Phones and Friends:The Relationship That Affects You

Phones And Friends:The Relationship So Far.Phones and friends today have been a big topic of discussion. The relationship between these two raises a lot of questions among us.

phones and friends
Know why phones and friends should be treated differently

Phones and friends:There are good sides and bad sides of it.Phones have replaced our watches, calendar,Bible,dictionary, books,calculator etc.Why should we allow phones to replace our friends too?.

Today, “African Paradise World” will share with you,the relationship between friends and phones.Phone production is on the rise.Millions of people use phones today.Simply because, there are a lot of benefits.Communication has become easy and faster than it was in the 50’s ,60’s…90’s.

People claim, phones kill their solitude, although they have no friends. That sounds true anyway, but it is not the best. Having real friends in life is far better than letting your phones replace your friends.There are many things friends can do for you that phones cannot do.Why would you let phones replace your friends?. Do you have any good reasons?. If “Yes”, share your thoughts in the comment box after reading this post.I believe phones and friends should be treated differently.

Phones and friends are two things we must separate. Friends are very important in life.If you think, you can replace your friends with phones, then you are making a big mistake.It is cool to replace your calendar, watch, calculator with phones instead.The phone can help you with all these perfectly.Human beings are too expensive to let a mere phone replace them.

If you would let your phones replace everything, there are two things you should not dare replace. These two things I am talking about are your family and friends.

Reasons Why You Should Not Replace Your Friends With Phones

Friends are the people we grow together,or meet on the way.They have significant roles to play in our lives that phones cannot do.A friend can do you a lot of help.Don’t say you don’t have friends.Don’t make phones and friends inseparable. Your phones are your friends. When your house catch fire or flood takes your house,will phones help you?.It is your friends who will help you.

When you are in need of help,it is your friends who can help you. A help might be a little assistance. It might also be a financial problem. Your friends are always there to help you.

At least,have few close friends on your side.They will do you a lot of help anything you face crisis.Friends and phones are two different things. Let us separate them.each has a different role to play in our lives.It would be a big mistake to replace your friends with mobile phones. Date not do that.

When you are having a party,wedding or any gathering whom will you invite?.Is it not your family and friends?Can your phones replace them?.”Hell No!.”

Why You Would Not Allow Your Phones Replace Your Family

Friends and phones relationship to your family:

A family is the immediate place you came from.Everyone on earth today belongs to a family and bears a family name.Familes are too expensive to let mobile phones replace them.You will always need the love and care of your mother and father. They are your source of existence. Your family brought you into this world. Why would you want yo replace the with mobile phone?.

You can’t ignore your family for phones and feel comfortable. When you are in trouble, your family members will be at your back.Let’s say you got involved in an accident. It is your family the police will call.It is your family that will come and help you.Mobile phones help a lot but it can’t replace your family. Store your family members names on the phone always.

Should if anything bad happens to you,contacting your family wouldn’t be a problem. They can show you love and care.

Your family is like an institution. It consist of your mother, father and children.To the extended family, nephews, uncles, grandchildren etc. are all included. Procreation will make you family line exist to long. Even if you die, you family will still be there.

No other family,nor your phones will take the responsibility of burying you when you die. The phone is useless when there is an issues like this.

Always,make sure your value your family and friends above phones. Find out how life would be like.If you have no family nor friends.What is beautiful than having your spouse and children beside you?.Mobile phones can’t replace that.

How Phones Help Our Friends And Families

Phones only help us to have interaction with our friends and families.It makes it easy for us to communicate with them even if we are far apart. Whom would you communicate with,if you have no family friends?.Now, you see how precious family and friends are.

Phones have perfectly replaced the calendar we hand in our rooms.That undoubtedly help us to know dates,days,weeks,months and years. It helps us to view the month or year anywhere we find ourselves.That is simply awesome.

Without a watch or wall clock, the phone act as the best alternative. There is no doubt about that.Many of us don’t use watches but we always see the right time for everything we want to do.Just a quick glance then you are on your way.You can even set the alarm to remind you of any event.

Phones actually have a lot of benefits in our lives.That is why,people can’t live without phones. Not even a day.It is the best gadget to socialize family and friends. But it is not meant to replace family and friends.Phones only spice up  friendships and family relationships.

Mobile phone companies are always surprising us with new release. The functions are very impressive. I phones, galaxies, and all sorts of android, Symbian phones are helping us.They have truly made the world a global village.

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