Lack Of Resilience May Bring Failure To You

Has anyone told you that resilience is one of the secrets to success?. You need it as bad as you need the air if ONLY you want to achieve your lofty dreams.

Your resilience will bring about success - never give up
Fighting your way through all the hardships to achieve your goal makes you a MACHINE of resilience. You have the power to conquer opposition, failure, pains etc.

Perhaps you have been wondering if everyone has the ability to withstand the pressures of life. To tell you the fact straight away, not everyone has the power of resilience in life.

Someone may employ it for a positive reason or a negative reason. But for the sake of this article, I will focus on resilience that results in success, happiness, productivity and, self-belief.

What is resilience?. To make the meaning simple and understandable, I will put it this way: Resilience is the ability to refuse to succumb to your life challenges. In marriages, homes, schools, workplaces, events etc. situations can push you to the wall to accept defeat or failure meanwhile you have the capacity to come out triumphantly.

Conditions Of Resilience

It is not an inherent character, it is learned. However, some people are naturally good at being dumb to the pains of bombshells life throws at them. They are indestructible. Before you decide to become resilient to failure or destruction you must understand the two simple things it requires. That is;

♦. Your Conscience(psychological strength)
♦. your whole body ( Physical strength)

No need for any special talent to be resilient.

How Do People Become Resilient?

Like I said early, not everyone has the gut to command the storm to calm down, and not everyone has the capacity to endure pains and smile with hope.

There is no single person living without any life challenges. They may have the best smiles but behind that beautiful smiles are an unbearable pang of pains.

Consider the beauty and the calmness of a duck floating on water. Behind that calmness is restless peddling in the water. What I’m I driving at?. I want to remind you that life is war and this very world we are living in is not a good place for losers. If you fail to be resilient, you will fail in life.

If you think life will always be smooth for you then you lie badly. Perhaps you think you are having the worst kind of life because everything you planned to do has failed.

I tell you the truth some of us have to marshal the best kind of courage to fight our way through streams, quick-stands, waterfalls, and currents yet we never get swept away. It is only a dead fish that swims with the stream. My friend, don’t be a dead fish. Shake yourself and choose the path you prefer. This is the kind of resilience I’m recommending for you.

How To Build Resilience

Yes, resilience is not a talent nor a spiritual gift which is so unique to a number of people. You have the green light already. What are you waiting for?. To know how to build resilience take note of the following factors:

Just make your mind up not to give in to whatever is trying to pull down. You need to fortify your body to endure any physical pain life barrages on you. You may ask the hustlers on the field working so hard for money how it feels like… They have refused to be broke. Hey, stand firm like a deep-rooted tree and the strongest wind can’t even uproot you.

Shout out to all the real hustlers out there. They possess the real power of resilience….until the bones are fully rotten. Below is a youtube video by Tony Robbins. He demonstrates how to train your MIND and BODY to be proactive for success. I guess you will love it:

Make the following practices an integral part of your life.

1. Positive mindset
A mind is a powerful tool. You need to feed it with encouraging words even if your boat is in the middle of a stormy sea. No need to panic, no need to lose hope. Your boat together with your anchor you will be able to avoid drowning. If you give yourself the necessary inspiration, you will become used to success even if its left with your last breath. Yes, refuse to accept untimely death.

The brain is a powerful weapon that initiates coordination to say anything or take any action. If it is full of positive vibes, insults will flow over your ears like water, you would be able to soak any pressure from family members, your marriage, friends, workplace, school etc.

2. Believe In Yourself
You are unique in many ways. God has said in the Bible that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. None of the 7 billion people living today in this world would look exactly the same as you with the same fingerprints, interests, voice recognition, beliefs, and abilities.

There is something much greater in you. Don’t succumb to failure. Try again and try again until you find your way out. You were born to win and already you have won battles you haven’t even taken note of. Believing in yourself in a task you surely know you can handle takes you one step ahead of success.

3. Circle Of Friends
Staying close to friends who are full of positive energy will light your path and your whole world. Enemies and life challenges that knock on your door can’t put you down. You undoubtedly become invincible. No amount of insults can break you, no amount of conspiracies can steal your success and happiness.

Friends are very influential that is why there is a saying that goes like: “Show me your friend and I will show you your character.” Make sure you associate yourself with friends who will stir up the good and the best in you.

Stay away from negaholics and anyone who tries to make you feel useless or incapable. Be very much concern about friends and anyone in your inner circle. What kind of advice do they give you?. Is it encouraging or degrading? Weed out bad friends and stay in touch with the good ones.

3. Learn How To Say No
Even if the whole world says you cannot be what you want to become in the future, be courageous and ward away from their negative words. They are naive. I mean they don’t know you as you know yourself. If they tell you to quit your lofty dreams, tell them “No.”

Never affirm to any decision that undermines your importance or goals. Stand for yourself and work hard toward everything you have in mind. Step out and bask in the sun of hope and your positivity will result in a positive result.

It is not always about saying “No.” Let your conscience be your guide. When the enemy instructs you to say “Yes” in an agreement or to conceal a deal that does not favor your plans/life; Be bold enough to say a ‘BIG NO.’

Examples Of Resilience In Life

In our daily lives, our capacity to endure pains are tested always. Some fail bitterly by committing suicide or falling prey to unscrupulous people and their crafty devices.

Here, I find it worthy to share with you some important examples of resilience.

1. Be Like A Cork
Experimentally let’s take a cork for an example. No matter how many times you push it under the water it will afloat again. Yes, irrespective of the vastness of the water. Even if it is the ocean, a cork will always resist suppression.

Equating this experiment to real life, there are few people who used to say they never allow problems or misfortunes to bog them down. The most inspiring words you could ever hear is:

“I am a cork whether you push me underwater or not I will still afloat.”

2. A Lesson From The Eagle
Now you know you need both your mindset and energy to overcome anything that tries to derail you. Look at the claws of the eagle. It is one of the most significant feature making it successful in its quest for a fruitful life. When an eagle grabs a branch of a tree or anything firmer even the strongest wind can’t blow it away. He eagle will resist the storm. Why not be like the eagle.

3. Overcoming failure
Failure is a normal thing for everyone. So far as we are simple fallible beings. Our plans may fail, our friends and loved ones may betray our love and trusts. But that doesn’t end your beautiful life.

You could be failing in exams but every failure teaches you lessons. Gather all these lessons and come out even stronger to pass your exams. The same scenario applies to an entrepreneur whose business fails to make a profit. Keep on working hard, be resilient to dept and failure.

Resilience In Children In Question

I said it earlier that you don’t need a special trait to become resilient. It is opened for every human being. But resilience in children shifts my attention onto something else. You know how naive, curious and mischievous kids are. Nobody will teach them how to be resilient but they will certainly put up that behavior.

I made it clear that for the purpose of this article I will emphasize on positive kind of resilience. But on the part of children, it is a different story.

How?. Most children today show antagonistic behaviors to their parents, teachers, and elders in the societies. This is not the kind of resilience we want.

In view of such a challenge concerning resilience in children, parents have the responsibility of shaping the behavior of their wards. Children learn anything that you teach them right from infancy.

The family is the immediate environment to imbibe the knowledge of ‘positive vibes over negative vibes” into them and when they grow up they will never depart from it.

Teachers also have the responsibility of training the kids to believe in themselves and embrace life challenges as a test to succeed. They will resist failure, discouragement, and fear.

As a parent or teacher, you must give your children the best of life lessons. You may visit Raising Children Network to learn how to shape the behavior of your children the way you want.

I believe Children who get inspiration to view failure, hardships, pains and all forms of life challenges as a normal thing will even figure out some of the best ways to sail through, no matter the amount of pressure.

In summation, we must practice positive resilience which propels people to success despite all the challenges out there. This is not so different from telling someone “never to give up.” There is light at the end of the tunnel. Darkness, pains, rejection, disappointment and all the negative feelings are temporal. Endure and you will smile in the long run.


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