Thousands Are Losing Hope In Life | Could You Be One?

Thousands Are Losing Hope In Life | Could You Be One?

Some are not fit to survive harsh conditions in life. The lazy bone will always have excuses. Losing hope in your plans is the gravest mistake; because success doesn’t come without giving a fight.

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Here is your wake up call; Life will never run on a smooth road forever. When you reach a crooked road you need not stop. Challenges must come so that you can discover your true potentials. You have enough strength hidden inside you. And it takes difficult moments for you to unleash the strength inside you. Are you losing hope for any reason?. You can fix that before it is too late.

Stay in touch and let me share something inspiring with you. But before I go any further let me draw a clear distinction between hope and faith.

Faith is the confidence in things that we do not see. It doesn’t need proof. Hope is an attitude of mind based on an expectation. Faith says now; hope says in the future it shall happen.

For the context of this post, I will take you through some of the reasons why you should stop losing hope in life for whatever reason.

It is a beautiful thing to be hopeful for better things to happen to you in the future without giving up. Your expectations wouldn’t always come through. Why? Because life tomorrow is unpredictable. It is our fervent hope that good things happen to us. But what if things happen otherwise?. This is where the problem of hopelessness sets in.

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What Was The Plan?

The plan is to see something good and worthy happen within a given frame of time. As you read along; I don’t know the exact challenge that makes you lose hope. Perhaps your golden pot is broken. Uh oh, don’t lose hope.

My friend, never back down. As far as you still have the breath of life in you. You might have one of the most attractive goals in life but it has all failed because of something or someone. Get over it and start taking the right action. Things might get worse if you don’t wake up. Yes! you are already down. Wake up and dust yourself off!.

Today you are hit with bad news, the following day something disgusting also happens. Uh oh, that wasn’t your expectations or desire.

But here you are — face it. You can cry me a river but it wouldn’t bring any positive change. If the damage has already happened then it a time you renew your hope. Don’t let it expire with the damages you have encountered in life.

The plan might fail to work out but never let your hopes fade out. It is never too late to fight for whatever you haven’t yet got as per your plan. If you believe it is too late like a dead fish that swims along with the stream; then never cry over spilled milk. Renew that hope you once had.

What Makes You Lose Hope?

I am pretty much aware that many things can shut down our hopes for something beautiful and worthy. But take note of this:

1. If you are losing hope in yourself, then you are as good as dead. Because the dead has no plans for tomorrow.

2. If you have lost hope in people: your family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, etc, then it is relatively fair for you to re-strategize your plans. The fact is that you have little or no control over that third person. They can’t always be reliable. People can break their promises to help you.

3. Things might not be going well financially. Your business, job, marriage, projects, etc, may fail. But you still have the breath of life and a functioning brain. Fix it. Let others help you fix your problems if possible.

I know someone who went for his monthly salary. On his way home, he realized he has lost the money. Oh my Gosh, it was nicely sealed in an envelope!.

Likewise, several people who have lost their loved ones. We all do go through death anxieties. But it doesn’t have to stop us from living and growing.

I know someone whose house caught fire… He lost everything in his room. What did these people do?. Nothing than to cope with the situation and live. Even if they lost hope; now they are living a normal life.

4. Did you entrust everything you do into the hands of God?. If you ever did that then you will never lose hope. As the scripture says; those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength and fly like an eagle.

Losing Hope Is An Invalid Option

Losing hope because your expectations have failed to materialize would make you a loser. You see, this world is not truly a good place for the weak.

You can’t be a victorious person without giving a fight. No fight, no-win. So go ahead and fight relentlessly for the lofty goals you once set.

Losing hope quote

“A man devoid of hope and conscious of being so has ceased to belong to the future.”
—Albert Camus

Hoping for something is associated with something positive happening in the future. You can’t hope for something if you already have it or have already seen it.

And since you haven’t seen your life go the way you expected doesn’t mean it will never happen. You don’t have to see it first. But believe that the future is going to be better.

Believing alone can do real magic. Believe that, if today is bad, then tomorrow will be better. I tell you the truth; there is nothing joyous than seeing your plans come true right in front of your eyes. Resilience to failure and all the odds is one of the secrets to a successful life.

You can not have your plans come true so cheaply. It takes a lot of hustles to see your plans come true. It is not a magical world that you will sit on the couch and chant to make your wishes come true.

You May Need A Bigger Tool When Losing

As life keeps on plunging you into difficult situations, the more you feel stressed up and weary the more your hopes fade like a puff of smoke. Why would you fail to fight back?.

Practically it is going to be tough. If you are knocked down and you fail to rise, you become a loser. Losers don’t succeed in life. They find excuses for their laziness.

But if you believe you aren’t giving frivolous excuses for your laziness; then you ought to face your fears and all other challenges with a positive mindset altogether with positive action.

Having positive thoughts alone allows positive energy to flow around you. Your spirit also lights up to take the challenge. Transform that negative energy into something positive and helpful.

I have realized some of the challenges we go through in life are bigger than us. In a situation like this; don’t feel shy or too big to ask for help. Asking for help in difficult moments doesn’t mean you are weak. It shows maturity in life.

Break free from all the shackles of pains

You may be using very little energy, knowledge, plus fighting-spirit to see your expectations come true. If failure becomes like a vicious cycle; then you would need a bigger harmer to break it. Learn how to revenge your failures with success.

Gradually, increase the intensity of the energy you use in fighting against your challenges. Beef up your knowledge, and other resources you use to pursue your goals. Little by little you can break through just like how the pressure of water can break solid rock.

Action Over Imagination Without Losing Hope

If life is so simple for everyone to live his/her dream life; then there wouldn’t be a loser nor a winner. Everyone will flow with the best things in life. But these things come in handy at a cost.

It will cost you your time, money, energy, knowledge, and other resources. You may not have some of the necessary resources. Yet you have to keep pushing forward. It is better that way than to lose hope.

If it takes only imagination to bring our plans into reality; then no one will need anything. But since we all need something; we must fight for it. Action does real magic.

The poor, rich, weak, strong, wise fool, etc, all need something. But it will take a winning mindset with the right actions before you can make things happen.

Keep The Last Candle Of Hope Burning

Just like the story of the four candles inspires us to stay hopeful if we ever find ourselves in the midst of darkness. Become that last candle called ‘hope‘ when all other candles have gone off because of the challenges, pains, and suffering they go through.

If you keep that last candle of hope burning, you can light the entire world and make it beautiful.

Lighting the candle of hope

Keep burning and never lose those aspirations you have. You will never see that beautiful future in await for you. Unless you have kept your light on. Your hopes become invalid if you already have what you have been hoping for.

So before you allow it to become invalid as you are now contemplating; then make sure you already have what you planned for. Losing hope in life isn’t a good option per se.

The Foolishness Of Your Hopelessness

Truly, many people are fighting their demons in life. They become slacked when the supposed demon becomes incorrigible. Thinking giving up will solve the problem?. Hell no! things will be aggravated.

Despite your worries, fears, and hopelessness, life itself will one day separate itself from you. It is a stupid idea to keep on worrying about things that haven’t happened yet.

Losing hope in yourself is a big mistake. To lose hope in people and other things might be favorable for you. Because that third person isn’t reliable like yourself. God is the best person to rely on.

Bear in mind that our struggles to live a better life will one day come to an end. Why would you even stress yourself so much if things aren’t going the way you want?. Huh, relax, take some coffee and smile. Your mortal body will one day say goodbye to all the crazy stuff happening in this world.

You have failed to be grateful for the things you already have. Thousands of people die each day I mean about 150,000 people take their last breath every single day. They had plans just like you. The dead has nothing to hope for again. So as long as you are alive, you have thousands of reasons to never lose hope.

But the foolishness of it all is; one day we will leave everything behind. The wisest King ever to live on earth concluded that life is meaningless.

A Quick Advice

Your plans and that of God aren’t always going to be the same. God can see through the future. But you can’t. So it would be wise enough to put your trust in Him.

Entrust all your plans in His hand and surely you will find a way out of every challenge that will come your way. We are connected to the spiritual world. Influence from this unseen world is very big and serious.

Your continuous failure in life may be rooted in the spiritual world. Until you break that yoke through praying and fasting; you can never see your aspirations in real life.

You will keep on going through retrogression while you try your best to achieve something bigger and better. All your future endeavors will prove futile. It is very sad to find yourself in such a messy situation.

This challenge will overwhelm you to lose hope and become a useless person. So be spiritually awakened while you strive hard to make an impact in life.

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