Did You Know There Is Power In The Tongue? Words Can Save Your Life Or Kill You?

Words can make you break into tears as if someone has walloped you or boxed you on the cheek. Be careful of what you say to yourself or anyone. Because there are life and death in the power of words.

There is life and death in the power of the tongue so use it wisely.
Life and death in the power of the tongue. Watch out!!!.

Did you know there are Life and death in the power of the tongue?. The world and the entire universe are full of mysteries. Tongue life and death stories occur in our daily lives. There are mysteries the finite mind of mankind cannot comprehend.

Each day, when we wake up, we face the same challenges or new challenges. Nothing is so certain about tomorrow. There are many things we do that shapen our lives. What we bisect with our mouths is one good example.

Whether we have a huge or small impact on our daily lives, we must be wise enough to be resourceful. Have you realized that there are life and death in the power of the tongue?. Yes!, there is an unbelievable power in your tongue.

That is why you must think twice before you say anything. If you are the kind of people who talk too much — then it is time you get to know how to shut up before your words become the Genesis of your downfall. The Bible has said:

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

(Proverbs 18:21)

Life could be rough sometimes. But how do you face those challenges flowing like waterfalls?. Words can kill one’s soul or heal one’s soul. Be mindful of how you speak to people and yourself.

A Matter Of Concern

It is time to educate yourself with “tongue life and death” lessons. Today, I would like to reveal some amazing facts about the words we utter in our daily lives. Are they positive or negative?.

I believe after reading this post you will embrace the fact that there are life and death in the power of the tongue. And henceforth you would be cautious when uttering any word to yourself or anyone.

There is no single day that we wouldn’t utter a word. Unless you are dumb. However, it doesn’t really matter even if you are dumb. So far as you are a rational human being with a sane mind. You will be responsible for whatever you allow into your mind.

This invariably takes us to the law of attraction. This law states that you have the ability to attract anything you want into your life.

The mind is the focal point that processes everything before it becomes words or action. By knowing that life and death are in the power of the tongue: You dare not have to think evil.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…” (Proverbs 23:7)

It is always obvious that you become what you think. This means the relationship between your heart and your brain could have a tremendous effect on your life.

The Power Of Words In Question

Words are soft but can ruin the lives of people. Words could be hurtful than physical abuse. If you doubt the power of words, then you need to start thinking outside the box.

Don’t live in a tiny bubble by being naive about how simple words can transform the whole life of people.

Below are some of the mediums words that play significant roles in causing noticeable effects in the lives of people.

♦. Lyrics/Songs

Why is it that simple lyrics in songs can have a great influence on people? People get touched by listening to a particular song. The level of influence depends on the person’s commitment to those songs.

Devilish music which has strong words wouldn’t teach you anything good. You may become a puppet to the ideas making up the song.

I believe you’ve heard how the Illuminati dominate the music industry with songs full of subliminal messages. Addiction will lead to possession. The end result would be disgusting. Some even incite teens and youth to promote violence and perversions.

There is a certain song that made more than 100 people commit suicide. The song was popularly known as ‘Hungarian Suicide Song‘ by Rebecca Black, a Hungarian musician(Rezso Seress). The biggest question is WHY???. Find out from ‘Scoopwhoop.’

The most dangerous side is when you become addicted. Yes, you are attracting the power of those words to be part of your life.

Look, you will certainly learn the words, sing and think as the words say. Your heart together with your mind interconnect to cause-an effect in your behavior. Your MIND and HEART become poisoned and so whatever comes out of your mouth is poisonous.

In fact, if we all get to understand that there are life and death in the power of the tongue, we will guard our lips with alarm clocks. Shut up! if you have nothing good to say about yourself or your friends.

“A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good, and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.” ( Luke 6: 45)

You, therefore, need to be selective about the kind of music you listen to. If you do feed on inspirational songs, you will feel alive each day. You will, therefore, attract positive energy that will bring happiness, inspiration, and success to your dear life. The choice is always yours.

♦. Prayers/Chants

Religious sects and Pagans use the power of words to cause effects on things and people. Strange words through incantations can destroy, heal, kill or alter the shape, size or momentum of certain things.

Most at times when we talk about why there are life and death in the power of words we look at it in a biblical view.

The Danger Associated With The Usage Of The Tongue

Let us not forget people who use evil words to curse. A good man can curse, a bad man can curse. In some of my posts, I talked about why people curse?. In addition, I also talked about generational curses and how they can destroy a whole family lineage.

Someone spoke curses into the lives of your Great-grandparents, grandparents, or parents and those curses are still manifesting. Those who have experienced this will testy that, life and death are in the power of the tongue. And it is something we should not take lightly.

Life And Death In The Power Of The Tongue.

The spirit within us and around us talk to each other. If you take your spirituality seriously, you can command any evil forces fighting against your life, marriage, family, job, business, relationships, etc. to stay away from you.

Open that spiritual mouth of yours and speak success and prosperity into your life. And it shall happen in the name of God.

By faith, Christians are encouraged to speak positivity into their lives. In fact, every living being must use encouraging words that could heal a broken soul and put smiles on the face of the hopeless.
Words are strong and powerful to cause some effects in your life

There are evil forces capable of making use of your words if they are negative and pleasing to them. Those negative words will manifest in flesh and you will bear the consequences.

If you say to yourself; ‘I don’t think I will be successful’, ‘I won’t pass my exams’, ‘I will not be safe’…  Hey!, be careful; There are life and death in the power of the tongue. This is more like inviting the Devil for a breakfast. He will arrive before time and party with you.

Quotes To Give You Inspiration Today

“Impossible is the only word found in the dictionary of fools”
— Napoleon Hill

“Never talk defeat use words like hope, belief, faith, victory.”
— Norman Vincent Peale

From now onwards, learn how to use positive words. I bet you, you would be surprised to see that what you said has come true.

Choose positive and heart-touching words over negative and degrading words. Indeed there is life and death in the power of the tongue. But you have greater control over that.

Your words are powerful so don’t underestimate it or misuse it. You can share this “tongue life and death” lessons with friends and loved ones.

They are waiting to learn about this and make the best of choices of words anytime they unzip their mouths.

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