Here Is A Prove That You Are Underutilizing The Brain Power You Have

The brain has many functions to do but we have narrowed it to a small task making us find it difficult to live a happy life

The brain power use
The brain power

Science asserts that the human brain can store up to about 2.5 petabytes of information which is equal to 1 million gigabytes. These numbers should put you in awe to boost your learning abilities especially if you are a student.

Understanding The Behaviour Of People And How They Use The Power Of The Brian

People around the world learn every day because the world is so big to present to us different problems and situations for us to solve. If you learn and feel like your brain is full so you can’t absorb anything again, you would be a big liar.

The reason might be stress or simple fatigue. Naturally, some people are fast learners and brilliant from birth, they seem to be reincarnated philosophers from the 16th centuries. Some kids could even think, learn and solve life problems better than the average grown-up man. They are genius. If you find out that the brain is huge enough to accommodate the information contained in millions of books in the world, you would have to be inspired enough to take your studies very seriously.

Read inspirational messages or magazines, books, blogs etc. for life inspiration. Learning is not about books alone, just look around, there are many new things happening every now and then. Be curious or anxious to learn new things to feed your brain because it has a huge vacancy for new ideas. Put the brain to work because it is capable. God made it in a special way to accommodate vast information. The more you are able to absorb information into your brain the more intelligent you become. So cease not to learn.

Information is available to us via magazines, radio stations, television, the internet, social media and blogs like this one. Never let learning be something boring to you because it is a kind of food to the brain. When your brain becomes filled with information you can easily tap into any environment and make a successful living by making use of your brain power.

Information reaching us are what tell us about the kind of situations we are in and it will help the brain to formulate policies to deal with the information available. These policies I am talking about include; solving life problems, taking precautions and planning ahead of time for a better future. Optimists like me always see the brightest side of life ahead by making good use of the brain. I mean positive vibes.

After absorbing massive information into the brain, the next amazing thing the brain can do for you and store it for later use. Like I said earlier, scientifically, the brain can store up to 2.5petabytes of information or a million gigabytes. So after learning all the information moving in and out around this world, the brain can store it up for you  If only you can train up your brain well by focusing on making greater use of its capabilities, you wouldn’t have problem reminiscing events or information.

There are scientific assertions that are quite interesting and funny. They assert that if you make full use of your brain’s storage by storing mp3 music on it, you will play it for 2000yrs. So roughly if we calculate by dividing it by a century which is 100 years, we will get 20 good centuries and that is absolutely terrific. It sounds very interesting about the mind.

God is so wonderful that he actually gave us one of the greatest gift and this gift is the brain. When you use it properly you will always be on top of your problems. The brain can also help you do calculations in life. Please don’t let it be dull and lose all the amazing capabilities and benefits of the brain. Remember that it is the human brain that awed scientist to invent computers and other scientific intelligent machines. As technology advances, they produced supercomputers which could handle multiple tasks at a time.

All these inventions are a copy of what the brain could do for us. I believe some of you have heard of Ray Kurtweil. He is an American writer and a computer scientist. He estimated that the human brain can calculate 20 million task within a second. Can you imagine that?. This means we are using a small proportion of our brains. But in the real sense, the brain has been built to handle a lot of tasks but we are not using it.

If we adjudge that according to our modern world, it means the wisest man on earth is using less than 15% of his brain. You can break new grounds by making greater percentage use of your brain. This seems impossible to many people but remember; with God all things are possible. King Solomon prayed for wisdom and he had it, making him the wisest man ever to live. The power of the brain can calculate faster than computers and that would depend on individual traits and discipline.

After considering some of the amazing things the brain power can do for us in life, we must challenge our thoughts and thinking to produce reasonable answers for us to solve our daily life problems. I will then make some recommendations for all my readers. Now you will agree with me that kids are fast learners, and in this case, our children should be educated very well from infancy to train up their minds on how to do calculations, memorize things and solve basic life problems.

When children are given the right training, their brains will adapt to high-speed thinking abilities like supercomputers. When they grow up, they will contribute immensely into technology, engineering, and social lives to invent machines beyond understanding, construct mind-blowing architecture edifices and a lot of inventions to solve, health problems, social problems, technical problems and so on and so forth.

The Unexpected Challenge

The brain has its limitations and that is a mental disorder or madness. The brain power becomes suppressed or rendered useless when one goes mad. Its calibrations and options are questionable. Madmen could not think straightforward although outwardly they look normal. The mind or the brain is far below normal. It sends invalid signals to the body and the body comes under huge stress by performing senseless actions.

Brain damage is one of the greatest human calamities that makes people suffer physically. A madman wouldn’t mind doing anything silly, sometimes I do try to understand their plights. They could sometimes reason up normal and behave like mentally sound people.

I have never seen someone who has lost his brain power(madman), going straight to meet a car that is moving on the street. At least they could use their mind for something normal. The madman knows when he sleeps on the street or stays on the street, the car will knock him down so he will never stay on the street.

The Bottom-line On The Power Of The Brain

In summary, the brain is the human power so let’s know how to harness it well for better usage. It has a lot of space for us to store massive information and use it in life, calculate and solve problems. The mind is not limited to the available information you expose it to. It is very versatile to accommodate and dispense new information. In view of this, we all have to make greater use of our brains by putting it to the task.

The mind is the power of success. Be futuristic like Ray Kurtweil and other great inventors and philosophers and always you will conquer your problems and fears in life. Let them be your role models. Think big, dream big like the ocean.

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