No Need To Be In Haste – Patience Will Bring You Your Reward

Things, as well as people, will test the level of your self-control. You must prove them wrong or lose yourself to fall into a trap or fail in your endeavors.

You need to be patient enough for everything you want in life.
Be patient with anything worthy of your time. Let your conscience be at work to help you appreciate what really matters and ignore what is useless.

Can you be patient in crucial moments???: In a hectic world like this, many people, as well as many things, will test your patience. If you control your temper for a little longer you will receive the reward of success, relief, and happiness.

No matter how desperate you are you can’t defy time, I mean you can’t push the hand of the clock a minute ahead. Neither can you pull it a minute backward?. “Forward ever backward never.” But with patience, time will bring your long-awaited victory.

A Matter Of Concern – Be Patient

When I raise any concern about patience, I practically want people to control their temper in exasperating situations or be patient enough to endure pain. This is one of the secrets to success in the long run.

I have already published on the “importance of patience and honesty in life.” Nothing exasperates than seeing someone getting on your nerves. Not forgetting the kind of desperation we develop when we want to see our dreams and other things happen ASAP.

The worst of all: loading a webpage that keeps you waiting for long saying ‘Please wait whiles we process your…’ Where is your power of patience?. Don’t lose it too soon. If it pays to wait WAIT!. Just be reasonable enough to know that things are really possible. Don’t let me feel disappointed by fetching water from the tap with a basket, sit down in await till the basket is full calling it PATIENCE. This is MADNESS instead.

I will like to address specifically why, how and when to be patient. It’s one of the most difficult tasks in human nature. To put things under control. Here is a quick ‘patience quote’ from one of the noble billionaires in the world today:

“Patience is a virtue, and I’m learning patience. It’s a tough lesson.”
– Elon Musk

Why You Should Be Patient

Probably, you have dreams you can’t wait to see fulfilled, you have a number of things to settle down with. Haste is like a dangerous kind of game. It yields things of poor quality. Would you be patient enough to handle every single task accordingly?.

Patience shows maturity, a high level of self-control and discipline. People wouldn’t understand why they keep on drugging you through the mud yet you keep silent.

Being patience for something to happen at the right time doesn’t mean you are fretful nor weak. It shows real maturity in life.

How Can You Be Patient?

It’s quite hard for some people to hold their patience for a minute and when they release it, its more than a time bomb that has gone out of hand….it becomes catastrophic!.

The drama will come, whether you like it or not. Both your loved ones and enemies will push you to the wall.

They will bring it on but be smart enough to turn a blind eye to it, turn a deaf ear to it and they will feel ashamed.

About your business or career, it pays to wait. Things may not look clearer now but in the long run, your hard work, sacrifices, and perseverance will bring you the result you dearly want.

When To Exercise Patience

Is there any necessary means that guarantee you to lose your patience?. I don’t think so, losing your patience at any moment could be catastrophic. Just walk away from scenes that drive you nuts. That anger could set you in trouble. You need proper anger management if you belong to the class of “impatience.”

Since you cannot sow seed and expect it to germinate at that instant, it is advisable to keep calm in await for any investment you have made to bring about the prospect profits.

We live in human institutions and everyone has his/her or beliefs, thoughts, ideologies, rules etc. Misunderstanding will certainly set in at work, in marriages and any other place. Put your mind/temper under control and don’t let it get out of hand.

People/situations will test your patience on several occasions. You need to be stronger than your emotions to avoid, anger, fight, and conflicts. Be patient at all time and everything you do or say will bring about the intended result you want.

The Dangers Of Impatience

Those who lose their temper easily find themselves in troubles even the most preventive trouble will entrap them. I know quite a number of people whose impatience have sent them to prisons or their early graves.

Scientists have found out that an angry man is not so different from the madman on the street. The moment he loses his temper things get spoiled…it’s like a tsunami sweeping a whole City.

The Bible says:

“A person who has a quick temper does foolish things, and a person with crafty schemes is hated.” (Psalms 14:17)

“The end of a matter is better than its beginning; likewise, patience is better than pride.” ( Ecclesiastics 7:8)

A Quick Advise

Patience moves mountains. If it is not a time for harvest, don’t be in haste to harvest your unmatured crops. Be patient and you would be proud to see the beauties of your hard work, self-control, and discipline.

There is time for everything, so learn how to embrace every situation that will crop up in your life and derive the best out of it. It doesn’t matter how long it takes so far as you do it diligently. Your reward is just around the corner.

Always prefer quality to quantity. Make a plan to spend enough time and money in your career or business. You will maximize profit in the long run.


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