Why Everyone Is Looking For The Most Beautiful Things In Life

There are many beautiful things in life but it depends on how one sees and prioritize them.Remember that, the most beautiful things in life are for free.Look around and find them, look within you and find them.

The most beautiful things in life are for free

As I look around and contemplate about “life”, I feel compelled to share with you some of the beautiful things in life that I have noted.Then I will pinpoint the most BEAUTIFUL things in life to you so that you don’t make any mistake taking unimportant things as the most….

Life is beautiful in many ways. Even if it is not beautiful to you,you have the power to make it beutiful.Before I go any further, let me remind you that God has purposed your life.He has also made everything beautiful and worthy for you.

Should if I ask you, what are the beautiful things in life, what will you tell me?.Probably your first and second thoughts will be on;

♦.How beautiful nature is
♦.How awesome luxuries are

Yes,these two school of thoughts worth considering.There might be many things moving in your mind.Your first thought (nature), sounds perfect. Why?.Because everything God has made is perfect and the greatest creation is “mankind”.

The relationship between humanity and other creations make life simply beautiful.The most beautiful things in life could be found in nature and these include virtues such as:


The First School Of Thought On The Most Beautiful Things In Life

What is beautiful than finding true love in someone?. What is beautiful than thinking/daydreaming about someone you really love?.Forget about the kind of love,whether it is agape love or romantic love it is “Love.”Anyway, agape love surpasses all love.

To see the beautiful things in life try to put a smile on someone’s face each day.What is beautiful than receiving a smile from someone you have touched his/her heart?. It could be in a form of money, kind words(compliments) etc.Things would become prettier if you both exchange smiles.

Humility is one of the secrets to greatness. I always say I dislike self-conceited people. Not that alone, but anyone who is arrogant.Never forget that one day death will lay its icy hands on us.So be humble.Let me ask;Would you even smile if you knew you will die tomorrow?.No!, many will stay quite and unhappy because it is time to say good-bye to the world.Thousands of People are dying around us everyday.We need to appreciate,love and respect each other.

I’ve seen rich men, beautiful girls, handsome guys saying untime goodbye to the people they love.You are not so exceptional.Life is simple so don’t complicate yourself.

How long can you hate your enemies?. Forget about them.Leave your life with free mind.Perhaps you need someone to tell you about the prize of humility before you lay low your egoism.

Compassion is one thing we must not forgo.Genuine concern for the betterment of your friends and everyone around you brings about blessings. There is no need to rejoice over someone’s sorrows nor calamities.We are human beings and so our human nature must portray genuine concern for each other.This is what makes life beautiful

The Second School Of Thought On The Most Beautiful Things In Life

Many also believe the beautiful things in life are the flashy cars, houses, mansions, clothes etc.Well,one way or the other, I will agree to that. But that is just a fraction of the most beautiful things in life which is “Human nature” or being humane.

Wealth is not available to everyone so if wealth should be the most beautiful things in life, then many wouldn’t enjoy anything beautiful in life. It serves as a compliment to the real beauty of life.

You can have all the monies in the world,have all the beautiful women on earth but without love,kindness, humility, compassion etc., you are like a cymbal brass.

It shows how dumb you are.The richest and the wisest man(King Solomon) ever to live said it is all useless. Silver and gold doesn’t satisfy.Anyone who confides in wealth and richness forgetting about his “human nature” will hardly have salvation.

Money is good,wealth is good but the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, says the Bible.Remember to be humane before you think about your mansions or money.

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