4 Facts That Prove That You Can’t Cheat Nature

Nature is the divine beauty of God’s handiwork. It happens according to how God has purposed. You can’t cheat nature and get yourself off the hook. There are many lessons we can learn from our natural environment and how it affects us.

you can't cheat nature
Whether you believe it or not, you can’t cheat nature. Nature is beautiful when you appreciate it just the way it is.

Have you realized that you can’t cheat nature by any means?. Well, you may have heard of how the laws of nature work. Some believe in the law of karma and so would never hurt a fellow being or destroy anything intentionally. You are responsible for whatever you do or say. So get ready to reap exactly what you sow.

God created us in a beautiful environment and placed everything in a perfectly harmonious relationship. Any breach would have its own effects on the breacher. Just like how a ball bounces back to you when you throw it against the wall. It is, in the same way, we say what goes up must come down. God made everything in perfect order: Sun to give us light in the day, the moon and stars to give us light at the night. Nature is simply beautiful.

We live in social institutions with a number of virtues, laws, and natural laws. We, therefore, ought to refrain from what destroys a person or the environment.

Those who tried to cheat nature have failed miserably. And anyone who is about to cheat nature will definitely fail. Perhaps you may not see the consequences and the repercussions now. Years later you will pay for any evil you have inflicted on the beautiful lives of people. People try to cheat nature, by all means, necessary because they have “money“, wealth, fame, worldly wisdom, etc.

Can a man learn so hard and become wiser than God?. That’s impossible because he is the source of wisdom, the creator of this universe.

How People Are Trying To Defy Nature

1. Body Alteration:

Let us consider those who become displeased with their natural bodies. You are wonderfully and fearfully made, why would you go in for plastic surgery just to look awesome?. Bear in mind that, there are better ways to look awesome. There is no need for artificial beauty. How can you add a cubit to your height by worrying? It’s impossible. Let nature prevail in your life.

Are you cheating nature by increasing your butt artificially?. Sure, you can scientifically add more size to your butt as a woman just to impress men. I don’t know if you have kept a record of those whose artificial butts have exploded when attending “nature’s call?.” This is not just funny, it’s a serious matter.

God hates skin bleaching and other artificial methods of looking what you were not born of. Learn how to appreciate what God has given you. You can’t cheat nature, and if you dare do that….get ready for the consequences and repercussions. The truth hurts but it sets us free.

2. The Growth Of Trees:

God has made the tree in a very special way in terms of growth. Scientists tried to understand this nature way back in 1800. The scientific experiment which tried to cheat nature in terms of plant growth saw the resilience of plant growth against gravity.

God made plants to grow in the opposite direction of gravity known as geotropism(gravitropism). In an experiment where seedlings were capsized to grow in the direction of gravity failed.

Plants will always bend and rise against gravity. By this, they will always stand tall in the air to trap sunlight for photosynthesis. There are cells that signal the tip of the root where gravity is pulling from. Isn’t this amazing?!.

It looks as if God gave plants wisdom to do that. Mankind can’t make plants defy nature. Respect what God has purposed and let it prevail.

3. Sleep:

Just like I said earlier, God created day and night. Naturally all human beings and animals should make movements during the day and rest in the night. Except for nocturnal animals. The moment you try to keep vigil after a hard day’s work, you put your health in danger.

During the day, the light receptors on our skin and in our eyes become stimulated. These receptors are part of the CNS(Central Nervous System) which sends signals to our brains that; It is a new day to get up and do something.

In the evening time, the body releases a chemical called melatonin together with other chemicals and growth hormones. When we sleep at the night, these hormones and chemicals do the tissue repairs and a whole lot.

Bear in mind that, you can’t cheat nature. Sleep for enough hours at the right time to avoid any negative effects on your health.

If your work or your busy schedule is preventing you from sleeping at night; You must seek regular health check-ups. And be honest enough to accept the fact that you can’t cheat nature.

4. Chemical Food:

Today, organic food has become very rare. Mankind’s knowledge has developed beyond measure. There are many ways of injecting and spraying chemicals on foodstuff. This shortens the harvest period. Because they need to make money at the expense of people’s health. Let us be vigilant and stay away from chemical food.

See, some farmers and manufacturers are trying to cheat nature. We, consumers, are at greater risk. Today, I tell you the truth, they will never get themselves freed till they repent. You can’t cheat nature and go free. Watch out.

5. Relationships

I believe this would be a point of interest to many. Yes!, we can’t mistreat a fellow human by inflicting pain on him/her and get away with it. Remember, the saying again: “you reap what you sow.” Don’t say you love him/her if you know that is not from your heart. Don’t hurt anyone who comes closer to you.

You may be rewarded for treating your parents, friends, co-workers, husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends with a good heart.

On the other hand, you will surely pay for any evil you do to the people who come into your life. Why would you break your lover’s heart? why would you live a fake life to deceive innocent people?.

The kind of relationships that have with people around you would surely have an effect on you. You can’t be free from living a deceptive life. It will backfire!. Because the moment you try to cheat nature by using dubious means to satisfy your evil desires; you create a cycle of punishment for yourself.

However, you can repent from your sins, ask for forgiveness and God will help you renew your life. The people we see around have the image of God, so anytime an aggrieved person speaks in pains against you; it would obviously be a curse on you.

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