friend without changing your personality or preferences. Having fun with friends makes you have a touch of the world without losing your true identity.

Free spirits make friends

You happen to be a non-conformist so peer pressure has zero effect on you. You believe in yourself and know what is good for your life.

5. Your Time Your Life

A free spirit worries not about being too late or being too early. That is why they want to enjoy their independence. No external pressure is a need. He can choose to go down the longest path to reach his destination or the other way round. If you are in a hurry and it doesn’t meet his thoughts; then you will take the lead and see him later.

6. A happy life

There is a lot of happiness in enjoying unrestrained freedom. There is nothing beautiful than being free from external influences. You don’t need anyone to control your thoughts, it is meant for you alone. So a free spirit will use it wisely. You enjoy your own hobbies because they are the exact things that make you happy.

7. Best In Solitude

A free-spirited person doesn’t worry about having a lot of friends or a handful of friends.  Someone like this doesn’t stress over going through a breakup. He has no problem staying cool with exes or keeping a friendship going after setbacks.

He believes in himself and self-love is one of the best things that showcase his importance. It doesn’t make him a narcissistic person. But the idea of being content with yourself would safeguard you from the pain of rejection, disappointment, and anything people would do to devalue you.

8. The Truth Seeker

A free-spirited person delights in searching for the truth within anything that comes his way. Because without embracing the truth you cannot truly be free. Your inner self wouldn’t be at peace if you fail to search for the truth or embrace the truth.

I think this is enough for you to understand who a free spirit is. It’s your choice to become one of them or anything else. But, anyone who claims to be a Christian like me would forget about being a free spirit. Because you can’t live fully on your own understanding. God’s spirit of understanding supersedes any spirit.

Sometimes it becomes imperative to seek a divine direction from him. Because He is perfect. He knows everything including what will happen in the future. He gives us a broader insight into the life we live in.

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