Here Is Why You Need Personal Boundaries In Your Daily Life

You are fully in control of your life and the kind of relationships you have with people. You and only you own the right to choose what you like and what you don’t tolerate. There is a need to paint the picture clearly by setting personal boundaries.

You need to stand for your personal boundaries to secure your life and happiness.

Can we live a happy life without personal boundaries?. I don’t think so. How does it feel seeing someone do what you hate?. ANGRY?, EMBARRASSED?, DISAPPOINTED?. We all have different views on almost everything happening around us. He who loves you will not deliberately offend you.

Yes!, we are characterized by different behaviors and feelings. Dealing with human behavior is one of the most complicated things in the civilization of man.

Mankind is unpredictable and so not subjected to experiment. They can surprise you at any moment, they can harm you at any moment.

Anyone can try to take advantage of you… This calls for you to set boundaries to protect your life and interest.

You Need Personal Boundaries In Your Daily Relationships

The focus point of this post is to address the importance of privacy or personal boundaries. Some time ago, I explained this as one of the greatest weapons in dealing with enemies.

Anyone who fails to create personal boundaries opens up the gateway for enemies and so become vulnerable to deception and destruction.

A woman at the beach enjoying her personal bound

It’s like living in a thick forest without protection. The wild beasts will visit you at any moment.

What Is Life Privacy or Personal Boundaries?

Personal boundaries are the imaginary lines you draw around yourself that nobody should cross physically nor emotionally without your consent.

If anyone crosses as an uninvited guest it clearly shows who the person is. Anyone who fails to respect your privacy is a treat to your happiness and success.

To make things clear, you must set your boundaries. Make it known to the people around you. You first need to create that in your mind.

Starting with your family, friends, marriage, workplace, and your entire relationships with people. They know your likes and dislikes so they are bound not to treat you with what you abhor.

Setting Personal Boundaries In Marriage/Relationships

Personal boundaries in marriage/relationships are very important. We can not always arrive at the same point. Views do differ and must be treated with respect.

Despite being one flesh together with your spouse, you must respect each other’s boundary lines to avoid, quarrel, fight… divorce. Should if you want to cross, make your spouse aware. It’s simple as that.

I don’t think you would deliberately keep on dressing indecently if you know your spouse dislikes it nor use foul words which are a breach of his/her boundaries. It is all about a mutual respect.

You Are Entitled To Enjoy Your Privacy

There are many benefits to set personal boundaries. Even after you do that perfectly you need to STAND FOR IT.

Your privacy is your secret indentation that not everyone deserves to know. Keep it and protect it from unscrupulous people.

Be bold to shut the door at those you are a threat to your life, happiness and success. Be vigilant and deal with the people around you wisely.

I mean speak your mind. Have the courage to say “NO” if it breaches your privacy. You are entitled to respect, honor, truth, kindness love, etc.

It is your right to decide who to go with and who to stay out of your life. Enjoy your life without those people who give you drama. Without them, you will be a happy person in life.

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This boundary thing would help you to feel secured by avoiding pushy people, aggressive people, perverts, rude people, etc.

Let them know your dislikes. Be assertive and also stand tall to protect your privacy. Do tell them, “Hey Dude I hate vulgar words”, “unnecessary criticisms.” etc.

Words that offend you would hardly come from people you have made your personal boundaries available to them. They will treat you with respect, love, and care

It shows that you know your worth and so deserve to be respected and treated fairly. If they can’t make you smile with what you like, then they shouldn’t threaten your privacy/happiness.

Stay away from people who constantly disrespect your personal boundaries. If they love you or respect you at all, they wouldn’t dare do what you hate.

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