Christmas celebrations: Are You In Or Out?

Christmas celebrations do happen every December. We are already seeing the festivities. It happens around us every year like this. Do you have any thought about how it affects you or not?

Christmas celebrations
How do Christmas celebrations affect you?

Warmest greetings from “African Paradise world”. All we can hear and see these days is about Christmas. Many Christians cherish Christmas celebrations. In the same way, many Christians abhor Christmas celebrations. This raises a lot of questions in Christendom.

The focus of this post is to remind everyone that Christmas celebrations are seasons in-which wicked people arise to harm the innocent. This reminder is to make you ensure safety in your house. Thieves, robbers and other wicked men take advantage of Christmas to steal and destroy. So be on guard and stay safe.

Whether you are into Christmas celebrations or not, this is the season. You can’t stop it. Many feel guilty for celebrating Christmas. Now, who is hiding the truth from the flock?.

It is visible everywhere. The Christmas songs and the colors of father Christmas(Red and White).Decorated Christmas trees and a lot of things to signify Christmas celebrations.

Our pastors, Bible scholars, and churches will either say; There is nothing wrong with Christmas celebrations. On the contrary, we will also hear from equally bible scholars, pastors and churches say Christmas is not biblical. Which side do you choose now?.

Apparently, 25th December doesn’t appear in the Bible. So who ended up with that date for Christians to celebrate as the birthday of Christ Jesus?.

You switch on your television and one channel will explain how Christmas evolved from paganism. They will cite all the history surrounding Christmas. Another channel will focus on the birth of Christ as a special moment that brought joy to the world. So the celebration worth. The flock is now confused. Who is hiding the truth and who is saying the truth?.

Anyway, just as I said earlier. Let your safety be your top priority this Christmas season. The devil too is roaring to devour innocent people. As you stay safe from harm, stay active and pray. God be with you.

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