Know When To Follow Your Heart And When To Close The Door

You have the natural right to pursue what is hidden in your heart or ignore it. But whatever you pursue has its own consequences. Your mind and hearts work together in an interesting way you might not be aware of. Following your heart could be a blessing or a curse.

If you are following your heart — you must be ready for whatever that will come out of it. Be bold and positive if you have a beautiful intention within you.
There is something hidden deep inside you. Would you like to say it or take action?. The heart is a powerful tool that works throughout your entire life on earth without getting tired. You can control your feelings by following your heart in everything you do. But don’t just stand up and follow your heart. It could be infected with “viruses and malware.” And this can destroy your whole life.

Sometimes we are left confused — whether we should follow our hearts or our minds. We always fear to make a decision that will adversely affect our marriages, relationships, jobs, businesses, and our lives at large. Why not take the best advise on how to guard your heart from the Scriptures?

Kindly allow me space to share the fascinating facts about how our hearts influence or feelings and decision making. Saying “I love you with all my heart” means a whole lot.

Exchanging love vows at Church during a wedding is all about heart matters. The heart is the abode of our words, actions, beliefs, feelings, goals, and decisions.

Before I begin it all— I would like you to know that researchers have explained to us how our hearts have a close relationship with our brains. In other words, following your heart is not so different from following your brain.

David Paterson, Ph.D. a professor at Oxford University studied the relationship between the brain and the heart. His findings indicated that the brain alone does not initiate emotions, but together with the heart.

They actually form a perfect symbiosis. In other words “the heart has a mind on its own.” That’s intriguing and unbelievable.

If that is the case then henceforth you shouldn’t be afraid to listen to your inner self when the needs arise.

According to scientific research, the heart contains neurons that give it a brain-function on it owns. The brain itself also uses neurons in sending signals. They have something in common; “neurons.”

Your Emotions

As multicellular organisms, we go through many different kinds of emotional feelings. If that feeling is positive— our heartbeats slow down or beat at a normal rate.

On the other hand, if the emotional feeling is negative (eg. Broken-heart, disappointment, loss of a loved one, fear, etc.) the rate of heartbeats increases. This plunges us into cardiac problems such as heart attack and broken hearts— to some extent— madness.

In order to put what is hidden inside you under control— be emotionally strong. Know when to follow your heart (when it’s positive and safe) and when not to follow it (when there is a painful situation).

The good news is that you are in control of your emotional feelings. Even if it is lust or addiction — you can curb it.

Following Your Heart Can Destroy You

“For from within, out of the hearts of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, sexual sins, murders, thefts, covetings, wickedness, deceit, lustful desires, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, and foolishness. All these evil things come from within, and defile the man” (Matthew 7:21-23).

The Challenges About Following Your Heart

Just like I have said: if you fail to control your feelings it will drive you to a place you never intend to be. Following your heart doesn’t mean when anger sets in you must strike at all cost. The Bible teaches us that anger destroys the fool. Anger is a serious emotional disease. Many have ended in prisons and in the graveyards because of anger.

Concerning love or genuine affection: When the love is real: pursue it. For there is nothing beautiful than love. Whether it is agape love, romantic love, motherly love, or whatever — so far as it is genuine— pursue it. Follow what it says—for indeed it is right.

Caution: Don’t follow your heart into a perversion:

1. “Flee from youthful lusts; but pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart” (2 Timothy 2:22)

2. “Don’t befriend a hot-tempered man, and don’t associate with one who harbors anger” ( Proverbs 22:24)

What Does the Bible Say About Your Heart?.

God who created man knows that the heart could be corrupted by carnal lifestyles. It could be a dangerous weapon or a sanctuary of happiness.

The devil can incite people to harbor evil plans in their hearts. The moment you become heartless to people’s needs and feelings— it means the Devil is making use of you as a tool of destruction. Know how to speak your mind and take the right actions toward irritating situations.

He is right there in your heart influencing your actions and decisions. How? The Devil(the father of lies) always whispers into our ears…You would never be happy unless you break free.

The only praiseworthy idea is to pursue what is good for making the world a better place for your self and everyone around you; nothing else.

What did God say about the human heart?:

The heart is deceitful above all things and it is exceedingly corrupt. Who can know it? “I, Yahweh, search the mind. I try the heart, even to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his doings” ( Jeremiah 17:9-10).

By making a comparison with these verses between different translations you would realize that the hearts and the mind are used interchangeably.

Yes! when the human heart is pure, God would be pleased with you. But when it is full of evil it gives birth to sin which destroys the whole body.

Have You got Good Dreams?

Some of us really have developed a passion to make this world a better place. In your heart, you can find your talents, spiritual gifts, and dreams. This is the moment you have to take positive action.

God has given us the gift to discern what is good and what is bad. You surely know stealing from your friend or plotting evil against a friend is a sin. So you wouldn’t have any excuse for following your heart to do evil.

The best you can do is chase your beautiful dreams. With the help of God, you will achieve your heart desire.

What do you plan to achieve this year? tell it to God and put in much effort. Don’t let that passion die inside you. Follow it and make it happen. Positive change is what we need in our world today.

Finally, by following your heart, you must be very careful. Listen to that little voice called “conscience” whispering within you. The devil does whispers into our hearts.

The Holy Spirit also whispers into our hearts. The choice is yours — the consequences too are yours. So be vigilant and pursue godliness.

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