Showing Love And Care To The Disabled Person.

Show love and care to disabled persons around you and God will bless you. Dare not mock nor intimidate them.

Loving disabled person in your house or any place shows how kind and humane you are in life
Loving disabled person could take in many different ways: It is one of our divine responsibilities.

It’s a beautiful day and as the clock tickles every day waiting for no man, I will like everyone to spend time with me as I talk about disabled people in our various societies or countries.

This post is to raise awareness that any person with a disability is special in the eyes of God so we must show them a lot of love. They are a kind of people I love. Let us spread the importance of loving a disabled person we come across.

Reciprocating The Perfect Love Of A Disabled Person

There is nothing difficult about loving a disabled person. They are human beings just like us. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that disabled person is good at loving people they meet.

Most of them have golden hearts. They are good at expressing genuine love for people being friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, family, coworkers, etc.

In view of that, we must show them the love they need from us as well. It is very rare to see a disabled person who is notorious, unethical or problematic.

All what they need from us is love and care. Never forget loving disabled person in your house, workplace etc. is a divine responsibility with so many blessings.

Do You Even Think About How Life Feels Like For The Disabled Person?

Sometimes I think so much about them and try to understand their situations. If you are a person with a disability or you stay close to any person with a disability I hope you would love reading this post.

When we look around, we could see a lot of people with disabilities. Some of these people are cripple, blind, deaf etc.

These people need our love and care because their situations make them feel inferior or inferiority complex bogs them down, but today; the inspiration I will give will surely put smiles on the faces of all disabled persons who find themselves reading this post.

Some of them were born disabled, others too through life journey they met a bitter fate that has made them incapacitated.

A Quick Lesson From The Bible

In the Bible, when Jesus’s disciples saw the disabled, they asked him; this man was born crippled, whose sin could be?; mother or father?. Jesus answered that neither the mother nor the father sins but this will let the glory of God manifest in men. God knows what is good for us all.

The disabled from birth has the perfect love of God and God can easily manifest himself through them. Let’s take Nick Vujicic for example; he has no arms and legs, yet he has been a world known evangelist and motivational speaker.

He inspires millions of people in the world and glorifies his maker every now and then. Nick is an Australian, and if you don’t know him, try to make some research about him. He looks awesome and blessed despite his disabilities.

The World Is Not fair To Many People

A few days ago, I had a message from a 32 year blind man from California and I was so glad to read from a blind man for the first time in my life. Yes!, I am talking about a blind man who wrote a message to me. Don’t be surprised. Because technology today help blind people read and write and the system I know they use is the braille.

It’s amazing. Anytime I talk about blindness I find myself thinking about the amazing lifestyle of Helen Keller. She is one of the greatest mentors for me. Helen became blind and dumb when she was few months old but she didn’t allow her disability to steal her happiness in life. She was an activist for the blind and women. She also pioneered some of the sign languages we know today.

If you are a person with a disability and you are reading this post, I want you to know that God loves you, he knows your situation and so one day he will manifest himself through you just like he has manifested himself through Nick Vujicic, the Australian evangelist and motivational speaker I talked about. Nick Vujicic has no legs nor arms yet he plays soccer, swim and have a lot of fun. God has blessed him and his family. So whatever situation you are in, you can also overcome your pains or disabilities and become happy.

Some situations of a number of disabled persons will let you understand how this world could raise a lot of questions and unbeliefs in our hearts and it makes me feel sorry for them. Sometimes its hard for me to have a second look at them because my heart really becomes grieved, but I do understand that life worth much more than any difficult circumstances anyone could find himself.

The disabled persons need our love and compassion so let’s get close to them always for them to feel loved. In loving the disabled person, be kind, occasionally you can gift them to put smiles on their faces. Nothing is beautiful than lighting up the soul of a person with a disability.

When Things Look Extremely Pathetic

If the situation is extreme, health experts or people call them “People with special needs“.Their situations are too extreme that schools and other educational institutions reject them.

So right from childhood, the parents of the people with special need become a burden on their parents. Parents have to turn themselves into teachers to train their disabled children, and when the parents are unable to teach their children then they become illiterate and naïve to their environments.

In Africa, the “people with special needs” are attributed to the work of the lesser gods in the communities. They believe, the gods brought such kind of human and so they are likely to take them back.

The beliefs surrounding these people with a special need is beyond normal thoughts. Rituals and other practices take place to secure that every person with a disability. It is so hard to comprehend the concept here so I wouldn’t go far.

Making The World A Better Place For The Disabled Person

If loving disabled person is encouraged by various human institutions, they will never feel dejected in life. The governments of various countries in this world should always include policies that will offer quality health care, financial help and sense of belonging to these people.

A few Years ago, a friend of mine in Germany told me that; the German government has a special amount of money and help to disabled persons. He himself has some disabilities.

In Africa too, a country like Ghana has provided an avenue for the disabled persons to get jobs to do, and the job assigned to them is to work at the various high way barriers where tall boots are. In fact, a lot more help should come from the government and we the citizens can help to show love and care to disabled persons in our communities.

The world hasn’t been fair to the disabled person. Someone without feet or legs always wish to have legs, someone who was born blind wish he could see the color of his environment, he knows nothing about how things look like. He could only hear and feel but cannot see, others too could only see but cannot hear.

The list will continue like that and I can’t mention them all. We should never neglect them nor make them grief, don’t even think of it. They need our love and care.

Respect humanity and God will bless you. The kindness or the love you show to the disabled is not just the disabled but it is God that you have shown love to.

I will end it all to tell everyone who stays close to a disabled to show love and kindness to them always and if you are a disabled person reading this post; know that you are not alone.

God is with you and people like me love you, that is why I am dedicating this very post to all the disabled persons in this world. If you are a Christian, pray always and read your bible and God will listen to your prayers and manifest himself in your life in different ways. May God bless you. Amen.

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  1. Help them and take their blessings, you will feel like you have achieved everything in your life, try it once and you will realize the power of their blessing those people are really gods special creations

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