Your Guide To Live Life To The Fullest | 8 Ways To Make Each Day Worthy

Your Guide To Live Life To The Fullest | 8 Ways To Make Each Day Worthy

Living life to the fullest shouldn’t just be a wish — you have a purpose: fill that! being positive, prayerful and efficient at all times puts you on the productive wheels.

Living life to the fullest

It’s perplexing (life) but could be lived simply; welcome to the journey of life. Could humankind be satisfied with anything? Well, it depends on the person in question. A man will eat all the fish in the sea, eat all the bushmeat, amass a huge wealth for himself but would still crave for more. ‘Contentment‘ is a foreign word to him. Would he ever be full? There is something interesting about living life to the fullest. And I believe everyone must know about it.

Please don’t misconstrue people’s insatiable taste for money and wealth with fulfilling your potentials, making greater achievements, or being productive.

By learning how to live life to the fullest, you ought to be wise enough to differentiate between what worth your time, energy, money, and other resources.

Living life itself is like sitting on a time bomb. You do not know when it will explode. Perhaps it’s left with a few minutes in regards to your current life. This reminds us that, tomorrow is not promised.

However, the light of hope must be held high. You can enjoy each day to the fullest until the day you take your last breath. Wait a minute and lemme show you how to do it.

Before I hit on the nail, let me enlighten you about one important thing; It is about efficiency in life. As the saying goes “time is money” so as you must be time conscious if you dare want to know how to live life to the fullest.

If you could utilize every minute or opportunity in your life, you would surely enjoy a higher level of productivity. The Bible says there is time for everything. So knowing when to do this and when not to do this shows maturity or how wise you are.

There is too much nonsense in our world today. The media for instance could make you feel inadequate, useless, a loser, etc, with their fake screenplays. Hey look, real life has nothing to do with anything like movie scripts full of fiction and fantasies.

Are you wise at all? I presume you are. If that is the case, then don’t worry about not having a bigger fortune or the best things in life. You rather have to be the best version of yourself.

Don’t forget this: Contentment is a choice. You must be grateful and happy with the little you have. It works just like how we know happiness to be a state of the mind; It’s a choice. It’s your life. Live it, but don’t forget to please God with everything you have and everything you do. Now get ready for some of the best ways to live life to the fullest.

How To Live Life Purposefully

It takes simple things to live a satisfactory life. If your stomach isn’t full, it doesn’t mean you have been robbed of happiness or your ability to use your brain.

Life is full of choices. It is not a competition that you should stress yourself to be better than your contemporaries or your predecessors. We have different stories to tell.

You are unique and so embrace your difference. That is where your happiness begins. It is about you; not the other guy over there. Learn how to mind your business and stop mirroring the lives of people you don’t even know about. Now, here we go!

1. Put God First

If you really want to live a satisfying life, then put God first in everything you do. I understand not everyone would be comfortable with me talking about God here. The atheist, agnostics, and other non-believers get offended anytime I throw God in the midst of my articles.

“First of all that I would crave as the richest of heaven’s blessings would be wisdom from my Heavenly Father bestowed daily.”
-Emma Hale Smith

I know and I believe silver and gold do not satisfy. It is only God who can give peace to your wandering mind and satisfy both your spiritual and material needs. So pray at all times. When you walk in the spirit, you wouldn’t crave worldly satisfaction which leads to sin. Never choose money or material wealth over God.

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some have been led astray from the faith in their greed, and have pierced themselves through with many sorrows” (1 Timothy 6:10).

Material wealth never satisfies. Who has complained about having too much money so he doesn’t need more? Ask the richest men in our world today; they still want to increase their net worth.

2. Peace Of Mind

Living a full life requires a peaceful mindset. Your brain is a powerful tool that needs not be clogged with negative emotions. Your painful bad experiences must not resurface in your mind with a permanent residence like a notorious bug. Kill it! Never allow that if you truly want to live life to the fullest.

Be like calm water that flows without any hindrance. When your mind is free of negativities, you can enjoy life to the fullest. You would have a great sense of relief from all the stressful moments.

The results would be ‘creativity’ with an ambitious feeling of reaching higher heights. You are free to move ahead with your lofty goals or any activity that would bring happiness into your life.

3. Contentment

What do you need in life? I know most of you out there would make a long list of items, projects, wishes, and whatsoever. But the truth is —you can’t have everything you want.

As the study of economics says: Our wants are numerous, but the resources to satisfy them are relatively scarce. What do you have now concerning your social and economic life? Can’t you be a little grateful?

If you can’t be grateful for the little you have — then you wouldn’t be satisfied if you own the whole world.

Your assets never grant you a fulfilled life, neither does it guarantee your happiness. You can still be the happiest person in life if you learn how to appreciate the little that you have now.

Don’t look at the guy next to you and end up being envious. You have no idea how he reached that level of success.

“My goal in life is to be content. By that, I don’t mean “fine” or “basically satisfied.” I don’t mean settling. I mean, for last of better terms, feeling like I’m in the right life.”
-Meghan Daum, The Unspeakable: And Other Subjects of Discussion

Living life to the fullest isn’t about being perfect or successful in all things. Take this scenario into consideration.

The amount of food that will satisfy the fowl wouldn’t satisfy the cat; neither will that of the cat fill the stomach of the dog. Moreover, the dog’s food would never fill the belly of the pig.

The meaning is simple: These illustrative animals have different stomach sizes and each would be satisfied with different amounts of food.

Now how big is your stomach? It can’t be full at all times. Be content with your little stomach and never compare that with others. Today life would be tough(probably no food at all), tomorrow would be a different story. Contentment is of individual preference. It’s a choice. Even half meal can make you happy(half a loaf is better than none).

My level of a fulfilled life wouldn’t be the same as yours because we have different abilities, ‘stomachs’, beliefs, interests, talents, etc. When living life to the fullest, you ought to know your true self and what makes you happy — not others.

4. Healthy Lifestyle| Mental & Physical

Taking yourself through activities that would keep you in good health is very essential. If you allow negative emotions to reside in your mind for long— you would die early. This is the exact thing depression is doing to thousands of people around the world. You can’t live life to the fullest if you have poor mental health.

According to WHO, more than 264 million people suffer from depression. Could you be one? Huh, it’s time to re-engineer your mind to have a strong positive mental attitude. Let your happy hormones flow!

So, what can you do? Find ways to do at least simple exercises like stretching, cycling, joining, running, etc. If possible hit the gym and break some sweat.

A couple running together

Exercise sends more oxygen into our brains to boost our reasoning power. You need that to main a positive attitude in every circumstance you find yourself in.

5. Purposeful

Do you even know God made you for a purpose? He has better plans for you than you do. Interestingly he has given us a powerful weapon called ‘brains’ to set goals, make reasonable decisions, be innovative and handle many different tasks.

By living life to the fullest, you have the right to use your brain to make a good living —not just by living life. The time frame may not matter. What matters most is being efficient every day.

Be productive by investing in your time. Even if you are given just 1 year to live — let that be fruitful.

Know where you are coming from and where you are going. With this, you can avoid fake friends, time wasters, dream killers, and all the distractions that will crop up on your way.

Value time and enjoy every task you assign yourself to. For eg. TV for 3 hours a day, prayers for 30 minutes in the morning, working for 12 hrs a day, etc. Yes! You are on purpose and don’t forget to apply self-discipline.

A guy feeling down
The world Is big so dream big. Don’t live in a tiny bubble. Break free and enjoy life each day.

Besides, be ambitious and never look down upon yourself. Don’t live in a tiny bubble. Step outside, challenge yourself for greatness.

6. Explore | Think Big

Imagine this: many mysteries and beautiful things are surrounding us. How would it feel if you task yourself to explore the world? Wait, I don’t mean you should visit the 7 wonders of the world or be a travel nerd.

You can take a trip within your country to enjoy a new environment. If you could afford to travel abroad, then that’s fine. Well, let me admit this very recommendation to be an adventure. Nature itself is beautiful and you must have your share of its beauty.

We are humans and have a natural interest in visuals. Our brains love that. Look at the beautiful beaches, mountains, trees, and other landscapes.

A girl living life to the fullest through exploration

Visit some of these places with friends, families, and loved ones. You would surely boost your happy hormones by exploring new things. Ain’t you enjoying life to the fullest now?

Hey! Don’t forget to capture those happy moments for your own memories. It works as well as that. Just as the saying goes “the most beautiful things in life are free.”

And as far as you enjoy that ride, you would feel loved, you will share some laugher and capture some unforgettable moments. Life is simply beautiful.

7. Love And Kindness

This is one of the most important responsibilities of mankind. And there are many ways to do it. You must be a loving person even if you think you are not ‘lovable’: forget about things like demeaning words from people and cognitive biases.

Living life to the fullest tree

Well, go out there with a loving heart and practice random kindness. The Bible says there are more blessings in giving than receiving.

Scientifically, the practice of giving releases chemicals to give euphoric feelings. You would feel happy and blessed anything you dash out something wholeheartedly. With this you would have a great relief within your soul. You are therefore living life to the fullest in a simple way.

You would touch the heart of all those people you help. You, therefore, become a life changer. Your legacies will live on for a very long time. You have already lived life to its fullest if you make a good imparts in the lives of others. The blessings will keep on flowing!

8. Fun Time

Oh, I must confess— I agree to this: “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Having fun with the family, friends and loved ones helps in so many ways. Naturally, we are social beings. However, some enjoy the lifestyle of solitude. It has its own benefits though.

But here, let me enlighten you about living life to the fullest by spending quality time with the people you love to remove stress or kill boredom.

Beach fun with friends

I do understand some people enjoy family celebrations every weekend or every month. That sounds great. Beach parties or swimming also help release stress. The amusement park isn’t for kids alone; think about the roller coaster. There you are —enjoy the crazy ride!

Hey guys, where the party at?. Look some of us Christians are sensitive when it comes to entertainment. But there is the Christian way of having fun to enjoy life.

Some Interesting Quotes To Help You Live To The Highest

I believe these few quotes about how to live life in full would also be a great help to you. You need the inspiration to be efficient and purposeful in all your endeavors.

1. “At the bottom of the mountain you have your scoffers and doubters, by midpoint you have your envious and haters, and when you reach the top you have new friends and family you never met or thought existed.”
-Anthony Liccione

2. “You do not need many possessions to have a happy life.”
-Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

3. “People are complaining of having rags and not riches, but I find it a blessing just to have rags, to wipe away the dirt and dust that may come in the course of life.”
-Anthony Liccione

4. No one has ever achieved greatness without dreams.
-Roy Bennett

5. “You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.”
-Woodrow Wilson

6. “You are an instrument of God. Don’t leave the instrument sitting in its case, my son. Play! Leave no part of your instrument unexplored. Why settle for ‘Three Blind Mice’ when you can play the ‘Gloria’? No, not Bach’s ‘Gloria.’ Yours! Your ‘Gloria’ lives within you. The greatest sin is not finding it, ignoring what God made possible in you.
-Abraham Verghese, Cutting for Stone

7. Life is full of lessons for the success-minded person who keeps his/her eyes open to what is going on.
-John Patrick Hickey

8. “Time spent praying and planning gives you a master plan that works for your home and sets a pattern of order for your life.”
-Elizabeth George

9. “Every morning take a good look at yourself in the mirror and say I am going to have a great day!! Yes, I can do it, and I will let nobody steal my joy :)”

10. “If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you.”
-Les Brown

Hopefully, this piece of information about living life to the fullest has been helpful to you. Don’t complicate things. Live a simple life by glorifying God with everything you do.

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