The Truth About How Technology Affect Society and Threatens Your Life

The Truth About How Technology Affect Society and Threatens Your Life

While our concerned youths are skeptical about the relevance of technological advancements, we must scrutinize it for our own safety. How does technology affect society? Let us find out

The truth about how technology affect society

The world is constantly going through an advanced kind of civilization. We are always affected by the introduction of technological gadgets. There are good sides and bad sides. But for the purpose of this content, I would talk more about the negative sides of it. So how does technology affect society?

Advancement in technological know-how is already putting our health in jeopardy. Think of the number of chemical foods we are unknowingly taking into our bodies.

The scientists or automobile companies may not tell you the truth, because they want to make a lot of money from their inventions and productions.

It seems all they care about is making huge profits from our miseries. The tech giants around the world are really helping but we must be careful about the dangers the impact poses to our society.

This Billionaire, Elon Musk, who happens to be the Boos of SpaceX has already shared his concern about the dangers of AI(Artificial Intelligence); that they can turn against the human race. No wonder the first most intelligent robot(Sophia) once said will destroy humans.

Photo of Sophia the robot
Photo of Sophia – using AI

Before I begin it all have you heard of the Amish people?. They are a Christian sect that exercises restrictive measures about the use of modern technology. Their traditions help them to stay away from luxurious lifestyles which may cause them to lose their purpose of living for God.

Yes! The Bible has warned us about worldly pleasures. And Satan is now using science and technology to control people around the world.

The truth is, they view modern gadgets like television, the internet, radio, etc, as a potential obstruction for their faith. So they don’t fancy them. They have a set of regulations concerning the use of technology so members live in a society of high morality.

Now, we are not like the Amish people so we have unrestricted use of technology. There are a lot of good things about it. In the same way, there are a lot of negative impacts we have to deal with. By knowing how technology affects society we would be cautious about its usage.

The Circulation Of Conspiracy Theories

Since the outbreak of coronavius(COVID-19), we have been dealing with a lot of conspiracies concerning the so-called 5G, human microchipping and it’s effect. Whether this technological advancement has anything to do with the coronavirus – it’s existence will negatively affect our various societies.

It would be a good idea to accelerate our daily workload through technology. But not to the expense of human lives. Those 5G Antennas have to be installed closer to our houses so that the wavelength can be effective.

So a lot of electrical gadgets like cars would be remote-controlled. It sounds good, but personally, I don’t buy into it. It will negatively affect our various societies and everyone living around especially pregnant women. The question “how does technology affect society?” must be answered by we the consumers.

Don’t be surprised to know that China has already started using 5G mini cars that deliver parcels to people. Those cars can perform amazing tasks such as facial recognition and are controlled from a special control room.

It would be a good idea to sit in my house and have these robotic cars deliver my pizza to me without going out to search for the food vendor. But at what cost?.

We are already aware of the dangers of radiation. People may deny that this 5G thing will not have a severe impact on our daily lives. But there is an iota of truth in the theories against its use.

How this kind of technology affects society is a pressing issue we must be concerned about. If care is not taken, technological advancement can toast as all from the surface of this earth in the long run.

How Does Technology Affect Society Through The Media?

It feels more like our new society is social media. And by talking about what affects society we must take a look at the number of hours we spend on social media.

The new cigarette addiction is social media. That is the place many people are living their social lives. We have forgotten about our real friends. Strangers have become our real friends and our real friends have become strangers. This is the path we are trending. This reminds me of a related article that addresses the issue concerning phones and friends.

The impact goes to the extent of making people believe in things that aren’t real. Photoshops and fake accounts are misleading our generation. The youth today want to fit into the so-called “normal life.” Because everyone is doing this and that so I have to do it. You are mirroring the lives of fake people.

How does technology affect society today in question

In a study, it appeared that the average man looks at the screen of his phone for about 28 times a day. Checking Facebook notifications…

The problem here is we are sacrificing valuable time that we can use to do something productive. When you take control of your interaction with the social world on screens — you can maximize your productivity. Remember, time is money.

Don’t be a fool like a lady who posted wad of banknotes on her timeline and got robbed that same day. It appeared that the money was a loan contracted by her husband for business.

Finding a new virtual society online doesn’t mean you should post everything about yourself; including sensitive information. You don’t know who is watching and who is tracing you. There are a lot of evil guys lurking in the darkness. Your photos could be scraped for something unethical.

After all, it’s not a bad thing to use social media, but the addiction… You have left something behind in the house, at the workplace that needs to be done.

The rich man never jokes with his time so he invests in it wisely. You can learn from how they live a reasonable social life while they reduce the destruction of technology here.

So if anyone asks about how technology affects society? I would prefer raising an alarm on the negative side first. Because these are some of the harsh truths, they don’t want you to know about.

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