Men Want A Wife-Material Woman – Lessons From The Bible

Marriage is a beautiful thing but marrying a wrong partner is like fixing a square peg in a round hole. Peace, love, respect, and happiness would hardly exist. The result is likely to be a divorce. Christians must learn from the Bible.

If you are a woman learn these important lessons to you know how to be a good wife
It’s unfortunate most of our modern women don’t know how to be a good wife to their husbands. All they care about is the beauty.

Are you a woman? Do you know how to be a good wife?. Are you a man? Do you want to marry a good wife?. Being a good wife is not about beauty. A good wife is defined by her inner beauty which surpasses money and wealth.

Women are very powerful. God made them special for men to be really good partners in life. This whole post is about womanhood. I do respect women a lot. They simply deserve it, but not all women.

If you are a woman, I believe you will enjoy reading this article. I once talked about the perfect love of mother’s, but today it is about knowing how to be a good wife. What makes a good wife?. I will handle this question from a Biblical perspective.

For sure every man wants a good wife. But it is very rare these days. The most degrading thing about most of the beautiful women out there is “bad character.”

If you are a woman(married) take this question:

♦ Are you are a good wife?. Answer it honestly and fight it against the truth.

If you are a woman (unmarried) take this question:

♦ Do you think you can be a good wife?. Kindly be honest to yourself.

What It Takes To Know How To Be Good Wife

Many would argue that it takes a lot to be a good wife. But I don’t see it that way and would never agree. It takes one major thing for any woman to be a good wife. Forget about beauty, sex, money and wealth. They are just compliments.

For a woman to be a good wife, she must have a “good character.” Beauty is just a compliment. God did not bestow beauty on everyone but he has made ample rooms for everyone to accommodate internal beauty in the heart.
Not all that glitters is gold. Most women are not worthy to be called good wives. They lack good character.

A character is an inherent part of us. It is very hard to change. In this case, I find it a waste of time trying to change the character of anyone.

If you are a woman who lacks the real qualities of a wife then you are a problem. You must work on yourself. Change that awkward character before it sends you home after a splendorous wedding.

Who would be proud to marry an indiscipline and troublesome woman?.

“Who can find a wife of noble character? For her value is far more than rubies.” (Provides 31:10)

Now, you see, God feels happy for any man who finds a good wife. Looking for a good wife?. I believe reading my post on “how God chooses marriage partners” would help you. He gave Isaac a beautiful woman who was a wife-material.

How To Be A Good Wife – Bible Viewpoint

I am not here to teach you how to cook, have sex, behave or love a man as a real good wife. But this gems from the Bible will do you a whole lot of good. If you have a bad character and can’t change for good, then I’m sorry you can’t be a good wife.

Almost every woman you meet today will say, she can be a good wife. Literally, most of them don’t qualify. However, it is not too late to learn how to be a good wife and implement that in your life.

According to the Bible, I would like us to consider the life of the Shulamite. The book, Song of Songs written by Solomon recorded the charming life of a young woman known as the Shulamite.

Below are what you should have as a woman:

1. Respect
Respect forms part of the character formation I talked about earlier. Love and respect are like inseparable twins. This is a very powerful ingredient both sexes need. As a woman, you need to respect your man. I hate seeing men try to enslave their wives. Respect is reciprocal. A wife is not meant to be a slave to her husband.

2. Be The right Woman
In knowing how to be a good wife, discipline yourself to follow your intuitions. Be real and surely the right man will find you. If you fake to be someone you are not, you will fall into the hands of a man who isn’t really just like you. The power of attraction is working here.

3. Pass The Test of Compatibility
Someone would ask, what is this compatibility testing?. To make it concise, this is about getting your way out of the wrong person’s hand for the right lover.

As a woman, many men will ask for your hand in marriage. If you believe you are a right woman then not all the men will be the right person for you. I mean not everyone who says “I love you” deserves your love. Understand that most of the guys are inappropriate for you. How can you even know this?. Wait a minute…

The Shulamite passed the test of compatibility. How?. Upon the splendor of King Solomon, she was not impressed by his power, money and wealth. Although her physical body was in King Solomon’s harem, her Spirit and heart-desire were with her shepherd lover.

She underwent a love test. After she was given out for marriage. This young woman faced Solomon’s seduction from every angle. She suffered the consummation of marriage to the wrong man but she never gave up on her Shepherd lover.

Sarah also went through a similar problem. She was in love with Abraham, not the King. (Genesis 12:19)

If you are a woman, may God help you know how to be a good wife. Pray to God to give you the strength to resist the pressures of wrong lovers.

This whole lesson could help men on the other way round not to be the wrong person for the right woman. Be honest and don’t cling to what doesn’t belong to you. Let go. Be like the Shulamite who traded world fame, wealth and money for real love.

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