Understanding The Meaning of Life Is A Movie In Reality

Understanding The Meaning of Life Is A Movie In Reality

You are already going through an unpredictable life journey. You may be able to fix your problems or not —depending on your thoughts and actions. It’s time to know what may happen if life was a movie.

Have you wondered why certain events in your life trap you in paradox? Sometimes your wishes and hopes would be blown out like a puff of smoke —because you can’t control everything happening around you. Obviously, you have to accept it as normal and do your best as if life was a movie, and you as the movie director; take control from the shooting to its premiering.

Life is a journey and that is undeniably true. Where have you reached so far? Think about your health, job, marriage, finances, business, goals, etc. How are you putting everything under control? It’s complicated and unpredictable, right? But what if life was a movie? What character will you be?

Several people have expressed their views about the complexity and dynamic nature of life:

• “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” –Forrest Gump.

• “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards” —Soren Kierkegaard.

• “An unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

But here in this article, I am talking about seeing life as a movie. What would it be like? Considering all the challenges and negative people around you.

I’ve heard a lot of guys complain of making silly mistakes or being taken over by painful situations but all they could do is stand and watch like dummy robots.

Hey, sometimes you might be 100% innocent but the most unfortunate thing will strike… Aww that’s more like a kind of a crazy movie scene that is disgusting to watch or accept.

Imagine how great it would be if you could rewind and fix the awful experience with nice scenes like.

In your script get ready to play the hero and win over every problem and villain. Be an invincible protagonist. Kick out every trouble and enemy that comes your way.

Unfortunately, in reality, you can not edit your life events or turn over bitter experiences like the mad Thanos in the Avengers movie who can flip the reality stone to defy reality (alter reality on an omniversal scale) or refuse to accept the destructive and stinky side of his life.

I have had my share of the awkward challenges life takes us through. If I sit down and contemplate, I end up with a lot of wishes. Sometimes fantasies would take over and wish life was a movie to direct everything myself. Oh like how sweet and beautiful would the end be. But hey we have no choice but to face reality and keep moving.

Reality Vs Fantasy Life

When talking about life and comparing it with cinematic scenes, some of your real-life experiences will fit in certain movies. Yeah, a reflection of your life in certain movies could be heart-touching or unbelievable. There you will feel the indirect message being sent to you. The conviction would feel real. But it’s up to you to distinguish your fantasies from reality.

A single mother, a jobless man, or a very sick man may look at the disturbing condition and wish he or she had wings to fly out of the situation or have the superhero power to get things fixed ASAP.

Again, anyone could sit in his comfort zone and daydream about anything pleasant. But that doesn’t move the needle. You must face challenging situations with pure thoughts and actions. You may be able to write your own reality movie and surely end it with great triumph like a good and invincible hero.

It’s imperative to accept the fact that, life will surely throw lemons at you irrespective of your social status or whatever.

The best thing you can do is to turn those lemons into lemonade. That will be your movie of a great winning adventure that everyone would like to taste, watch and be inspired by.

You Are Being Watched

As you go about, remember that your life is like a movie people are watching. Think about the kind of character you are portraying to your family, colleagues, church members, coworkers, etc

Do you think, you deserve a promotion at the workplace? Do you think you deserve to be honored and respected in your community? Your life itself is a real movie that is making you have a true touch with the world.

How you handle your pains, sorrows, fears, marriage, friends, finances, etc are being watched by people around you. Sometimes, people you don’t even know might be profiling you like cops without your knowledge. What kind of impression are you leaving behind in this great movie scene called life?

A man watching movie

As the mastermind behind your own life, you must plan very well and be ready to pursue your lofty goals with an iron fist. Be resilient to failure, fear, negative people, or any villains that will come your way.

If life was a movie, I believe everyone would like to be the hero or write the script and create the scenes with great endings. But in reality, nothing is guaranteed. You can’t edit the stupid things you said, or delete the shameful things you did.

However, your decisions and thoughts would be a powerful influence on your future. So never forget that your mind is a powerful weapon that can help you face even the dreadful problem with hope. Try to forget the past and move forward with all diligence.

In Summary

Finally, if life was a movie for anyone means, you are not in full control of the events that happen around you. You cannot force things and people to respond to your command always.

There are certain things and people far bigger and deadly for you to command; but with wisdom, you can handle them and be an overcomer.

Life is a movie

Some movies indeed tell real-life stories, so think about yourself and how you are living. Would you be happy if your life story is cast as a movie?

Surely, you wouldn’t be happy to watch certain scenes. This calls for a drastic positive change that will bring honor and good results to you. You are already in a movie and being watched by the people around you… Shoot and act wisely.

To take this through the lens of the Bible, we can get to know that; God is watching us and recording everything we do or say.

On the day of judgment, the Lord will reveal everything you did or said like a movie and make you account for your deeds.

“The LORD watches from heaven; he sees all people. From the place where he lives he looks carefully at all the earth’s inhabitants. He is the one who forms every human heart, and takes note of all their actions.” (Psalm 33:13 – 15)

In this case, everyone is called to repent from sin, accept Jesus Christ, and live a righteous life.

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