The Power Of Forgiveness

Who among you hasn’t trespassed before?.Why not forgive your friends trespasses and live like family?. For in doing so you will feel the Lord’s blessings in your life.

Show forgiveness
When your friend offends you and come back to say “sorry”,forgive him.

To live as a Christian is not something so easy and no one should take it lightly, the cross you should carry and follow Jesus Christ is heavy,it takes dedication, faith and love to follow the steps of Jesus Christ.The bible has a lot of moral lessons for us and all these lessons teaches us to live Godly lives which at the end will yield reward for all righteous men in Christ Jesus.Today’s biblical lesson is about forgiveness; there is a saying that goes like “to err is human,to forgive is devine”.In life, we are all vulnerable to mistakes because we are all imperfects. Surely,a time will come, a friend,family member,colleague, coworker, stranger will offend you and the bible says when this very offender approaches you and ask for forgiveness you should forgive him. No matter how big the trespass is.If you fail to forgive your offender,God  too wouldn’t forgive you your trespasses (Matthew 6:15).

The life we are living is full of annoying people who will often step on your toes,push you to the wall to react to their obsessions. They will provoke you through many ways but if you are a Christian, the bible is your source of guidance and it says you must forgive that person who has made you furious. Retaliation is not needed,instead be sober and forgive your friend who has offended you when he approaches you and ask for forgiveness. The bible  has made us understand that no matter the number of times he offends you,when he comes back and ask for forgiveness you should forgive.Jesus stated that this way;

“Then came Peter to him,and said,Lord how oft shall my brother sin against me, that I forgive?, till seven times?.Jesus said unto him,I say not unto thee seven times:But, until seventy times seven(Matthew 18:21-22).

The above teaching from Jesus Christ will make a lot of Christians open their mouths in dismay, because they cannot count that huge amount of times a friend would offend us for as to forgive to a certain number.It is actually unlimited times.The main idea here is to forget about unforgivenes.It is hard though,but that is what should show the world that you are a true  christian. When a friend offends you, forgive him,when he slaps you,turn the other cheek for him too.That is literally hard but you must apply that in your life.Don’t hide hatred in your heart… long can you hide hatred in your heart?,a life time?.Be meek and forgiving for your reward is in heaven.

“Blessed are the meek for they shall inherent the earth”(Matthew 5:5).

Forgiveness should become the hallmark of every Christian, although sometimes it is so hard but for the sake of God forgive so that God too will forgive you your trespass. Is there anyone who has offended you bitterly that you want to retaliate?.Today’s biblical lesson from African Paradise World is reminding you to follow the instructions in the bible and forgive your friend.In doing so your father in heaven would be glorified and he will bless you for your meekness.You have the natural feeling of getting angry,there is no sin in getting angry,but the bible says;don’t let the sun set on your anger.Forgive and forget. Amen.

A Mother's Love –  For Anyone Who Loves His/Her Mother

Every person on this earth has a mother who has shown him/her love beyond measure. The love intensifies when the mother sees her baby smile to her for the first time.

A mother's love
A mother’s love

Mothers have been the most immediate people we stay close to right from birth. Their love for their children is beyond measure. It is therefore necessary to remember and appreciate their love always, not only when it is mother’s day.Personally, I always feel the love of my mother both physically and spiritually. Spiritually, I mean her prayers for me never ceases. I believe everyone has one or two reasons to love his or her mother. I always say I respect all mothers;for the 9 month journey of holding a baby in the womb is not a joke.

I find it necessary to write about the perfect love mothers have for their children, even if you think your mother has been a bad woman for you,at least you owe her some respect for holding you in her womb for 9 solid months without aborting you.If there should be any love greater than anything apart from the love you should have for God,the next person should be your mother. Though I don’t know the kind of mother that raised you, but it is necessary to love her because she had done a lot for you.Giving  birth to you, breastfeeding you, cleaning you up when you get dirty and so on and so forth. Let me ask you;do you remember how you used to behave when you were a kid?.If you have forgotten then ask your Mum,she will tell you perfectly, she will make you reminisce some of your mischievous behaviours and surely you will know that you have been blessed to this day.Life has changed you into an amazing person and it is your Mum who has natured you till this day,so if I’m reminding you to appreciate the love and care your mum had shown you then it worths.

Since you have grown,you will notice that the love of your Mum is still strong, although there are exceptions, but if you have married now, can you say you love your Mum more than your spouse?. Many will find it difficult to say that,but for me I will always love my Mum beyond everyone because her love for me is genuine right from my infancy.

You can not remember a lot of things or love your Mum has shown you but I’m begging you get time and sit beside your Mum and ask her a lot of  questions about your childhood days,you will be awed by what she will tell you and right away you will find out that life is beautiful. You are growing and growing till you become old,weak and leave this planet.But before you or your Mum dies let your Mum know that you appreciate her and all the things she has done for you.There is only one Mum for each of us,as for friends, we have more than enough and we can even have more wives,husbands,children etc.They would always be plenty around us but for a mother, she is only one for you.There is an African proverb that says “when your mother dies then your family is gone”.This is true, because a mother is the backbone of every family.

If you have problems with your Mum,I believe it would be necessary to reconcile with her,because she has the feeling of bearing you for 9 months, the pains and suffering would still be in her memories. Don’t grieve her, for anything she says in a curse will materialize. Has your Mum pissed you off?,don’t worry keep on showing her love,but you can distant yourself from her and surely,she will like the love you have shown her and that will let her miss you. If its her fault she will apologise.Whatever the case might be, keep on showing her love anyway, because it takes less than a minute for  people we love to leave this planet. The beauty of life is to see someone and smile to.A smile is and indirect gift we give to people so keep on smiling to people,especially your Mum.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this piece of article  about mothers. Surely they deserve to be remembered always.And when its mother’s day,I will write about them again. Greetings to every mother Reading this post.

The Tragedy Of John The Baptist – He Was Beheaded For Righteousness Sake.

The truth is an abomination unto the wicked man so he hides behind his evil deeds to destroy the righteous.God will judge and punish them so.

John the baptist was beheaded
Illustration:Bronze sculpture of John the Baptist

Today’s lesson from the bible is from the book of  Matthew 14:1 – 12.The whole chapter talks about the death of John the Baptist. Before I begin, let us remind ourselves who John the Baptist was.John The Baptist was the Elijah Malachi prophesied about to come and prepare the way for the Messiah.(Jesus Christ). When you take your bible you will see that Malachi is the last book of the old testament and right after that, the book of Matthew that fulfilled the prophesy of his coming.He was the messenger who baptised Jesus. John was a special man in the eyes of God;Jesus said among all men born of women, there is none greater like John the Baptist.(Matthew 11:11).This unarguably makes John the Baptist the greatest man of God ever to live.

Now, after knowing something briefly about John the Baptist, let us go straight to the life he lived. John the Baptist was a righteous man,he prepared the way for the truth, the life (Jesus) and the way, and in all his life, he lived in the truth.People questioned him to find out if he was Elijah but it was clear enough that John the Baptist was not Elijah but rather he was having the spirit of Elijah.The bible doesn’t teach about reincarnation and so every Christian must note that.

King Herod paid John the Baptist’s righteousness with death.This tells us that,Christianity is not for sissies, it takes real men like John the  Baptist to proclaim the truth and defend it with their lives. In our world today,when you speak the truth,you become an enemy, and it is nothing new under the sun. After reading this post,you will find out that Christianity is not a joke and so you should surely carry your cross and follow Jesus even unto death.

King Herod,used his political power to snatch the wife of  Philip being a brother to John the Baptist.He imprisoned John the Baptist because he rebuked him for taking Philip’s wife(Herodias) from him.He actually spoke the truth but he got himself arrested.He had wanted to kill him but he feared the crowd because they love John the Baptist very much.

When it was the birthday of Herod,his daughter danced in front of him and he became impressed so he made an oath to do whatever her daughter ask of him.Sadly,the mother instructed her daughter to ask for the head of John the Baptist in a platter.That request was unbelievable but Herod had made an oath and so he couldn’t break it,although it grieved him but he had no choice than to ask for John the Baptist’s head.

“So he sent  and had John beheaded in the prison.His head was brought on a platter and given to the girl,and she brought it to her mother (Matthew 14:10-11).

Sometimes, I ask myself why some people could be heartless like that, they don’t mind shedding innocent blood for their amusement.Anyone who does that is a son or a daughter of the devil.The devil hates truth and righteousness,he is the father of lies and so he incites people like the mother of Herod’s daughter to perpetuate evil against righteousness.

Today,there are many people like Herod who are using their power, money or fame to steal people’s wives.That is greediness and devilish attitude or character.God will surely punish anyone who sheds innocents blood or commits adultery without repentance. In the old testament David did a similar thing by taking the wife of Uriah the Hittite, Bathsheba.After doing this he planed the death of Uriah and surely Uriah got killed(2 Samuel 11:15). However David became remorseful of his sins,he prayed and repented.

When you are righteous in life, keep it up although your enemies will fight against you but know that God is with you up to death.He has special reward for all righteous men and punishment for those who kill innocent people because of their social status, money or wealth,they will have to face the consequences and the repercussions of their evil doings.I welcome all contributions,comments and feedbacks.May God be with all righteous men who defend the truth. Amen

You Are In Competition With Yourself

Tell yourself; you don’t have a competitor. You are the champion and second to none.Forward ever, backward never.

You are to compete with yourself to success
Self competition is healthier than competing with others

I believe the above topic drew your attention, Yes!, now I have you attention; Listen attentively, I would like everyone reading this post to understand that life is not a competition so dare not worry about what others are doing or achieving. You are better in your self,God has made you perfect and everything you need to prosper is at your disposal. Yes!,you have it within you,just unleash it ,unleash that spiritual gift, unleash that talent,be opened to your self and see success knock on your door.

In this busy world where life is hectic for most of us,we simply allow our  friends, coworkers, families and strangers influence us in the wrong way.He has a lot of money,cars,companies so you feel like you are useless or last in life.No way,that’s a false idea.Your friends are getting successful marriages  and you are not even getting the best of date to end in marriage so you become worried, your friends are building mansions,earning huge monies and establishing businesses but you have none so you feel useless. My dear reader, you are getting the understanding of life wrongly and that has convicted you wrongly. All your thoughts about this doesn’t hold water.In life do not try to be better than your contemporaries nor your predecessors, instead be better than your self each day.Life is not a race, mind your own business and whatever you are doing,do it best,do it with all your might with dedication and surely you will be the best as the saying goes like “practice  makes perfect”.Know that there is time for everything, if it is not your time or fate to reach the highest level(self actualization), don’t force your self,know your limit and work toward it gradually and you will become successful.

When you use yourself as the centre of development you will succeed in life. For instance,if today you can  walk or jog for 1 km, the following day try to walk or jog for 1.1kms and that little distance added shows improvement in your own self. Never mind those who are jogging or walking for 20 km a day.They have no role to play in your life because the body and the well-being of your personality is different from that person who is moving at a different pace.When you challenge  yourself but not your contemporaries nor your predecessor you will  become better than them in the long run.Because you have competed with your self for a greater output or success and this kind of success has no competitor. You reign your world up to the top.If you work by producing items for people, work on your production abilities by increasing it a little by little according to your ability not that of a different company that is booming. My friends don’t go there. Improve upon your own business.Every little improvement counts and together you will be the best producer in the long run.Don’t rush for success.

If you can do anything that can make you happy,keep on doing it  little by little forgetting about everyone who might be doing the same thing. If you are a footballer and your friends are  getting the best player awards never feel awkward or think you are useless, just play it well and improve upon it “even”, if you do not win any trophy, you are the best for your own self,this is not narcissism nor self conceitedness, it is self-improvement or development that leads to success. If you do it will,you will be happy with yourself despite all the records others are making.

If you do not compete with your own self to become better each day,you will end up feeling scared by someone’s success. Sometimes, we hear that,in life journey,over taking is allowed;this means those who are successful are not so special to remain first all the time. If you improve upon yourself each day,you will realise that you have even exceeded everyone who seems to be ahead of you in life,just like I said;you have no competitor. The competitor is yourself.

Move forward like no other’s business, as you compete with yourself by bettering your abilities and capabilities, always assume that there is no one ahead of you nor below you in life in terms of success.With this you will be the best version or yourself.Life is all about you and what you do.

Don’t wait for someone to come and tell you to move ahead before you move.Even if you face challenges in life,never give up,because the road to success is not always smooth. Be strong and dedicative and with perseverance you will conquer, never fear.Be resilient to become successful at your own abilities regardless of the noise around you. Give it a try by tracking your little improvement in  life for 6 months or a year and see the tremendous change you will see in your life.It is your life,make it better each day and surely success will embrace you.

I believe my little inspiration today has found a good place in your heart and mind.If so,let me read your comments or share your thoughts in the comment box. You can also share to inspire someone today.

Why Did The Hungry Lions Couldn't Eat Daniel Up?

Daniel was a righteous man in the sight of God and so God never forsook him.

Daniel in the lions den
Illustration:painting of Daniel in the lions den

When we read the bible, we sometimes get amazed at some of the miracles that happened in the days of ancient believers. God really worked with them.The God of Abraham, the God of Issac and the God of Jacob(Israel) is the same God today and forever more.Amen.Many of us Christians have heard of Daniel who showed great faith in God with fear.Daniel was then called  Belteshazzhar,he lived in the kingdom of  Nebuchadnezzar.God manifested his name through him in many ways,but in this particular article I will talk about how God saved Daniel from the jaws of the hungry lions.He was a captive in ancient babylon.The story of Daniel and how he escaped from the lions is in Daniel chapter 6 ongoing.

Daniel was someone who feared God and from his righteousness God blessed him with wisdom to the extend of explaining dreams.King Nebuchadnezzar had a mesmerizing dream and when he woke up,he had already forgotten his dream. This made him assemble all his counsellors, princes, wise men and sorcerers to remind him the dream he had in the night.All these people couldn’t remind him.The sorcerers said to King Nebuchadnezzar to say the dream and they will explain to him but the King insisted that they should remind him the dream and interpret it for him as well. The king was in deep trouble, who could save him from the mesmerizing dream.God revealed the meaning of the Dream  to Daniel so Daniel reminded the King the dream he had and explained the meaning as well.

Fast forward, when Daniel impressed the king, he gained a higher place in the  kingdom;this made a lot of people jealous and so they resented in many ways. They tried to seek every means possible to destroy him.

After the demise of King Nebuchadnezzar,King Belshazzar inherited the kingdom and he violated the sacred golden vessel of God.This golden vessel or cup was not to be used anyhow but because of arrogance he used the cup to drink wine,celebrated with his cuncubines.Belshazzar has defiled the holy cup so a finger came to write something on the wall.This stroke fear in the King. Daniel interpreted the writings perfectly. The meaning of that strange thing from God indicated the end of Belshazzar because he had defiled the golden vessel of God despite all the advise Daniel gave him to refrain from it.

This brought jealousy on the part of the wise men,princess,counselors and sorcerers in the kingdom.

The  jealousy intensified so they sought every means possible to destroy him.Daniel became the overseer in the Kingdom. This made the presidents and the princes develop hatred against him,they sought to trap Daniel into destruction but they couldn’t get any charges against him.Then finally they decided to break the relationship between Daniel and his God, because they knew Daniel has been faithful to his God,he prays three times a day.They conspired to kill him if he disobeys their  next scheme. This time around they polluted the mind of King  Darius to set up a decree that for 30 days no one should  pray nor worship  any other God except giving reverence to the statue of King Darius, and whoever breaks the decree is to be thrown into the lions’ den.(Daniel 6:7).

Hold and behold, Daniel was still praying to his God because he had a lot of faith in him.He is the same God who delivered his friends:Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the flames of fire so their conspiracies didn’t scare him.

These haters monitored Daniel and caught him praying to his God.In fact King Darius became very sad because he knew Daniel was a righteous man but he had already signed the decree, he tried to find any legal means to reverse it but it was too late.The enemies of Daniel rejoiced and to apply the laws appropriately,they sent Daniel to the lions’ den,the lions were hungry already and waiting for someone to consume.

Night passed and early in the morning King Darius went close to the den.Let’s read how he talked to Daniel from the bible.You can find this very verse in Daniel 6:20.

“And when he came to the den,he cried out  with a lamentable  voice unto Daniel: and the king speak and said unto Daniel, O Daniel servant of the living God ,is thy God whom thou servest continually,able  to deliver thee from the lions?.

In  verse 22, Daniel responded by explaining how the living God saved him from the jaws of the living God;

“My God hath sent his angel and has shut  the lions’ mouths, that they have not hurt me;forasmuch as before him innocency  was  found in me, and before thee,O king, have I done no hurt.

Hallelujah!, let us  study the above verse very well. If you are a Christian and you find yourself in the hands of your enemies like Daniel, never and never again give up on God,let your faith increase; faith increases by reading his word,pray often and believe that God has made it.Amen.

So after God saved Daniel from the jaws of the hungry lions, what happened to those who plotted against him?Before I talk about them,the king sent a message to all inhabitants on earth;

“I make a decree that in every dominion of my kingdom men tremble and fear before the God of Daniel:for he is the living God ,and steadfast forever, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed, and his dominion shall be even unto the end”(Daniel 6:26).

King Darius praised the God of  Daniel and proclaimed his greatness to all nations.Christians today should also know that our God is a living God,he never changes and has not stopped performing wonders. Have faith in him always and your miracles will happen right in front of you and your enemies.
In verse 24, the bible says;those who conspired against Daniel had the consequences of their hatred against Daniel.They were thrown into the lions’ den together with their families.

“And the king commanded, and they brought those men which had accused  Daniel, and they cast them into the den of lions,them,their children and their wives; and the lions had mastery of  them and brake all their bones in pieces or ever they came at the button of the den”.

May God destroy all those who conspire against you in the name of God. Amen.I hope this article has  inspired you enough to have faith in God,no matter your circumstances, just trust him.Click share to inspire someone today,let the world know that God lives.I would be glad to read your comments, contributions and feedbacks.