Feeling Ugly And Unlovable – Dealing With Self Negative Judgement

Stop wishing you were someone you deem beautiful. Stop telling yourself you are not beautiful and so you hate yourself. We can never be equal. Everyone is unique in his own way. Time to find your value and purpose now.

 I am ugly: Never tell yourself that because it will have a serious kind of influence in your life.
You have the final say so stop saying you are ugly and you would never feel awkward again. Turn deaf ears on what others say about you. Define yourself now!.

Have you once or twice used these degrading words against yourself? “I am ugly.” Hello everyone, It compels me today to share with you this kind of inspiration that would never make you feel ugly and useless in life ever again.

It is quite unbelievable how millions of people around the world judge themselves ‘ugly’. Saying ‘I am ugly’ to yourself or someone telling you are ugly is one of the most degrading and heart-breaking words to hear. Honestly, I hate people who look into the eyes of others and say “You Are Ugly.” Aww! it hurts.

There are kids who will start crying the moment they hear that. But you are not a kid. Respond to that with a smile so far as you appreciate yourself.

You Can Turn Things Around

You can turn that negative feeling into something positive. It is all about defining yourself. Appreciate yourself for being you. As complicated as it looks, I will give you the necessary inspiration to look at the brighter side of your life if you think you are ugly. I would like you to see yourself as a kind of beautiful soul, no matter what people say about you. Kill that inferiority complex as soon as possible before it kills you.

This world is not a platform for a beauty contest. It is about making an impact, it is about touching the hearts of those who need help. How many people feel happy or smile because of you?. These are the things you must be concerned about.

Inspiration From The So-Called World Ugliest Woman

If you are out there telling yourself everyday day ‘I am ugly’, ‘I am ugly’, ‘I hate my life‘ and such likes then I will say you don’t know what you are talking about. A word of caution: If you keep on telling yourself you are ugly, then surely you will become ugly. Why?. Because there is power in the tongue.

If you can’t say anything better to yourself, SHUT UP!. Nullify any degrading words people use on you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

I don’t think you have felt so hurtful than the woman termed as the ‘world’s ugliest WomanLizzie Velasquez. She found a YouTube video about herself at age 17 whereby the person termed her the ugliest woman. She said, she felt very hurtful but looked at the brighter side. Thinking it was a blessing.

This woman is now a motivational speaker. She is giving inspiration to millions of people around the world. I keep on saying, the best of inspiration comes from such people. Their entire lives define the word “inspiration’. They have been through worse things you could ever imagine.

This world is a crazy place and you need to stay strong always. You have zero excuses for not seeing the brighter side of you. Instead of saying ‘I am ugly’ say ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made.’ If you are a Christian,
rely on Bible verses for encouragement every now and then.

“We’re all put on this Earth for a reason. I’ve realized we’re all put on this earth for a reason. Luckily I was able to take the path of positivity and turn my awful situation into something that was a lot nicer.” — Lizzie Velasquez

I Am Ugly – The Rising Challenge

Whom should we blame for the increasing amount of the feeling of self-worthlessness?.

1. The Person In Question
2. The Media
3. Friends/Other People

The Person In Question
How do you see yourself when you look in the mirror?. Good? disappointed? Sad? Happy?. After seeing yourself do you begin to like yourself or dislike yourself?.

These are the most important questions you need to ask your self and answer them honestly. It is through that you can find an amicable solution to your awkward feeling. And I believe the solution would never make you say “I am ugly” again.

2. The media
In this 21st century, Science and technology have had a greater impact on our relationships and personal lives. Most people out there want to adhere to the standard of beauty the media classify.

By what standard do you see beauty in your own life?. My dear, just forget about what the media portray as ‘standard beauty’ forget about the beauty contests you see and appreciate yourself. Not everything you see is real. Some women do watch beauty contest and cry. Why? because they feel ugly comparing themselves to the contestants. Is this not foolishness???.

3. Friends/People
Do you have a kind of friends who make you feel ugly?. If so then its time to distance yourself. It is time to find new friends who see the beauty in you. You always have to turn on a deaf ear on all the negative comments people make about you.

They have failed to appreciate how fearfully and wonderfully God has made you.

“You can’t eat beauty, it doesn’t sustain you. What is fundamentally beautiful is compassion for yourself and those around you. That Kind of beauty enflames the heart and enchants the soul.” – Lupita Nyongo

In life whoever you are, whatever you do people will criticize, they will talk about you. Tell them to mind their own business. Develop self-love and this will attract the right people to you. (The power of the law of attraction.) Even if it pays to narrow your friendship circle do it. They are the one worth keeping. Anyone who says THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU deserves your attention. There is nothing heart-warming than these words.

Time To Stop Saying “I Am Ugly.”

Have you then decided to stop using the demeaning words “I am ugly?” Yes!, it is time. You simply have to understand that not everyone would like/love you. In this case, don’t compromise your values nor live a fake life to impress anyone. Be proud of yourself. Afterall we are all travels on this earth. We are mere dust and we shall return to dust.

Live a simple life that will touch the hearts of others. Never forget that the most important and beautiful things in life are for free. Make good use of them and you would always feel happy. Your outlooks do not define you. It is what you do that defines you. Leave behind a legacy that will benefit your children, everyone and the next generation to come.

Instead of feeling hurtful because of your appearance, be grateful for being alive. You may be interested in reading my article on some of the best ways to look awesome. It would do you a great help. Stop saying “I am ugly.”


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