Have You Found Your Purpose In Life Yet?

Life is not a movie that will require scripts and rehearsals to act. It is about tapping into reality with a strong vision. Although you have no idea what tomorrow brings, you can be determined to achieve whatever goal you have.

Finding your purpose is your own responsibility, unearth it and use it to achieve great success.
Finding your purpose is the same as self-discovery. You know yourself far better than anyone. Pursue your dreams without listening to what people say. Stay focused!

There is nothing to stop you from finding your purpose in life. It is so hard for a lot of people to figure out their aim of living on this planet. Some just move around doing anything that surfaces in their lives. Even if dogs are running, they will run after them for no reason…When kids are playing with dirt they will join. Living a life without a plan nor a goal makes you useless to your society.

Its simple, you are the builder of your life. If you feel sick no one will medicate for you to get well.

The Life Is Yours

Without being aimless to yourself and the people around you, I would like to share with you how to find your purpose in life. The best ways you can be productive to yourself, family, friends and anyone who needs your little help.

Being purposeful is like having a building plan for your dream house. You need to focus on its development right from the ground level. Finding your purpose should be an important aspect of your life. Don’t expect anyone to find it for you.

God did not create anyone to be useless so if you become useless without knowing how to find your purpose in life: Then you have no one to blame than your self.

You Have It All

Take a look at your self. What do you see?. A multi-cellular organism with many different body parts and organs(both internal and external) and senses. There is a purpose or purposes for each body part you have. Before you lament about not knowing your worth or reasons for living life, there are a series of questions you need to ask yourself.

What is the purpose of your:


And your Brain being the mouthpiece?

Just to mention but few. All these body part together become you. God gave you these and many other organs to be used effectively for productivities that bring happiness, love, peace, success, development, unity etc.

The brain is the masterpiece that must be at work all the time so that you don’t misuse your body for useless work that will cost your life. If you think finding your purpose in life is tedious, then I will call you a lazy man. You have failed to reason. It’s a shame.

Why Finding Your Purpose Has Been Tough For You?

The moment you start doing wrong things/stupid mistakes, you set your life on fire. You will feel the pang of pain now or in the long run.

There are rules, norms, laws, systems, beliefs and other regulatory devices that affect each and every one of us. Falling victim to the law might end you in prison or a pitiful condition. Failing to know how to handle situations amicably might cause you to break your marriage, friendships, job, career and the love people have for you.

The effect is very strong and depressing. Temptations to end your life will become high. You may turn into alcoholism or get addicted to emotional pain. You have failed to find your purpose in life. But that wouldn’t be too late to rejuvenate yourself.

How To Find Your Purpose in life

Your body is one with so many functions, so as you can have so many purposes in life. Since you know the purpose of your eyes is for seeing, hands for holding, touching etc. Then together with all your body parts, you have a great purpose in life. Why would you sit down, put your hands in your lap to see your beautiful life ruined?.

Wake up, find out about the best ways on how to find your life purpose and make it profitable. The following are some of the things to help you find your way out.

1. Your Gift
God gave us brains to think. He also gave us special abilities called talents. In addition, we also enjoy the benefits of Spiritual Gifts, especially in the lives of Christians.

Some are lucky enough to find their purpose in life at an early age. I mean they discovered their potentials, harnessed them to become successful. Finding your purpose should begin right from your childhood. It is there already but hasn’t been yet discovered. Find it!.

You need to look deep into your life now. Is there anything you are good at naturally?. That could be your talent which will help you live a purposeful life. Without elaborating much on this, I would recommend reading my article on “Talent Development.” Finding your purpose, your talents happen to be a strong sign of who you could be in the future.

2. Your Interest And Friends
What are the things that make you happy especially in your free time?. Is it music? football? swimming? singing? etc.

Who are the people that make you smile and enjoy the best moments of your life?. Are they worth clinging to?. If “Yes” then these things and people can play a part in finding your purpose in life.

You share the same interest that brightens your world. Happiness would never leave you if you associate with lively people. Apparently, you like what you do with your friends which brings a BIG DISPARITY between them and your enemies.

An enemy would never appreciate your happiness. He/she would always wish to see you fall. By the way, you do not need to panic because of their conspiracies. Stay calm and equip yourself well on how to deal with enemies who expects to see your failure or live fruitless life.

3. Positivity
To have a plan to marry, get your college degree, buy your first house, car, establish a business, get a position etc. doesn’t come on a silver platter.

You need to psych yourself up for the challenge. Face your fears, battle your challenges and anything that tries to derail you. You have the power within you.

Be purposeful an never give up
Were you born to be a winner or a loser? Sorry, this world is not a good place for losers. Never give up to your dreams.

Never give up if you really want to achieve something better for yourself. It doesn’t really matter how long it will take. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

You are not fragile like an egg so don’t break when you fall. Resilience is one key factor of success — hang it around your neck, let it be your hallmark.

4. Time Management
Be productive in your daily activities. If you are aimless, it wouldn’t be a concern when the sun rises and sets. You are like a dead leave blown away by the wind in any direction. Excuse me to tell you this awful fact: An aimless man is less useful to the domestic animal. He is not so different from the madman on the street.

Time is money and I assume you already know that. 24 hours a day for everyone. Prioritise everything you do, get rid of unimportant things and make sure you spend more time on things you really need and love. It is about investing your energy and time into things that will yield more profits for you.

Anyone who is purposeful in life knows why it is good to invest in himself/herself. World billionaire, Warren Buffet authenticated on that out of his experience.

Finding your purpose is not a rocket science. You are more powerful than you thought. Don’t stress it, just go in for what belongs to you. The above reasons are very practical and easy to implement.



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