The Reward Of Patience And Honesty In Life

Little Drops Of Water Make A mighty Ocean(Patience and Honesty).To enjoy success in life never neglects these two. Find out why…

Patience and honesty in life
Patience and honesty in life can take you through the life journey successfully

This very quote “little drops of water make a mighty ocean“, is a popular quote to hear from people; it is always popular to hear people say “Patience”,”Honesty”.Well said, but do we really carry out what these two sayings offer us?.

Actually, there are a lot of quotes that talk about patience in life and a clear example is; “a journey of thousand miles begin with a step”.That sounds absolutely true. Patience in life move mountains, patience in life leads us to our destinations safely.

Understanding Why You Should Have Patience And Honesty In Life

The aim of this post is to remind you that short-cut to success is a dangerous thing. I actually can’t talk about patience without talking about honesty, they seem to me as inseparable friends, so as you read along you will notice that I talk about them both with good examples to give us good moral lessons.

We are all on a journey and this journey comprises of different people belonging to different, families, countries, races, social status, with many mindsets, abilities, beliefs, and other practices. We all want to achieve something better in life and leave a good legacy behind for our children or the next generation.

When you set a goal, never expect it to materialize instantly, no! there is no short-cut to heaven. Always use the right channel, endure the expedition, feel the pains because the pains will make you stronger and teach you lessons along.

What doesn’t kill you make you stronger and the failures will be your greatest lessons so that when you finally succeed, you don’t repeat what brought about your failures. This leaves you with dexterity to live the life ahead.

Sometimes, desperation to move forward to become successful in life plunges people into the lowest pit in life. People who always want shortcuts are often known as lazy people. You can’t plant crops today and harvest it that very same day, but when you exercise patience and nurture it well, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I always keep on reminding my friends and readers that many people have inflicted themselves with pains simply because they wanted to become successful in life.

The youths today don’t mind killing a fellow friend or brother for blood-money, defraud an innocent to get rich, falsify documents to get rich, lie to get rich, destroy to become successful and so on and so forth. All these people lack patience in life. They lack character formation.

Why would you be desperate to become better than your contemporaries or better than those who have sweat to gain success?. The devil is a deceiver, if he promises you wealth or success, you have to ignore him because if you use the wrong channel, though you will reach the end of the tunnel happiness wouldn’t stay with you for long and finally you will pay for your impatience in life.

Keep On Waiting

If you think waiting or patience wouldn’t take you to your destination then learn from the snail and the tortoise, they move slowly by sure and so they reach their destinations safely. A snail wouldn’t waste its time to race the rabbit because they belong to different categories, although they are all animals but different abilities.

Not all fingers are equal so as, not all human beings are equal, some will surely be ahead of you so don’t be in a haste to outlast them. Work on your own paces like the snail and the tortoise and surely you will reach your destination.

Let us say, you and your coworkers are to run for a mile to deliver gold nuggets to your Boss. Each of you is having a gold nugget in his hand and you avoid the first path, and because you are in haste you left the gold nugget behind; running first to reach your Boss but later found out that the gold nugget fell when taking the shortcut because of the hastiness.

You were first, but you have failed. How would you feel if your impatience and dishonesty made you lose that reward?


The Story To Help You Understand Why You Should Have Patience And Honesty

I want us to consider another story here;

There lived a King who was looking for an heir to his throne because he had no son or daughter to inherit his throne.

He then gave the opportunity to 2 residents in the Kingdom to succeed him. He gave both of them a seed each and told them to go and plant it, whose own will germinate first will be the heir to the throne.

The first gentleman noticed that the seed the King gave him is a boiled seed and so it would never germinate when he plants it. Being wise enough he went out to buy anew seed, planted it and few days within the deadline of submission the seed germinated. He was so happy for his subtilty.

Meanwhile, the second gentleman also noticed that the seed was a boiled seed but he planted it anyway. He had been waiting all days to see the seed germinate but there wasn’t any sign of that. Feeling very sad and disappointed he left to meet the King along-side his counterpart.

The first gentleman gladly presented the germinated seed to the King, but the second gentleman said, he planted the seed but it never germinated.

Upon hearing from these two gentlemen, the King said he boiled the two seeds he gave them, and seeds can never germinate when you boil them so how come the first gentleman got his germinate?.

Dishonesty and impatience made him lose a great opportunity. He found out that the first gentleman doesn’t worth the throne because of his impatience, dishonesty, and subtilty. The second gentleman became the heir to the King’s throne because he was honest and patience enough.

The Bottom-line Of Why You Should Have Patience And Honesty

In summary, patience and honesty in life have the abilities to move mountains. When you do things well with carefulness, there wouldn’t be any problem. Impatience to succeed in life is a dangerous thing that has a lot of adverse effects.

Successful people who exercise patience to achieve their goals are the happiest people in life because they worked for it throughout time, they earned it. On the other hand, those who didn’t have patience in life would have to face a lot of problems by filling all the potholes left on the life journey and that would be very tedious.

There is punishment for everyone who uses short-cuts to succeed in life. A word to a wise is enough.

Did you find this post helpful?. You can also share your thoughts in the comment box and don’t forget to click share. Have patience and be honest in everything you do. Let your character send a good message about you to people.

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