Your Failure Should Be An Inspiration For You

It is not over, even if you lose all your friends, family, money and wealth. It is not over whiles there is still breath in you. Bouncing back to normal life may not be easy but it is highly possible.

Here are simple and practical things to help you know what to do when you fail
There is no shame in failing. It should be a lesson of inspiration to prompt you to rectify all your mistakes.

Contemplating on what to do when you fail?. We all fail so you shouldn’t be alarmed. Take a deep breath and look at the brighter side of life. The fact here is you have failed, accept it before you take any further step.

Failure is very normal and forms part of human nature. Can you confidently show me someone (a mere human) who has never failed before?. It’s impossible. Never think of harming your self because you have failed bitterly. And never give up too.

There Is Still Hope

I would like to share a word of inspiration with anyone who has hit on the rock and feels like all hope is gone. In addition, I will suggest some productive ways to get back on track.

Albert Einstein once said, he who has not failed before has never tried anything new. In one of my old posts, I explained: “why it is good to fail.” Undoubtedly, this is an extension to help fix yourself ASAP.

The past is unchangeable, so any failure you have encountered belongs to your past, there is NOTHING better you can do about it. Instead look into the future and rejuvenate yourself and anything that went wrong.

So far as your failure did not take your breath then you have to make amends now and forevermore. You have failed in your college exams, business, relationships, marriage and so on and so forth. Everything that has happened is in the past. You cannot control the past but what happens around you today.

How Does It Happen?

You planned to travel overseas but it failed, you planned to buy your favorite car, house, clothes last year but failed. Or maybe you planned to marry, maximize profits from your investment but you incurred losses. Would you give up?. Hell no!.

Nobody has told you being successful is as simple as drinking water or beer. Life is war and so must be resilient to failure. You need not give up and it is never too late to start over. You need patience as your hallmark as you soar to pass through the tunnel of pain. The sunlight will smile at you at the end of your endeavors

Most people lose themselves when things go wrong. They may  put up abysmal behavior. Yeah, there are consequences for every action we make. Just like what the Bible has said: “You reap what you sow.”

On the contrarily, some innocent people pay for the sins of certain evil people or become responsible for someone’s stupidity. (Injustice/false witness). Whether you caused your own failure or someone caused it doesn’t end your ability to make something better out of life. Stay positive and motivated.

What To Do When You Fail

Oh sorry, you have failed already and there is no need crying over spilled milk. Let the dead bury the dead. Let bygones be bygones.

1. Figure Out Your Shortfalls
Knowing what to do when you fail shows the character of a person with a strong desire for success. The target is to pass your exams or be successful in whatever you are doing.
If you are unable to pinpoint what caused your failure, then I’m sorry to say “You will fail again” until you finally figure it out.

That thing which crashed you down is a virtual enemy. And by knowing your enemy, you would know how to stay safe from him/it or destroy him/it outright.

If you can, make a list of all the things that wrecked your life. Let that get stuck in your head as well. It will be perfect to put you on track in the near future.

It is like keeping records of your health history in a hospital folder. This would help in future diagnosis without much stress.

2. Change
Just a couple of days ago, I shared some heart-touching facts on why it is good to adopt a change in almost every aspect of your life. There is an African proverb that says:

We don’t reside at one place to receive shame.”

Take a step out of your discomfort zone to a more comfortable place. Throw away every load that is pulling you back. And if you think you are on a quick-stand, strive as hard as you can to touch a good ground.

3. Re-engineer Your Mind
Here is another thing to help you know what to do when you fail in anything in your life, reset your brain. The brain controls the movement of your whole body. It is a powerful weapon that has a tremendous influence on your life. If you fail to use your conscience, problems will never stop knocking at your door.

Consider the madman on the street, he has lost his true conscience. The brain doesn’t calibrate well so almost everything he does, say, eat, wear is wrong.

If you allow your emotional pains to consume you, you wouldn’t be far from the madman on the street. It is dead and gone, forget about every bitter experience and think positive.

4. Change your Approach
If plan ‘A’ did not work use plan ‘B’. I mean there are more than one legit means of achieving your goals. Keep on trying with different methods to solve whatever problem causing your failure.

There must be an alternative for what you are doing. Find it and use it. If nobody tells you what to do when you fail, be smart enough to seek for other means, a legit one.


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