Here Are 6 Harsh Truths In Life You Can’t Run Away From

Here you are, finding yourself among a number of 7 billion people. Each and everyone is made up of flesh and blood but with different character, beliefs, talents etc. Despite all the similarities and the differences, we all have the same harsh truth in life to face.

There are some harsh truths in life everyone must know about. Life is full of mysteries and incidences beyond our control...
Thinking about some of the harsh truths in life might scare you, but its someone’s world. We are just travelers. Dare not try to control everything nor understand everything. You have a limited lifespan, energy, reasoning etc.

Taking Notes Of Some Harsh Truths In Life

In this post, I will share with you some mind-blowing harsh truths in life. The truth is one major thing that can set you free from your fears and all impending situations.

It may sound bitter, but it liberates you from any lies and mind-control schemes. More importantly, the truth is natural and since you can’t cheat nature, you have to embrace it.

Notable Harsh Truth In Life You Must Embrace

1. You Are So Ignorant About Your Formation
As you live today, you did not choose to look the way you are. Your complexion, height, DNA, total appearance. You played no role in that beautiful face you see in the mirror. You have Zero Idea you were going to stay on a planet called earth till started growing.

Someone gifted you with all the wonderful appearance you move around with. God gave it to you free of charge. He has said, he weaved you beautiful in your mother’s womb. This is the more reason why you must be grateful to God.

2. Nothing Is Coincidence
This very point raises a compelling argument but it doesn’t change the fact. What do you think then?. Many believe certain incidences happen around them coincidentally. But today, I tell you the truth; Everything happens for a reason. It is one of the mind-blowing harsh truths in life and we can’t deny that under a broad daylight.

How do I go about that to justify my claims?. Look, this world has a lot more stuff moving in and out. I mean things you cannot see with your naked eyes, things you cannot use your finite mind to understand.

Often, people meet longtime friends at a particular moment or place. They never expected to meet. What comes to mind is; “what a coincidence?.”

Are you trying to tell me there is no reason for you guys meeting up?. Sure, there MUST be a reason. Don’t be too curious to understand everything behind whatever happens. Certain things are mysteries. God did not give us the ability to understand everything happening around us.

You may not know the exact reason you lose someone you love, you may not know the reason why you look the way you are, you may not know the reason why you failed in your exams, business venture etc.

There are reasons, but you will not know it all. Just embrace it and do the best you can to make every situation beautiful.

People sometimes go too extreme to understand things beyond their reasoning. In an attempt to understand something mysterious, they consult Spiritualists and other mediums.

It’s quite common in Africa seeing someone bewildered by an incidence and tries to understand by any means necessary. For instance, a necromancer might be needed to find the reason behind the death of a loved one, a spiritualist to find out the truth behind a theft issue…

All these things are real but God forbids his Children to consult spiritual mediums to understand certain things. I believe you get exactly what I am talking about. There is nothing like a coincidence. Let’s face the truth.

3. Death Will One Day Lay Its Icy Hand On You
The next thing which is one of the harsh truths in life is about death. Don’t be scared, its very natural and reasonable. The saddest side is how people will die prematurely.

At least we all know about death, right?. There is an African Proverb that says:

If You Don’t Know Death, Have A Look At The Graveyard.”

However, each and every one of us must know that death awaits to befriend us someday. Yes, death will embrace you with its forklift. Very few people live up to 100 years today. You can’t live for thousands of years, my friend you are not immortal.

As you move about on your daily activities, bear in mind that, one day you will die. But the harsh truth is; you don’t know the hour, day or moment you will die. And then again, you don’t know how you will die but someone knows it all. Who?. He has said, ” your days are numbered.”

4. You Will Break Down Emotionally
Before your own death, you will face the pains of someone’s death. Be prepared to face such kind of painful moment. Whether you like it or not, you will lose someone dearest to you. This person might be your mother, father, children, sister etc.

The pang of pain will break you down emotionally and make CRRRRYYYYY!!!. Awww, thinking of such kind of harsh truths in life might scare the hell out of you, but that would be unwise. It’s natural. Embrace this simple fact with a big smile. Studies by experts indicate that people who fear death often die early. Many people fear to talk about death and that is funny.

Do you remember the last time you lose a loved one?. No doubt you have already felt this kind of pain before, but it will never end so far as we are simple mortal beings with relatively few years to spend on earth.

5. You Will Have Enemies
There is no single person on earth who does not have enemies. Enemies could be your family members, coworkers, and anyone in your inner circle including strangers. People will hate you for a reason or no reason.

Don’t deceive yourself by saying you have no enemies. Its one of the dreadful harsh truths in life. Even the sinless man ever to live had enemies.

I guess you already know what enemies could do?. Yes, your pains become their joy, your failure becomes their success. They might not show up but work so hard behind back doors to bring you down.

Bear in mind that, this world is complex than you could ever imagine. Consider the enemies that operate from the dark world. I’m talking about the witches, wizards, and all the dark forces. They wage spiritual wars against us.

They can destroy your life, marriage, job, money etc. You need to fight back through God, the creator of heaven and earth. It is a battle that affects you.

6. Everything Under The Sun Is Useless
Everything under the sun is useless, says the wisest man ever to live. Think deeply about this. I cannot eliminate this from the harsh truths in life.

We came to this earth naked, so us we shall leave it naked. All the wealth and monies we crave for would become useless when we die. So, the rich man and the poor man would put this earth empty handed.

6. You Will Look Weak And Awkward
Life is a journey of different transitions. A kid looks fresh and beautiful. When he grows, he becomes weak and little useful.

You will one day lose your beauty or handsomeness. You will one day lose a greater percentage of your energy. How old are you now?. 16, 20, 30 years. Very soon you will start greying with wrinkled skin. That beauty will fade out.

This is very natural. Look at your grannies. They look less attractive, annoying and less useful etc. Grandparents are the real grandmasters of life lessons. Get close to them and learn some of the harsh truths in life.

It will soon reach your turn ONLY if you don’t die prematurely. So Stay cool and embrace all these harsh truths in life. Life is beautiful and it all depends on how you handle it. you have the power to live a happy life and even influence your destiny in a positive way.

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