Find Out Which Type Of Motivation Is Suitable For You

In your daily activities, you would certainly need a kind of motivation to achieve your goals. Life is becoming harder each day because there are too many challenges around us. Success doesn’t come so easily, be motivated to step forward.

Learn about the two major types of motivation and why you need them
Understand the types of motivation and why they are essential for building a successful life.

Before I begin to say it all, let’s try to understand what motivation is about. This will then take us straight to the types of motivation out there.

Often when we hear about motivation, we set our minds at the gym. No, motivation goes behind that. You need it in your education, career, job, business, and in your entire life.

What is motivation?. It is the driving force that helps people to achieve their goals in life.

We live in an era that demands motivation to achieve something worthy. Those who embrace motivation as a factor of genuine success likely achieve their lofty goals. We all do need motivation at a point in time.

This post will explain the two main types of motivation and how they affect you. In fact, there is something bigger residing in everyone. It may take a little inspiration before you unleash it. Before you finish reading this post about the types of motivation, you will know which one is best for you.

Motivation Could Be A Miracle

Why do I say motivation could be a miracle?. Look, this world is not a good place for losers and lazy people. You need to light up the flame residing in you. Sometimes you need someone to push you before you take a leap to your comfort zone. That is if you can’t motivate yourself. People lack Self-inspiration because of doubt, fear and low self-esteem.

Taking Stephen Wiltshire for example. He is suffering from autism. This sickness made him unable to speak in his early days. His teachers used a brilliant way to motivate him to speak for the first. As an art nerd, his teachers took away his art equipment from him.

This forced him to speak for the first time. His first word was “Paper.” By age 9, he was able to speak fully.

in the same way, an employee can motivate his workers to perform incredibly through remunerations. This will boost production and income level.

Types Of Motivation And How It Affects You

Basically, there are two types of motivation:

♦Intrinsic motivation
♦ Extrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation: Taking it one after the other. Extrinsic motivation refers to what we do to earn a reward or avoid punishment. It is characterized by incentive or reward value of the goal. Examples: playing a football to win a trophy, taking part in quizzes to win the ultimate prize, studying extra hard to get better grades, working hard to impress your Boss and get positive appraisal etc.

This type of motivation is influenced by some external factors. There is the desire for reward or avoid any form of punishment or shame.

Intrinsic Motivation: This type of motivation is about engaging in activity that is interesting and for personal reward. It is characterized by the intensity of desire or need. Here the person finds it much fun to do to please himself. There is nothing like the external reward. Examples:

♦ Hitting the gym to be in shape and stay healthy.

♦ Reading a storybook because you find it interesting and addictive

♦ Playing a computer game etc. Basically, the activity itself is rewarding and enjoyable.

These are a couple of things you can personally do to achieve great success without any external reward. It is about DIY (Do It Your Self) strategy.

As you go about your daily routines, you would need these two types of motivation for various reasons. What are your goals in life?. Do you think you are being motivated by external factors? Or internal factors?.

In all, you can derive the best from it depending on your goal. You need motivation each and every day. Hope these types of motivation will help you decide which best suit your life goals.



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