The Benefits Of Waiting For The Right Time

Life is full of natural laws and principles. Taking your time to respond to situations appropriately will bring you your due regard. Success would be waiting for you. Never be in haste for what you can achieve.

insightful reasons why you must take your time in life
To take your time doesn’t mean a wastage of time, money and resources. It shows how patient and determined you are. The pay off is always great.

Before I begin it all, let me caution you before you misunderstand the whole reasons why you should take your time in doing anything in life. Caution: It doesn’t mean you should:

♦ Be Lazy
♦ Show lackadaisical attitude
♦ Be unconcerned about your actions

Instead, You must :

♦ Be very efficient at the smallest time you get

♦ Be purposeful

I am pretty sure you set a number of goals since the beginning of this year. You can’t live without goals and make an impact in life. Few months left to say goodbye to this year.

How do you see your dreams today? Have you achieved anything yet? If not then I’m here to remind you to take your time. There is no need to be in haste if you are focused in life. Before you finish reading this post, I believe you will feel revitalized to take your time in seeing your dreams fulfilled. It doesn’t mean you should make your dreams rigid. Make reasonable adjustments to meet current situations without losing focus(be dynamic).

To Take Your Time You Must Face These  Realities

When the traffic light is red, you must be obedient. Wait!. You may be in hurry but you must exercise patience till the green light is on, else you will put your life on the riffle. Impatience could lead to a fatal accident. Be mindful of that.

It is not an easy thing to climb higher to the top. Gravity will try to pull you down. Problems and people will surely obstruct you. In all, you must be patient.

However, if it is not yet your time, it doesn’t mean you should stop working hard. Resilience is a good kind of attitude you need now.

Even if you can see the finish line, it doesn’t mean you should stop moving. Time is a nonrenewable resource, if you make good use of it, it will give you your due reward.

Personally, I know its frustrating to keep on waiting to see your lofty goals come true. But we are not living in a magical world. You can’t cast spells to bring you whatever achievements you want.

It takes patience, time, hard work, self-discipline, and perseverance to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Can’t you wait a little while?. Yes, you can. You have to take your time. With all the vigilance, you can achieve the best out of the best. Remember that quality is far better than quantum.

The Reward Of Taking Your Time

Embrace the fact that you are unique with special abilities and purposes. Don’t let misfortunes nor people’s evil thought bog you down.

Don’t fret for seeing people moving at the speed of light building mansions, buying cars, marrying and making a huge amount of money. My friend, take your time. You are not him nor them. Find your abilities, work hard in your own comfort.

So far as you do something positive each day, then time will bring you your reward. If you take a clearer look, you would realize that taking your time to see your dreams come true is about Patience and its reward.

“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.”
—Arnold H. Glasow

The Challenges Of Taking Your Time

Even if your friends ridicule you that you are lacking behind, tell them you are not in competition with anyone. So far as you have set some lofty goals, there is no need to fear anything if you are on the right track. Just that you haven’t reached the finished line. I would recommend reading my post entitled “tortoise inspiration“. It will help you to understand how feasible it is to achieve anything irrespective of how people are moving faster than you.

Lesson From The Chinese Bamboo Tree

I guess some of you out there have already heard of the mysterious nature of the Chinese Bamboo tree.

It is a perfect example of learning why it is a praiseworthy idea to take your time in life.

This tree is teaching us about patience and perseverance. It relates perfectly to the human life. How?.

After planting this tree it will take about 5 years before it germinates. You would have to take your time to water, ensure the soil is fertile with a reasonable amount of sunshine.

This nurturing takes time, I mean for 5 solid years your patience would be tested. In the 5th year, the Chinese Bamboo tree is known to grow 80 feet within six weeks!. That is unbelievable. Can you take your time to soar, develop a strong root (solid foundation) before you sprout like this tree?.

God’s Time Is The Best – Just Take Your Time

Here I would like to remind all Christians that doing anything that is in accordance with “God’s will” wouldn’t proof futile, no matter how long it takes.

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:30)

He knows what is best for you. Just keep on working hard. He is watching you, I mean God knows your dreams and every secret. At the right time, you will see a positive result. Just take your time to pray and trust his timing. You have nothing to worry about.



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