Finding Out If It Is A Sin For Christians To Use Digital Bibles

Digital bibles have made millions of Christians forget about the paper bible, and is it doing us any good?

The beauty of digital Bibles can distracts Christians.
Is it a sin for Christians to use digital bibles? Let us figure out.

Has your mind ever wandered far away; trying to figure out if the use of digital bibles is not in conformity with the Christian faith?. Is it a sin at all?. Civilization has reached a point that technology has covered almost every part of the human aspect ranging from what we eat, wear, see and so forth. Now, the Holy Bible, being the word of God has also been digitized. Today, there are over millions of digital bible apps available for Christians worldwide. It is sometimes called e-bible. It is gradually taking over the physical(book) bible we already know.

In this article I would like you to stay with me whiles I share my thoughts about the usage of digital bibles in Christiandom. Is it good for Christians to use digital bibles?. Is digital bible a sin?. This very question is hard to answer but from my point of view I would prefer we consider the advantages and the disadvantages of using digital bibles, and to be honest with you; I will prefer all Christians to spend more time on the physical bible than the digital bible. I know this will spark a compelling argument. We all use digital Bibles because we find it:

1. Easy to carry along(portability)
2. Easy to search for biblical keywords
3. Easy user interface
4. Fast in searching for topics
5. Easy bookmarks and reference
6. Easy to share with friends via text, emails, and social media

I believe there are other reasons that make people prefer the digital bible to the physical bible. If I did not mention, feel to share with me in the comment box. Honestly, I have much interest in the digital bible and I use it often than the boot itself due to the above reasons, but sometimes I feel like I am using the word of God in the wrong way.

The physical bible is most often ideal on my table while I make use of some Bible apps. I believe many Christians are in the same canoe. Even some of the great pastors we now use digital bibles on their iPhones, IPads, tablets and other phones. Some even read sermons from the phone to their congregations. That’s interesting.

Fast to the main points, I want all Christians to know that the devil also known as Lucifer is very crafty but not wise. He has already used technology to distract us from having proper time with our Lord Jesus Christ, through TV’s and their telenovelas, computers, movies, mobile phones, game consoles, etc. The average man uses technological gadgets than seeking for God. We can’t spend just 30 mins or 1 hour with God a day but we can spend the day watching telenovelas or browse on our phones. Almost all Christians today fall short in this.

At least we all know that there is power in the bible we use, but my question to all Christians is that; Is there any power in the DIGITAL BIBLE ON YOUR PHONE?????. When the devil wants to attack you in your room and sees your mobile phone, can the phone drive the devil away because you have a digital bible on it? Hell  No!, because the mobile itself is a worldly invention, it belongs to the beauties of the world and the devil is in control of that. It is a multipurpose device. The “Book version” has only one function.

Your true Bible must be the physical bible. It is that the Holy Spirit can live in it but not your mobile phone. I hope you get me right here. Do not nullify the word of God with technology or traditions.

“Making the word of God of no effect by your rule, which you have given; and a number of other such things you do”(Mark 7:13).

Why Would You Use Digital Bibles At Church?

Christians go to Church with their big mobile phones and iPads leaving the physical bible in the house because they believe they have a digital Bible on their phones. How pity and funny it sounds. A pastor will be preaching to his congregation and wonder if they are reading from their digital Bibles or checking Facebook profiles. Let us consider some of the disadvantages of using digital bibles or the so-called e-bibles.

1. When the phone breaks down your bible too has broken down. Without the phone, there is no bible.

2. While reading from your bible; pop-ups like an advertisement will show up to distract you.

3. You might be tempted to check your Facebook notifications or slip to any social media network. If you don’t take care you might forget that you are at church and do active chat with friends. Are you really serving God at church? I’ve once chatted with a friend on Whatsapp, and after asking her about where she is she told me she is at church. Can you imagine this?.

4. Digital bibles could be altered easily because the owner has direct access to the app and so can remove or add new words to the bible. It is very easy to alter it unlike the printed bible or the physical bible.

5. Incoming calls or messages can distract you from reading the Bible to understand it properly.

Desperate Christians will then ask, “So is it a sin to use the digital bible?”. I do not see it as sin and I am not the one to define what sin is. The bible has made it clear that we have the freedom to do anything but not everything we do is right. Why would you send the digital bible to church and leave your physical bible in the house? Christians today feel lazy to take time to go through the physical bible page by page. Because we find it old-fashioned and boring. There is power in the word of God, the “book”, but not the phone.

I remember watching a video of a certain woman who said God has revealed to her to tell all Christians that they should refrain from the digital bible. It was a heart-touching video and as I watched I felt convicted. There is no power in the digital Bible we have used and still using. Let us turn to the real book of God.

The Controversy Surrounding The The Use Of Digital Bibles

I know there are people or scholars who wouldn’t even want to hear criticism about the use of digital Bibles. And the argument raised here is simple, understandable but not helping our modern generation to give full attention to the word of God. The phone itself has many other functions which could disrupt the attention of the user of any Bible app.

The of the word of God started being written on different materials. And now we are in a digital age so we have been seeing what we have to. Take a look at this, how the materials used in documenting the Bible have changed.

1. Clay (Jer. 17:13; Ezek. 4:1)

1. Stone (Ex. 24:12, 31:18, 32:15-16, 34:1; Deut. 5:22; Josh. 8:31-32)

3. Papyrus – reeds glued together (2 John 12; Rev. 5:1)

4. Vellum, Parchment, Leather – animal skins (2 Tim. 4:13)

5. Miscellaneous Items – metal, wax, potsherds, etc. (Ex. 28:9, 28:36; Job 2:8, 19:24; Isa. 8:1, 30:8; Hab. 2:2)

In conclusion, I would prefer all Christians to try their best to spend more time on the physical Bible than the digital bible or the so-called e-bible. I do not condemn the usage of digital Bibles but I believe minimizing its usage for the printed version would be a good idea. We must therefore use the digital Bibles wisely.  Many Christians feel ashamed to go to church along with their physical bibles so they choose to go to church with their big and expensive mobile phones, tablets, iPhones and other screened gadgets.

Please, leave your digital bibles behind and go along with the physical bible to have full concentration on the word of God. The phone itself distracts us from having smooth relationships with God. I, for instance, I often switch off my phone when I am about to pray. One single call can disrupt the communication link between me and my God. Let us all learn how to use our mobile phones effectively in other not to draw us back from God.

I am very hopeful you have learned good lessons from this article. May God bless you. Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comment box and don’t forget to share with your Christian friends.

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