How Many Times Should Christians Pray? Answers From The Bible

How many times Christians should pray

How many times you should pray isn’t recorded in the Bible. It’s an individual choice that should be continuous. However, it is recommended to be a daily activity. Christians sometimes wonder if they are praying less or too much and wonder again if something is wrong with their prayer pattern; Thinking that might cause them … Read more

7 Crucial Things To Pray For As A Christian With More Ideas

Things to pray for

Jesus instructed all believers to live prayerful lives. Since there are different problems surrounding us, we ought to know the relevant things to pray for. Have you thought of why sometimes you barely get to know about the things to pray for? Look, the Bible has instructed us to pray at all times and on … Read more

God Is Not A Genie To Fulfill Your Wish — Trust Him With Patience

God Is Not A Genie - Alladin magic lamp

To understand how the Lord answers prayers and intervenes in the affairs of believers must not be misconstrued. It’s time to know why God is not a genie to fulfill your wishes and crazy fantasies. Living for Christ Jesus doesn’t exempt you from going through difficult situations. Understanding how He loves and cares for us … Read more

Understanding The Finger Of God And How It Works

The Finger Of God

The Lord rules over everything with a cemented history of displaying great power, signs, and wonders among his people and other nations. The finger of God does greater things now and forevermore. Have you heard of the phrase the “finger of God?” It’s recorded 4 times in the Bible. Several Christians and even non-believers use … Read more

Understanding Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Embark on a journey to discern the nuances between the ‘fruits of the spirit’ and the ‘gifts of the spirit’—two fundamental elements in Christian faith that shape our spiritual walk. This concise guide aims to clarify their differences and how each enriches our relationship with the Holy Spirit. Fruits vs. Gifts of the Holy Spirit: … Read more

Life Amidst Struggles: The Resilience of Nicaraguans

Hoping in God during struggles

In the heart of Central America, Nicaragua stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Despite the challenges many Nicaraguans face daily, their unwavering faith and hope shine through, painting a picture of strength and perseverance. Homes of Nicaragua A young Nicaraguan woman, a single mother, lives with her children in an … Read more