Who Is Lacey Chabert? Biography, Marriage, Faith And More

Who Is Lacey Chabert? Biography, Marriage, Faith And More

Here is an interesting profile of a beautiful Christian celebrity called Lacey Charbert. If you are her fan, you may like to know more about her faith lifestyle and more.

She is holding the torch of faith in Christ Jesus. Charbert is a big influencer with 214.8 thousand followers on X (formerly known as Twitter) with the handle “IamLaceyChabert.”

Who Is Lacey Chabert? Chabert is an American actress born in Purvis, Mississippi in the USA.


Lacey Chabert was born in Mississippi, on September 30, 1982. She is 41 years old as of writing this post. Her father’s name is Cajun. She is popularly known for playing the role of Erica Kane’s daughter on All My Children.

She started acting in her childhood —being the 3rd actress to play Bianca Montgomery from 1992 until 1993.

She gained prominence as a child actress on television for her role as Claudia Salinger on the Fox television drama “Party of Five.”

Is Lacey Chabert Married?

Lacey Chabert has been married to her long-time boyfriend David Nehdar since 2013.

In September 2016 She gave birth to a child, a daughter called Julia. Chabert has not been with so many different people; so she appears to have a stable relationship that ended in a marriage.

Is Lacey Chabert A Christian?

Lacey Chabert is a proud Christian with a strong faith in the Christian religion. She has done a couple of interviews to declare her faith as a Christian. She believes in Jesus Christ and so credits her life and success to God.

In 2015, she acted in a Christmas TV movie that featured stars such as Mariah Carey, Brennan Elliott, Kathy Najimy, and Fina Strazza.

Again, in 2017, she allowed her voice to be used in an animated film entitled “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

Chabert has had a lot of challenges in her movie career because of her Christian faith. Being religious in Hollywood makes it difficult for people of her caliber to land a lot of respectful roles. But that hasn’t taken away her faith and trust in Jesus Christ. She is all out telling people about her strong faith.

In one interview with Christian Mingle that happened behind the scenes, Chabert talked about her faith as a Christian believer:

“My faith has always been, you know, the center of my life, and I have no shame about saying that.”

She is setting a good example for all Christian celebrities to be proud and real in their relationship with God just like Candice Bore.

There is no shame for her to believe in God because someday all souls would account to Him on judgment day. Morality shouldn’t be allowed to decay in our sinful world.

It takes confident people like Chabert to voice out. Yes, Jesus said many will hate you because you have chosen to follow him.

The Christian world needs more people of her kind to voice out the salvation message.

As this world gradually comes to an end, the message of God’s amazing salvation plan must be spread. May God’s grace, mercy, and strength guide her to win souls for Christ.

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