Heart-Touching Reasons Why You Should Never Hate Your Life

Why would you say “I hate my life” with a frowny face as if you have sucked a lemon?. You got it wrong because you haven’t yet understood the journey of life.

It is never good to say that "I hate my life." You need to open your eyes to see the brighter side of life.
Transform all your negative energy and emotions into positive vibes. After all, happiness is a choice. Stay positive always.

Since my childbirth, I do not recall the day I ever said: “I hate my life.” Ah ah… For what reason?. I believe it is one of the funniest and degrading words anyone can use for himself/herself. There must be some good reasons for anyone who has developed self-hate. But that is unjustifiable when we fight it against the real truths in life.

In this article, I bet you to reconsider certain things that will prove you wrong. You would certainly not use “I hate my life again.” Allow me space to introduce to you some of the best ways to control such kind of negative emotions.

Let Me Hurt You With The Truth

Let’s face the fact, once a while we would feel that awkward sense of emptiness radiating into our bodies, down inside our spines and everything around us. Despondency steals away our happiness making life tasteless.

You are not alone in this battle. Everyone has to deal with situations like that but it calls for real men of courage to take the necessary steps to fill that vast of vacuums.

Finding The Cause Of Your Emptiness

Just as we all know, everything happens for a reason. So before you target getting yourself back on track, you need to know what exactly makes you say “I hate my life.” It really appalls me to hear people say that. I hope after reading this post, you will put a stop to it.

Oh, sure you hate your life but I wouldn’t accept justification of your self-hatred without the hope of fixing it. It is possible only if you are ready to heal your self.

Below are some of the life challenges that make people hate themselves. Apparently, it happens in our families, jobs, marriages, workplaces, relationships etc.

1. Interiority Complex
This is a major issue that affects both children, teens, and adults. You lack self-love inspiration and so you think nobody loves you, cares for you or appreciates your efforts.

The mind is a powerful weapon. So if you develop the habit of feeding it with negative words, it picks it up and processes it into your life. It is a dangerous thing so I will implore you to refrain from that.

The moment you look down upon yourself, your mind and body adapt to that. You could always hear that inner voice whispering to you “you are worthless, ”
you are ugly‘, ‘nobody loves you‘… Now you are accustomed to it, no wonder you keep on using the funny and degrading words “I hate my life.” You must feel ashamed.

In the real sense, nobody has told you, you are this and that and so forth. Blame yourself for being the wrecker of your life. In instances where you find people making you feel worthless, prove them wrong. But how?. I will share with you in the latter part.

2. Disappointment
Here is one of the most toxic causal agent of self-hatred. Disappointment can suck every good feeling in you leading to intense depression. It feels very bad when someone betrays your trust. So I never forget telling my readers why it is good not to trust anyone.

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.”
― William Shakespeare

In order to maintain the happiness in your life, don’t make promises and don’t fall for promises, because “tomorrow is not a promise.”

3. Broken -heart
Love is like fire, a good servant but a bad master. Having a deep love for someone makes the person your ‘world.’ And if you lose your world you become empty.

I have known a number of people who have felt the irreparable pang of pains of broken-heart. Yes, a stab in their hearts. Perhaps the most painful thing anyone could experience in the world is broken heart.

It is not a joke… such feeling is like being shot with a gun. Without luck, you may grieve to death. I may sympathize with you if your emptiness is because of a broken heart. But using “I hate my life” shouldn’t be your daily lyrics. Stop singing this song. It is not too late to deal with your broken heart.

4.Financial Constraints
Without money, how can you satisfy your basic needs, children, and family?. We all need Money to survive and enjoy a worthy life. No need to hate your life because you could hardly meet your financial needs. You have all it takes to earn money and be productive in life. And as a matter of fact, poverty is a choice. You have zero reasons to justify your self-hatred.

5. Failure
Walloping over your failure over a long time is like taking in ‘slow poison’ as your daily meal. Both your emotional and psychological pains will never heal. Yes!, it hurts to see yourself fail in exams, your business, career… No need crying over spilled milk. It may shock you to know that failure is a good thing. Resilience to failure is one major secret to success and happiness. Fill that vacuum space by staying strong. There is none who has not failed before.

The Dangers

In normal life, if you hate something you stay away from it or discard it. But always there is someone somewhere who loves to make good use of the garbage.

It is a dangerous thing to denounce your worthiness. Look, the Devil feels happy anytime you fail to recognize your value. You are precious than gold and riches. Such demeaning words will open portals for the Devil to captivate on your weakness and destroy you entirely.

If I ever say to you or anyone that I hate my life, it means:

1. I have insulted my personality
2. There is nothing unworthy to blow my life away.
3. I am ready to sell my dignity at any cost.

But for those of us who knew our value wouldn’t trade it for anything, no matter what. It is better to be steadfast in all circumstances.

What To Do When You Hate Your Life

I have already given you a number of practical clues. Let me further help you know what to do when you hate your life. Follow these:

1. Avoid Solitude
Loneliness for a very long time is likely to consume your sense of happiness and worthiness especially after facing difficult problems in your life, family, workplace etc. Getting over problems such as divorce, death anxiety, failure, broken-heart etc is very difficult.

Get closer to people, I mean you should be socially active. I don’t recommend social media and other chat apps because it is not as effective as feeling the physical presence of people. I don’t mean ignore social media… Visit friends, families or invite them home for conversation or fun. It’s the best.

Visit the amusement park and kick off all your stress. Enjoy your favorite hobbies with friends.

2. Heal Your Self
This is more like a contradiction of the first point(Solitude), But both work perfectly contextually. There lies the powerful rejuvenation in you. Just like how your cells replace the dead ones, so as you can replace the negative emotions of worthlessness with positive emotion. Convert that into beautiful smiles of hope. Do away with anything that reminds you of your pains. If you have to set them ablaze do it.

Why DO you hate your life?. It is time to start loving your self

You may pray to God for encouragement or visit the beach to have a Quite time. There is something called “Aquatic Therapy.” Read some of the astonishing importance from “MakeItBetter.” It involves finding yourself around natural sources of water. It has a natural remedy for anxieties and a lot more. You may enjoy the scenes, swim, exercise to forget about your anxieties and you will never say “I hate my life” again.

3. Don’t Stress It – Be Yourself
Embrace who you are and never try to live life to gain others approval. No matter how you look like, be proud and show self-love. A charisma that will bring the right people who will encourage you, respect and love you just the way you are. Here is a lovely quote by Pastor Nick Vujicic a limbless man who is full of inspiration:

“If we went by the world’s definition of who I’m supposed to be because I look weird… ‘Well, surely, this guy can’t have a productive life, surely, he doesn’t have a sense of humor. Surely, he can’t love life.’ We stereotype people in this world. And so… if the world thinks you’re not good enough, it’s a lie, you know. Get a second opinion.”
– Nick Vujicic

To end it all, I believe this article has been very helpful to you. My dear, you have full control of your life. And so far as you have breath in you, everything is possible. Step forward, face your face and surely, you will be a conqueror. Have you stopped saying “I hate my life” yet? I guess you have. Smile.

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