Learning From Grandparents In A Grand Style

The Life of any grandparent  has a genuine lesson for our youths today. God has blessed them with long life to enjoy on earth.If you love your grandparents find out about some interesting things to learn from them

Learning from grandparent is simply a beautiful thing in life
Learning from grandparent is simply a beautiful thing in life

Looking at the aged(grandparents) in your house what comes into your mind?;Life is a journey, life is beautiful,growing  grey hair is amazing. At least all of us have grandparents that we really love because they pamper us a lot; more than our real parents. In this post about lifestyle or life journey, I intend to  bring into light the beautiful moment of learning from grandparents. They have enjoyed the salt on this earth for long and so they know a lot of things we don’t know. When we get close to our grandparents we learn a lot about this world that our teachers in school can not teach us.

In the United States of America, grandparents day is a secular holiday normally celebrated on 9th,10th and 11th of September every year.Why are grandparents so special that I have chosen to talk about?. Well,when we are talking about life lessons or experience, they have a lot for us youths. If you have grandparents in your house, just get close to them; ask them all the questions you want to know about life and  surely they will have some reasonable answers to tell.Grandparents could give us some of the greatest life lessons,inspirations,history, myths and truths about life and life events.

I actually had two immediate grandparents; Granny and Grandpa, they both loved me since I was a kid.I believe you will agree with me that grandparents really love their grandchildren. They will protect their grandchildren when Mum want to punish us for our mischiefs or indiscipline. Nothing is sweeter than this.

They are caring and responsible to their grandchildren. This is another special thing about grandparents, they can give you almost everything you ask for even if your parents refuses.Do you remember anything special that your grandparents ever bought for you or did for you that you think you will never forget in life?,I do.It all happened when I was a kid,I saw a friend’s  parent bought their kid a beautiful school bag and upon seeing it I became interested.

I asked my mum to buy me one but she refused. Oh my God!,I was so disappointed and sad.I felt so bad to the extend of shedding tears. My wish of  owning a beautiful school bag wasn’t fulfilled. Few days later I told my grandparent and hold and behold he bought me one beautiful school bag.I was so happy and now I still remember the joy I had that very moment. It is an unforgettable benevolence from my Grandad.He died few years back at age 84.May his soul rest in peace.

Exploring The Amazing Lives Of Grandparents

Learning from grandparents will help you understand life better.For you to enjoy the full benefits of what your grandparent will teach you in life, get close to them often,ask them all the questions you want to know about this world.Don’t procrastinate,it is very bad. You can even ask silly questions like who is the mother or father of God?,where does Satan stays, why does it rain…?????oh go ahead ask more questions and your grandparents would find you very intriguing.

Surely they will answer all your questions beautifully. When you become adult, you can still learn from your grandparents by asking them about life questions about love and relationship,marriage,education,choosing a career,deaths,life inspiration and a lot more.That very grey hair you see on their heads is full of wisdom. They have seen all and felt all the ups and downs, bitterness and sweetness in life.

Their knowledge surpasses yours,no matter your academic qualifications,they are the best life coaches you will ever have. Respect them,have time for them and let them help you explore some of the mysteries in life through history, stories,life experiences and advice. When you learn  from your grandparent you begin to think and make mature decisions in life which will be a key of unlocking some of the life challenges that will come your way.They can advice you on how to make effective use of your time, eat healthy food and live long like themselves. Learn from your grandparents and make them your role model.

In the olden days,grandparents had a lot of  responsibilities to play in families but as the world go global,many people don’t see their significance.They know how to find a girl who will be a good wife and a boy who will be a good husband.They are also knowledgeable about traditional medicine that cures various types of diseases.I think,here I have to be specific.

In Africa,the aged are very good in using traditional medicine to cure a lot of diseases including those that are chronic(cancer,asthma etc.)so if you are a youth like me,you only have to get close to them  to learn from them.They used the back of trees, leaves and roots to cure diseases.The concoction they prepare is very efficacious to cure diseases.When you learn from them as an African grandchild you can make it  a trade to earn money from it.This is then passed on unto the next generation. Thanks to our grandparents.

The Blessings
Learning from grandparents is not only about the above mentioned reasons but the greatest of all is their blessings.When your grandparent loves you very much,he or she can bless you with the mere lips and it shall  happen.In addition,because of the love they have for you,they will always remember you in their prayers.It is advisable for us to honor and respect our grandparents so that we can enjoy the fruits of obedience. When you hurt them so much they can curse you and your life will be miserable throughout the years you will spend on earth. In bible times the aged used oil to bless their children and whatever they say come to pass.God has already blessed them by increasing their  days on earth, they can say words of blessings into your life for you to live a happy life and grow old like them.

The Romance
Looking at our grandparents who have married for several years and are still together should send  a good message to us to follow.They have actually implemented the “till God do us apart” vow in the Church. You would agree with me that the marriage of any aged person is enviable, simply because it is beautiful.Everyone would like to have a lifetime marriage void of divorce. Get close to any grandparent and learn about their secrets in long-lasting marriage and I am sure it will help you to know how to sustain your marriage or relationship for the rest of your natural life on earth. Let yourself and your partner learn about the happy marriage of any grandparent  and do the same for your relationship. Let them be your mentor and you will always find yourself happily married for years.

In conclusion,learning from grandparents has a lot of benefits for us the youths. We must feel proud to have grandparents on our sides. They love us and so we must love them too,show them respect and help them anytime they need your help.In cases where they suffer from illness like dementia lets have enough time,patience and love for them.Your behaviour or character torwards them shouldn’t grieve them,try as much as possible to entertain them,if you have great sense of humour like me then you are great.Feel free to express your deepest feelings to them because tomorrow might be too late. Don’t procrastinate to tell them the way you love them,care and respect them.Let your grandparent smile because of you.Little things like this is what makes life beautiful.

Did you find this article helpful? If so then feel free to comment, contribute by sharing something interesting you like about your grandparent.

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