How Christians Can Always Have Quite Time Ideas With God

Every Christian must know about Quite time ideas with God in order to elevate the spiritual encountering power between you and God

Quite time ideas with God
Quite time with God

Quite time is often preached to us but most often believers lack the true understanding of a Quite time.Some just lack Quite time ideas to spend with God.

In a world were there are thousands of Christian denominations.Quite time meaning has been misunderstood as some preachers say before you have a Quite time with God you should empty your mind and keep on repeating some words.In this article I feel privileged to help believers have good ideas to feel the Lord’s presence and  easy ways for devotional  Quite time ideas with God.

First and foremost, quite time is the moment you choose to have a personal relationship with God through devotion by pondering over a heartfelt verse in the bible at a lonely place.It should be a place where there is no  kind of noise to distract you.

You can start your Quite time ideas with God by having a particular Bible verse you can base on to communicate with God.Maybe, you need a financial discovery,marriage,healing,inspiration or promotion.

There are many verses you can choose to ponder over it whiles you have your Quite time.It  could be more than a verse, let’s say a paragraph.For inspirational messages I always recommend the books of Psalms and Ecclesiastics,to increase your faith you can read the book of Job.As for me the favourite verse I use to have Quite time with God is Psalms  19:14 which says “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight  O LORD my strength and my REDEEMER”.

There is a song version of this verse that I really like and it goes like this:

O LORD,my strength

O LORD,my redeemer

Let the words of my mouth

And the meditation of my heart

Be acceptable in thy sight


Anytime I sing this song during Quite time I could feel my spirit rejoicing.Maybe,there is something serious that you want God to help you pass through or be successful,in this case you have to take the first step,prepare your mind and heart to have a Quite time with God .Meditate on the words while you concentrate on  God.

“The preparation of the heart belongs to man but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord”(Proverbs 16:1).

Quite time is mainly to adore God with all thankfulness and through that God can open new doors for you in life.Say Amen. This is the purest kind of prayers every Believer could have because the time spent is all for God.The time period doesn’t matter but you have to make sure your time period is enough to read your bible and  pray to God.You should be much devotional in spirit in that Quite moment.

Quite time with God ideas are very important. And the second one I would talk about is finding a usually place where you can have communication with God alone.Jesus Christ being the head of the church had a number of Quite times with God in isolated places.

“Then Jesus got up early in the morning when it is still very dark,departed and went out to a deserted place and there he spent time in prayer” (Mark 1:35).

I usually do my Quite time in the house and sometimes at the lonely beach but that hasn’t been a regular thing in my life and I feel ashamed of it and I have no good excuse for this.

Every believer shouldn’t allow  Quite time with God be a history but  a continuous one is always recommended for every believer.Our busy schedule has no excuse for us not having our Quite time daily. We need to encourage each other.

You can decide to call a friend on particular moments to remind him or her to have his/her Quite time.I might not do my Quite time with God but I never fail to pray each day especially before bed.

As we live life by going on with our daily routines and even spending much time on less important things like TV,outing,gossiping and playing around, we should focus much on our relationship with God through prayers.As believers we ought to feed the spirit living inside us and that food is the word.

Quite time  ideas with God are not limited or defined, you can choose how to do it supposing you spend time with God with deeper devotion.You should never take the period of Quite time for granted.Meditate and adore him for he is worthy.”I will meditate on thy precepts and have respect unto thy ways”.(Psalm 119:15).

Before I end  it all with Quite time ideas with God I would like to explain the thin line difference between “devotion” and “Quite time”.Devotion is about spending time with God by being devotional  and Quite time is spending time with God when there is silence.But I break no laws when I humbly seek for God’s help and blessings through my quite time.I would like to hear your comments,contributions and feedbacks. Stay blessed.

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