The Power Of Faith In God Can Move Mountains

A Christian who lives a faithless life doesn’t  deserve the name “child of God”.Christianity is all about faith in God.

Power of faith in God
Power of faith in God

Today’s biblical lesson is about faith. And I believe God will restore the faith of anyone who has lost his or hers in him again after reading through this article. Amen.Faith is the Christians foundation of worshiping God and his only begotten son Jesus Christ. What is faith?.Faith is the substance of things we don’t see but hope to feel its manifestation in our lives.The fruit of faith is noticeable but faith itself cannot be seen.Some of the fruits of faith is healings and miracles.

In my entire Christian life,since I was born I have prayed for God to increase my faith and I could feel that, my faith gradually increases, although there comes challenges but it is good to trust God because he has said, his ways are not your ways and his thoughts are not your thoughts.He knows better than anybody and knows what is best for everyone. For a Christian to feel the power of  faith in God, he should never give up on God, even unto death.

Abraham is the father of faith.He is the father of the Jewish nation.God put Abraham to test by telling him to offer burnt sacrifice of his  only son Isaac for him on Mount Moriah (Genesis 22:1-34).This is one of the greatest test that has happened to anyone who had walked with God before. Just imagine,God asking you  to offer your only son as a burnt sacrifice. Abraham was so grieved, but with the power of faith in God, he listened to God to offer his son as God has demanded. Finally what happened?,just before he was about to sacrifice his son, God stopped him.He has passed the test of his faith. God blessed him for his unwavering faith. His seed increased as the  stars of heaven.Can any one living today have the power of faith in God like Abraham?. It is a good example for you and I to strengthen our faith in God even if it will cost our lives.

In addition, I will like to tell you about another power of faith in God declared by a woman.Yes a woman.This woman was diseased with an issue of blood flow for 12 good years,and when he saw Jesus, he said to herself “If I touch his garment I shall be whole”.Here is proclamation of faith that every single Christian believer must have.Have the power of faith in God to command every sickness,marital, problems, work problems or whatever kind of problem to leave you alone in Jesus name.She touched Jesus’s  hem and truly she got her healing. Jesus turned and said;

 “….Daughter; be of good comfort, thy faith hath made thee whole…”(Matthew 9:20-22).

The power of faith in God is very essential in the lives of Christians so we must have faith in God always. Many often Jesus rebuked his disciples of having little faith; and the same way,if we live with little faith God will always rebuke us.Because a Christian’s life without faith is worthless.By faith we are saved by the grace of God,by faith we can cast out demons in the name of Jesus Christ, by faith we can heal all our diseases and sickness, by faith we can solve every kind of problem that arises in our lives.Jesus want us to use  the power of faith in God to do greater miracles to prove the impossible possible. He said;

“….If ye have faith like a grain of mustard seed,ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence unto yonder place; and it shall remove;and nothing will be impossible”(Matthew 17:20).

The above verse alone should rekindle the power of faith you have in God,should if you have lost your faith. Jesus Christ died on the cross by triumphing over all our enemies,including diseases and sickness. He has given us the power to command evil forces to leave our lives and to heal every kind of sickness. But the fuel needed to do all these miracles is “faith in God”.With faith you can command  every  mountain of destruction in your life to leave.

The  power of faith in God got demonstrated by many people in the Bible. Let us consider the Centurion who came to Jesus asking him to heal his sick daughter. Jesus told him to go and he will follow him; but the  centurion said “No”,Jesus should say the word and his daughter shall be healed. What a faith proclamation here?.This man wasn’t a follower of Jesus Christ, his job gave him the  power to  command army of soldiers. Not being a follower of Jesus,he had great faith in Jesus Christ. After Jesus saw his faith he marvelled and said;

“…Verily,I say to you,I have not found so great faith,no not in Israel”(Matthew 8:10).

His faith saved his sick daugther. Though we pray a lot,but we seems not to get answer. It doesn’t mean we should lose the power of faith in God.Keep on believing in God and with unshaken faith like that of Abraham you will move every mountain blocking your way to success. Never lose faith in God and never stop to pray.

Christianity is all about faith,although we can’t see it but we believe it shall happen as we have hoped for. Because our ancestors demonstrated the power of faith in God an it yielded something better for them.Even if our situation seems worse you should never lose faith.Have you forgotten what happened to Job?.He was a faithful servant of God,although he was very rich, but he humbled himself for God and never talked against God when he lost all his riches and children. God was happy to find out the power of faith residing in him so he blessed him abundantly by duplicating every property lost.

So to all my fellow Christians, faith is the fire that commands the spirit of God to descend to do miracles beyond human understanding, so this very fire I am talking about should burn always in our hearts.Scientists can’t believe the power of faith in God,  but as  for  us Christians, it is the greatest source of our healing,salvation and happiness. When God tests our faiths we must show steadfastness in the Lord, show unwavering faith to the end and the result would yield something bigger than our understanding. Jesus is our redeemer, he demonstrated for us to know how faith works by commanding the storm to stop, evil spirits to flee and even cursed the fig tree  to wither. With faith nothing is impossible.

Now, I am hopeful this article has rekindled the power of faith you have in God.Never let it go off. Keep it burning and surely you will enjoy all the fruits of your faith in God.He will never forsake you.He is the Almighty God, the creator of heaven and earth, there is nothing too hard for him to do. What you have to show God is strong faith to move every mountain in your life aside.Jesus  Christ is the rock of ages and so when you lean on him with faith, never be afraid of falling.Trust him and he will hold you and protect you from all your enemies.All those who showed faith in the bible were mere humans just like you and I so we too must show faith in God without wavering and all our needs will be given to us.I would be glad to read your comments and contributions, and please don’t  forget to share with friends. Let them know the importance of having the power of faith in God.Stay blessed.

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